6.16.2016 | Look to the Heavens | 616: Number of the Beast

Some number talk that will get your think-box all tingly. Be extra awesome all the time these days. It will save the world. Trust me.

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  1. 616 has become a positive number to me, kind of like the good twin of its evil twin 666.
    I hope you don’t abandon your interest in such topics. Anyone can do the news but only you can do this stuff.
    (Not that it matters what I think)

  2. Went for a meal yesterday, the bill came to £61.61 with tip £6.16.
    Last night saw 616 written beside a photograph. At the same time I looked at the photo the words on the radio described what was in the picture.
    Don’t think 616 likes being ignored.

  3. I hope I’m not writing too many comments.
    666 is for me a “don’t go there” message. I watched this video a while back and have seen 616 a lot since then. It doesn’t have an energy to me.
    I liked the 434 comments part, really cool not a coincidence.
    A few years ago I was reading a thread online in the middle of the night about a specific number. The thread had people talking about their experiences with that number. The last commenter said that he had just looked at the clock and had seen that number. I knew that I was going to do the same. So looked at the clock and sure enough…. It was dark and couldn’t get my head round How. Those things happen all the time and I am thinking about the digital world and the fact that it knows what we are thinking – like God. If I’m the only one thinking that then I do sound crazy.
    I’ve been thinking about our higher self being digital.
    That’s as far as I’ve got.
    Thanks for letting me spew out random thoughts on your website.

    1. I’ve talked about it before a little bit on my show (notably “Life is a Video Game”) but I only touched on the topic. If we aren’t actually in a digital simulation, then we may as well be the way things seem to work here. Synchronicity is a weird thing and very difficult to explain if you don’t talk about God or at least the architect of this simulation.

      1. I’ve got a wall clock in the bedroom which is always an hour fast. Abt 5 years ago the clocks changed so it was at the right time. I stood and stared at it for a minute debating whether it was worth getting a chair and climbing over the cupboard to put it an hr fast again. I decided not to bother and went upstairs. (My flat is upside down). The VCR which wasn’t set before and read –:– had set itself and now read an hour ahead of the real time. I looked at it and went straight down and changed the clock an hr forward. Also things like pressing send on an email where I was bitching about a third person in a disgusting way, and a sign flashed up there was an error and it couldn’t be sent. If that had gone through it would’ve been damaging to the friendship.
        I’ve taken for a long time that God works through digital means but if it is a simulation (I d/k) God would be the simulation? I’m not pretending to know any answers but all the things that happen do lead to the simulation idea, of course with the M.E. there’s nothing for it but to accept reality is shiftable. I recently discovered my birth certificate had changed (to my dismay). Since then all bets are off, I’m past caring. Whatever this is I want to find a way to make it work for the best, manipulate it, although I’m really not that powerful. It’s heavily on my mind at the moment. Thanks for your reply.

        1. P.S. I will keep going with the vibration tuning concept because it does effect reality for the better. I suppose the more automatic/natural it is the more power it has to work faster. I’m not sure I know what I’m talking about by the way, I’m just bumbling along!

  4. Somehow through your comment, whatever theory you have has escaped me. You may find that there are many intellectual giants over here in this corner of the internet and that sharing your theories – not only with the content creator, but also with the audience may prove quite fruitful. Personally, I encourage you to display your theories openly; there may be many who disagree and there may be people who have studied from different perspectives who can contribute greatly. Be fearless and mighty forces will come to your aid. Selfishly, I would like to hear any interesting theories related to this peculiar book.

  5. Islam is not the problem, RELIGEON IS. I know this sounds weird and can be misunderstood, I will explain later.

  6. I had written so much and then I had to refresh and forgot to save my post!?!?!?!!?
    1. When is it ever NOT weird?
    2. I had to stop the video at 10:16 for what I thought was a bathroom break when I got halted and had my first really clear open vision. It started with a picture flash, then more pictures, and as I asked God to reveal more, I began to see it as a film, in segmented pieces. I typed it out to the best of my ability and saved it, but I was told that now is not the time to share or reveal it. except for those who the Lord specifically wants me to share it with, but I can tell you it was a war scene, then I started back the video, and in the 14th minute you posted a scripture about war, and you were a part of this vision….wow…
    3. Caleb’s birthweight was 7.77lbs….doesn’t mean much to anyone else, but as his mom I KNOW the significance and I hope I will have the chance to take him to Vegas one day! You should see him in action at ChuckeCheese, he’s the kid that ends up winning millions of tickets!
    4. I am at 22 min into the video, I am sending this through and will provide more commentary as I listen and redo my bed…

  7. Thing of nothing, kind of brings us back to our nihilist friend in the apocalyptic video game… As for nothingness having negative connotations, all “Creation” stories of which I’m aware begin with darkness: “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Indeed even in the most basic scientific sense of each individual person’s creation we come from water and darkness.

  8. I didn’t know what you meant with regard to Dahboo until I went and had a look and you’re right, who the hell is the real Dahboo? I’m totally confused now, everything is getting very strange the last few days for me.

    1. That’s a good sign that things are getting a little wobbly. You can use that to wobble into the right dimension. Just go with it and allow miracles to happen. They will.

      1. I went past my daughter the other day (she was in her car and has very short and personal license plates that are exclusive to her) and I was confused as to why she was on that road at that time, I tried to wave to her but when she got right up to me she looked straight through me. I later phoned her to ask her about this and she tells me it wasn’t her and that at that time she was at home bathing her children (provable). It was her beyond any shadow of a doubt, I was only around 3 feet away and if that wasn’t her, who or what in the hell did I just see?

        1. You’re seeing a parallel dimension. The force is strong with you, Jedi. Seriously though, with power like that you will at times feel the presence of dark forces around the edges and sometimes that pressure can become nearly overwhelming. Hopefully you won’t, but if you’re having experiences like mine then you will be tested.
          Remember that evil doesn’t exist if we don’t allow it to. It feeds on our spirit and is given life only with our consent.
          Trust that God (whatever you conceive that to be) will reveal everything at the proper time. He has a plan for you. Have faith in that.

          1. Yes, I ‘ve been seeing some not so nice things for a number of years now, some really weird stuff and I’ve been calling upon the name of Jesus to try and protect myself. I feel like the demonic force is attempting to take my soul, I don’t mind admitting I’m more than a little scared.

    2. Dahboo 777 his other previous accounts were indeed hacked… He also has theundergroundnews.com to post from now to reduce hacks and questions to his accounts 😀

  9. Good morning. Many non sequiturs to follow. I have been subscribed to dahboo for a few years now. The 7 channel he took down, 77 and 777 channels are both in my subscription list. I can not remember which came first but I do remember when he asked viewers to subscribe to his back up channels. Dahboo is also J.KNIGHT on youtube. I bet you know all that though. I was watching some video the other day and read a comment from someone saying they had been shadow banned on youtube. Is that something every channel can do to someone or is youtube doing that to them? Maybe that is the source of your communication issue. You had previously said you would be looking into Tesla, what is your opinion on the electric universe theory? I feel your thoughts on that theory would make a good video. Thanks again for your videos. Have a great day.

    1. I still need to do my reading on Tesla. I must be waiting for the right time (per usual), but I think the time is close. I’m still hooked on Gravity and Einstein though. I also think quantum theory has everything to do with what we are experiencing right now.

  10. One more thing your concept abou evil being nothing except what you project except the enrgy you give to it I am reminded of a serman that I have crried around with me for ten years now that talks about demons seeming like great fire that we dont want to face but as we take a hold of or face each demon one by one and put their fire behind us then each demon’s fire burns behind us (a fire we fed of course) and then each demon to follow and face becomes easier and easier until you finally extinguish all the fire and think to yourself that was realy nothing but my illusions you feel me?

  11. Good morning brosuave… jus finished he do the math video and I was so eager to tell you that I thought it was our best work i had seen thus far and was thrilled to be emotionally stirred by more than the cameo appearance of your cat but I love cats lol. Howevr, i was truly disapointed that you disable you comments as that is really the only place I can partiipae but love to- i mean after all werent we all first comentors and some point in the journey. Anyways props!!!! I would love to hear more about your intuitions regarding San Francisco especially its evil if you could somehow shae some houghts….even privately. Keep up the good work …

    1. I’m sorry about having to disable my comments, but I don’t think I would have ever seen a comment from you on YouTube. That shadow ban idea is definitely a thing. I have a very distinct feeling that almost none of my outgoing communications arrive as written. They either don’t arrive or someone impersonates me on the other side. I’m definitely getting someone other than HowISee TheWorld sending me messages with his exact icon and account attached. And I heard that he knows that is happening as well. It’s very scary stuff and I’m not entirely sure Google is part of the plot. I just don’t know though.

      1. Dahboo 777 his other previous accounts were indeed hacked… He also has theundergroundnews.com to post from now to reduce hacks and questions to his accounts 😀

        J.Knight has made several videos pertaining to some source be it YouTube or an independent controlling everything from comments being posted, delayed more than usual postings, etc as well. His backup channel was created for the same reasons this was. I just literally came across this newest theory and page and I’m very interested in going through this page!!

        1. I’m really glad you came here and thanks for commenting on this thing. It is really whack. And I kind of don’t think Google is doing it. Somebody should really bring it up to Google, at least in the YouTube Help Forum. I think I’m blacklisted there, so it would have to be one of you guys. I think people should make some noise. Ghost-banning is bad enough and that’s been going on for a while, but this cloning stuff is a step too far. The CIA version of HowISee TheWorld invited me to stay at his place in Los Angeles. What the hell would have happened if I just was like “yeah, awesome”? Where does that story end up?

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