A love letter to targeted individuals

Some thoughts on targeted individuals and the struggle they face.

35 thoughts on “A love letter to targeted individuals”

  1. Wonderful site, thank you!
    Very funny, honest and intelligent you are Nathan ! Oh and absolutely awesome. I liked the reminder to be awesome very much and am trying it everyday. Although i certainly dont see you as an ordinary person, actually quite unique and highly intelligent, which is rare. Your talks are empowering and affirming.
    All best.

  2. I’ve only just found this video and wanted to say how much it resonated with me. In the last few years I’ve started to feel like a square peg in a round hole. Personally, I work in customer service and customer behaviour seems to be morphing into something I can no longer deal with. I’ve tried to explain to people that in the last couple of years something odd is happening and I’m treated like I’m ga ga. I’m staying true to myself, which seems to annoy people even more……..it’s almost like someone is saying ‘let go, join the party’. It’s made me take a break from work, unpaid, I’ve travelled the other side of the ‘globe’ UK to NZ. Something inside me compelled me to get off the treadmill, be myself, best thing I’ve ever done………its like something took over my personality and I’m reclaiming myself.

      1. NZ is an amazing country. I’m currently staying in Hawkes Bay, an area of orchards and vineyards, or as they say wineries. I’ll be travelling further afield soon, to cover the rest of North Island (Auckland to Wellington), then South Island and over to Cook Islands, Rarotonga (to see what the South Pacific has to offer). Never met so many unaffected friendly people in my life, people who take the time to say hello and hold a genuine conversation. Lifestyle wise there is good access to fresh fruit and veg, lots of outdoor activities and the sun shines way more than in the UK! On a negative I’ve experienced my first ever earthquake and I’ll tell you, I’m no fan.

        1. I’ve lived in California for 16 years so the earthquakes don’t bother me. How does it work getting your papers right and stuff? Like what do I have to do to move in there as a US citizen?

          1. Well, they run a tight system, based on a points system and whether you have skills they want. I’m on a visiting visa, us Brits get an automatic 6 month stay. Both brothers moved here, one sponsored by an employer, the other qualified by having an occupation they wanted (but he does his own thing anyway). If I want to live here, I don’t qualify as I don’t have a required occupation (I’d need family sponsorship by one of my brothers). Then of course there’s all the seasonal working visas etc., so there are options. I guess that’s as helpful as I can get, I feel quite fatalistic these days, if it’s meant to happen you’ll somehow end up here!

  3. Same here, and out of curiosity ask my mother,she said has no idea or changes the subject when i bring up blood type.Dont think im o neg.
    Robin Williams always comes to mind to me, because i remember days when
    The crazy notion that if i didnt end myself a loved one would perish some horrible way. All bs & im glad those days are far behind me .Love alot Fear none.

  4. Just wondering if you are type 0 negative blood type. I have been encountering people that I think the same as me, us, are type O neg. Just asking.

    1. That’s a weird question and perhaps more interesting is that I’m not sure what my blood type is. I think I was told what it is when I was younger, but I don’t recall ever being asked for it so it hasn’t come up. I don’t think it’s o-neg though.

      I see patterns in all kinds of stuff but a blood type more likely to lead to enlightenment is one I hadn’t considered. Cheers and thanks.

    1. Well not sure if this is where i comment but I do have something else to add to the subject of “targeted people”. Voices? Really voices my expieriences voices is the easiest way to explain it to someone,what’s going on with you.
      But to say you hear clear words in your head. Not so much in my past experience, I don’t think words are needed. It’s like an idea or understanding are bashed into your thoughts. And or a sort of feeling guilt,fear,hopelessness are turned on like switch and never again feel trully alone.

  5. I started to leave a long-winded comment, but decided not to. Just wanted to show my appreciation for this video. Thank you.

  6. Thank you. I often feel like I am being watched. Like they know what I am doing but Don’t know as much as they would like. I don’t have a I phone/smart phone or any phone that connects to the internet. So they can’t track me though that. I never ever answer my land line phone ether and I don’t use my real full name anywhere on the internet. It’s funny though how I get emails saying do I want a free I phone . No I don’t lol. I also Don’t have any credit cards or loan’s so I keep my head down. But I hunt for the truth in a way a lion huts for is pray. I have a need to known when they are lying to us. When I feel like I am under attack I always remember a line from the film labyrinth “ you have no power over me” I say this line when ever I feel threatened but I feel they are more threatened by me. They know I have power of my own and it scares them . We are the ones they can’t control .

  7. Is it just my perception or were you struggling to maintain emotional composure?
    You seemed to be growing palpably sensitive there, almost on the brink of teary eyes like, so much so that i felt the utmost compassion for you, regardless of whether my hunch of you having been on the verge of being overwhelmed with emotion was on point or not.

    I appreciate your contribution, brother.
    You’re a most radiant spirit to my senses.
    All i’d want to urge you of is to make sure from time to time to displace your focus away from that focal point which is nowadays so fraught with tension so as to make us feel the need to constantly be on edge and on our guard.
    As you know, perception creates reality, so in line with this principle it is possible and to be advised to diversify the intensity and nature of your experiences so as to maintain a healthy balance in life.

    If i were to base my self on the sparse amount of information which is available to my mind in regards to how you’re going about your life, i’d say you’re perhaps creating for your self a reality somewhat overloaded with stress and performance pressure. (= which may be interpreted in many ways, i.e. the pressure to behave your self up to a certain high standard which you hold for your self, or the pressure to ”prove ’em wrong”, or to not let them defeat you, etc…)

    Just sharing my thoughts. Could be off.

    Ever familiarized with Bashar?

    All the best.

  8. Thank you for being brave enough to talk about this. You articulate things very well. I needed to hear this because there is someone else in my family who I feel is experiencing this and I wanted to find a way to talk to her about it. Now I can talk to her and share your video with her. Thank you so much, and please keep up the good work.

  9. I’m so glad that you followed your heart and posted this. I’m not usually very emotional but this one made me cry, good cry. There are many MANY of us who have different perceptions of and senses that others don’t understand. There really ARE people who are targeted by other REAL ( as in others can see and perceive them) people with malicious intentions. There is legit proof that certain evil groups do this for power, control, and experimentation. So many people could be classified as “mentally ill” or “mentally unstable”, and once the world gives you that label it is next to impossible to erase. Sometimes just embracing the fact that I’m “crazy” actually makes it easier. As you said, there is nothing that anyone can do to you other than incite fear or try to force a pill down your throat so that you will be a good little minion like the rest of the population.

    Now commenting on my particular beliefs, it is so very simple but so much stigma has been placed on it. As I see it, all that is good, peaceful, benevolent, helpful, and loving comes from Jesus Christ/God/Holy Spirit. And yes, they speak to me! On the other hand, all that is dark, evil, has bad intentions comes from Lucifer. And yes, he TRIES to speak to me. He is also very deceptive, and can disguise himself AS good, peaceful, benevolent, helpful, and loving. To decipher, you have to look at the outcome of what each voice tells you. It’s actually very simple, but religion itself was created by Lucifer to make men worship others, such as the pastor-worship that is so prevalent in the western societies. In other parts of the world, where believers in Christ don’t have the luxury of professing their beliefs without the risk of death, you find a more pure, simple worship and a closer connection to the creator. Any person that professes to be Christian and tries to force their beliefs upon you is not doing what Christ instructed his followers to do. We were instructed to feed the poor, help the orphans and widowed, heal the sick, share the good news of the gospel. We are also instructed to be lead and directed by the Holy Spirit, which is a tiny part of God that dwells in you and gives you power and direction when you need it. There are many “Sunday” Christians who don’t believe that god really speaks to you, and those make up about 90% of professing Christians. It’s funny how they profess to believe in miracles, immaculate conception, Angelic interventions and dozens of other supernatural things that are taught in the Bible, but when someone says they’ve heard the voice of God, it’s usually a news broadcast of a woman who has murdered her kids or a man running naked through the streets, or a woman has seen the crucifix on her burnt toast. Mainstream media has done a fabulous job of “demonizing” a true belief in Jesus and the written accounts we have. My greatest joy in life is sharing the REAL Jesus that I in my “crazy” mind have befriended. Love you MUCHO Ltv!

  10. It is very brave of you to be so open on this topic, and it is refreshing to say the least.

    It made me think of this great video I watched/listened to on The Higherside Chats YouTube channel that you must listen to because it fits with your video today. It is called “Robert Guffey | Project Chameleo, Secret Tech, & The Surveillance State” and it was posted on March 31, 2016. Trust me, just listen to it for a couple of minutes and I assure you that you’ll want to listen to the whole thing.

    Oh by the way, never forget:

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti


  11. Hi. Haven’t comment before, but since you made this video, I’d like to post a link, or I’ll just type here the channel of a targeted individual who lives in New York: Timothytrespas. I’ve been following him for a good while now, and he shows an incredible journey of nothing short of hell and torment. He’s got a loved one who is affected by this too, and he did have a cat that got sick and died as well.

    Check out some of his videos. He shares some really good insight into this subject. And the incredible hardships of moving all the time, and being low on funds, all the while being targeted. I really am amazed how he’s found the way to keep going. He must be of very strong spirit, which is probably why this “invisible” attack is happening to him and many others.

    You could (if you like) have him in a video about targeted individuals. He really needs more exposure to his channel. Take care.

  12. This is my favorite video you’ve done so far. Being a teacher for over 20 years, I can confirm that perception truly is reality, and one’s perception of their own reality can make or break them. Anyone who can look upon others and deeply understand the concept is, in my opinion, truly compassionate.

    And “gang stalking ” is subtle, but also very real. I’ve seen children do a version of this, and certainly adolescents and adults are capable. Dave Chapelle alluded to being gang stalked in a few interviews after he disappeared to Africa, and Britney Spears made comments about shaving her hair to “get them out of my head”.

    These are just observations from my own reality. :). I hope that anyone who is suffering from this is able to take your suggestions and rise above it. Stay safe, and ❤️ To Doshi!

    1. I wasn’t going to post it publicly on YouTube – do you think I should go ahead and do that? It was a risky piece for me to post anywhere, so I appreciate very much the support.

      1. I would go with your first instinct. Those who need to see it will find it in time. I agree that it is a risky piece, and I’ve never seen anything like it so far- bravo!
        Stay safe, and ❤️ To Doshi!

        1. I made it public. Fuck it. If I made it for a reason then people might as well be able to find it if they want to.

          1. Well, I, for one, think you are very brave for putting yourself out there the way you do. Keep those important videos coming!

      2. I totally get this. Thanks, I enjoy your style. I have commented on a few vidz, esp’ the moon ones ha ha, wonder if they’ll ever go?….err NO WAY!

        OK, back to this vid. I have all my life felt targeted, yet it works both ways with me….I have bouts of depression and strange illnesses, then bursts of energy and joy (typical of bipolar I am told) Yet I am convinced there is much more to it. I had a great education, was told I was “different” by my teachers and friends alike. I am often approached by MANY strangers who say things like “I can see you are spiritual”, and “you have love coming from your eyes” etc etc. I have family and friends, even people I have just met, that are obsessed with me, going so far recently as to buy 40 Tee shirts with my name on and throw a party ! OK, this all sounds great, but at times it scares me, because I don’t feel special at all, yet I am told at least once a month something very unusual. I tell my mother, and she says “come on ! This can’t be true!”…it doesn’t sound it, but it is…so to sum up, I feel targeted in as much as my EGO is massaged to a delusional level. Then comes the crash ! Anyone else experienced this type of thing? Being too popular for your own good? It sounds great, but it is NOT!
        REALLY I am just a normal man (to me anyway)

  13. We’re not delusional. Quietly accepting the story that aluminum wings can slice through steel box columns…. IS delusional. We may be mistaken on occasion, regarding the exact sequence of various causes & effects, but we should never abuse our own dignity by contemplating insanity. Regardless of the overwhelming obstacles, we still retain the power to focus our intellect on the item of our choosing…we still have the power of free will. Let’s exercise it – with compassion, and “fearlessness”.

    1. Bravo.

      “Quietly accepting the story that aluminum wings can slice through steel box columns…. IS delusional.”

      Yes, I’ve had many conversations with sheople on this very issue. People, who on other issues are rational and logical, can still accept that it’s possible because “they saw it.” They’ll contort their brains in cognitive dissonance to avoid joining the side of the conspiracy analysts.

  14. Hey Nathan, Do you disable YouTube comments as a protest against their silly rules? Doesn’t having no comments on your YT vids just make life easier for the “dicks” at YouTube? I am the guy that offered you an invite to swing by here in western NC if you get this way……I’m not a bot so don’t be scared to respond. PEACE be safe and keep up the great work and that De Valle geek is an Aussie style PUSSY loudmouth.

  15. The way I see it is that if we follow our guiding light and don’t allow ourselves to be distracted too far off course we will always reach our goal. The goal of tptb appears to be to prevent us reaching ours by any means. I’m still working on how tptb benefit by doing this. Perhaps it’s simply their role in the process that we are a part of. That is, perhaps it’s where their guiding light is leading them.

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