Apocalypse Attire

How to dress for the Crossing Over.

“Dip” by World’s Finest
Permissions granted courtesy of World’s Finest



5 thoughts on “Apocalypse Attire”

  1. Love your channel! Just ordered two albums from the band ” 33 and Headwater” great sound! Keep up the awesome videos. My wife and I are both over 50 and look forward to watching “What it Is” Thanks bunch !

  2. Love you Nathan, I needed a good dose of Nathan today. Copper hat works much better than tin foil, but headphones aren’t a bad idea. Also, if when the apocalypse comes down, you need to take those walking shoes and get to Centerville, Tx. ( This also goes along with the vision I had.) Can’t BELIEVE you were the old creepy guy, you are still hot and in your prime, can’t believe you didn’t get the college chicks….come out to Texas where we can find you some quality women, Cali women may be too high class ( in their own minds, no offence, I know there are a few out there.) Love ya too Doshi! I’m not a cat person, but you are really cute for a kitty 🙂 (I know I used the smiley face but it is really me, I only know a few amojis, but I love to use the ones I can <3. Today has been one of those days that started so well and ended in frustration and disappointment, I'm just letting it be. Call me when ya feel the need to call!

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