Apollo 16 lunar rover “Grand Prix” in HD – NasaHD

Stabilized HD video of the Apollo 16 LRV “Grand Prix”. This is directly from NASA’s YouTube channel.

4 thoughts on “Apollo 16 lunar rover “Grand Prix” in HD – NasaHD”

  1. the still video shows the MOON, left this comment on youtube, then you have DISABLED the comments….

    WHAT is that big white object, middle of the screen top and CENTER?????????

    looks like the moon, BUT WHAT, HOW, aren’t they “On The Moon”????

  2. Apollo 16 lunar rover “Grand Prix” in HD

    There seems to be a man on the Moon without a space suit filming the driver. Keep clicking at the :50 to :53 second mark and you can see his head bounce while trying to keep the camera framed. He has a receding hairline, dark hair and you can see the right side of his body move trying to keep himself balanced. He’s sitting in the seat with half of his face obscured by the camera. At one point his head turns slightly. I am not the guy who found this. It is Sunny Wonderguard who commented that made me look. He was having a rough time of it with the shills.
    I figure that you can do a much better video than I can with your mad skills.

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