ASMR Tribute to #1 NASA Shill Chris de Valle

I pulled this out of what was otherwise my worst Moon landing hoax video. It’s disturbing, but you might get a chuckle. And if you like ASMR, you might get a head orgasm.

20 thoughts on “ASMR Tribute to #1 NASA Shill Chris de Valle”

  1. Your commentary Nathan, priceless! Your narrative to Chris the shill de Valle resulted in an uncontrollable belly laugh that continues to permeate my being. Thank you, I needed that.

  2. You Nathan need to allow comments on YouTube, variety is the spice of life. That new microphone makes your voice silky gruff( ya whacko), I called out that fat POS Chris De Vallle from your YouTube (back when you could handle comments there) and he is nothing but a fat pussy Australian. You are funny as F&%K and kind of intelligent too. Thanks for the laugh today again form the repeat. PEACE

  3. Nearly forgot to say how I lolled at your impersonation of Chris, but it was rather disturbing if I’m being brutally honest.

  4. Creepy …. really creepy.

    May be I shouldn’t say this………. oh alright I will. The effect it has on me is that it makes me want to punch the ASMR person in the mouth.

  5. I’ve got the worst insomnia and that’s just like what the hell? Cringe😂
    I don’t like speaking asmr but the pencil videos are fantastic. I could listen to pencils being jingled around all day.
    Oh Chris! I hope he sees it.

  6. I’ve watched ASMR videos before but all the ones I have seen are of hair cutting. Have you ever had someone rub their fingertips across your skin so lightly that they are barely touching you? It creates a feeling that is hard to describe. If you have, that is the feeling that ASMR is suposed to reproduce. Its kind of like the feeling of a hug only internally. Its definitely not sexual. I LOL’d when you said “I know how you like it when things crinkle” HAHA! I never thought about parody ASMR videos but that’s a good idea. Great video.

  7. Don’t ever do that again. It made it even creepier since I have the same name. (shiver) At times, it seemed as if I could hear you thinking, “Uh, why am I doing this again”?

  8. Lmao….I have said don’t let the trolls get in your head and clutter up half of you posts but this was a hysterical joint. Thanks for the laughs with tears.
    Keep the good stuff coming it’s why we subscribe.

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