Ataturk Airport Hoax | Lies, Deceit & Obfuscation

A look at the complete lack of integrity in the mainstream media.

12 thoughts on “Ataturk Airport Hoax | Lies, Deceit & Obfuscation”

  1. The “security” firm at the Turkish airport is the Mossad front “ICTS”. This is the same security group as was at the Brussels hoax, LAX hoax, 9/11 false flag airport “departures”, Charles De Gaul airport (Egypt air) and Amsterdam (MH 17). Notice a trend?

  2. Alleged suicide bomber chased, shot , falls to ground but watch his gun skid across floor and change shape, before he blows himself up – note no graphic blood seen and usual blurry image and if it were a static cctv film why is it wobbling about so much

  3. Hm, that last clip is quite odd, almost as if 2 different scenes were overlaid on one top of the other. As for the reasons for these drills, staged events and false flags, I agree with another commenter that they have multiple purposes. On one hand, I think the events are purposely flawed (and socially media responses studied) to see who doubts the official narrative and who questions nothing. These events are obviously the easy scapegoat for increased police presence & surveillance. I’m sure there are many geopolitical reasons about which we may only speculate; closed door negotiations, trade deals, bribery (these “GoFund Me” pages are suspiciously high), blackmail etc.

    Specifics will always be known too late, though we can be certain that we are being manipulated, whole governments circumvented and the Global Agenda ever marching on with its malicious, ever progressing policies.

    1. I think Turkish government was feeling eclipsed by UK Brexit and wanted the free movement of Turks in Europe back on the agenda and as you say these events lead to Gofundme type pages being set up to raise money for whatever other purposes.

  4. Here’s the footage of “gunman” entering airport – put settings to run at slomo .25 and watch and stop the video when you see him – usual grainy cartoony character in the style of the Paris cafe suicide bomber (who turned in to a load of feathers). Note he has something red, a favourite colour of false flags and hoaxes. If you stop footage at 0.01 you can see the yellow line on the floor showing through his leg like he is see through or a ghost! At times in the footage he turns in to 2 people.

  5. good video… people saying some interesting things about you LTV, i can only assume this is a stunt that you and HISTW are pulling to get more subscribers to both of your channels. Say it isn’t so….

    1. I can assure you that it wasn’t a publicity stunt on my end. I started the series because I was concerned an imposter was taking over Robin’s channel. Then I became convinced that it wasn’t an imposter and that Robin was the bad guy all along. But now I don’t think he’s shown his face since my cloned accounts video and I don’t know what to think. I didn’t watch the video he made about me but I heard it was really odd and he just showed a bunch of slides of landscapes? Do you think everything is on the up-and-up on his channels? I don’t have time to watch everything on YouTube so I don’t know what he’s been covering lately.

      1. I agreed with some of the points you made about his channel. But I find it odd that there is a ton of channels that follow his lead. As soon as he starting attacking you, a whole bunch of other channels did the same. Same thing happened the last time a channel attacked you. He is still making some decent videos, no better or worse than previous ones I have seen. So I don’t think he is disinfo, but its hard to say. I dislike all the infighting though, its counter-productive. He has been covering the Orlando shooting mostly, and basically using that against you because you haven’t said much about it.

        1. It’s only odd until you realize they are all part of the same network. You see the same suspicious channels all doing the same stuff and promoting the same people. I’m not sure why I haven’t been approached if everybody else is tied up in it, but then again I may have been and not realized it at the time. All I can say is always be skeptical and always look into things yourself. The end game is you and what is true in your life, your Reality. If we both work on getting to the bottom of that for ourselves, things will keeping looking up for us.
          Cheers and thanks for commenting here on my site.

  6. I remember some of the initial reports discussing how there were very few casualties since security at Ataturk is so tight and the guards are heavily armed…to see the media narrative shift so quickly into how easily penetrable the airport is was jarring…

  7. I think your take on why they are conducting these drills is extremely valid although I would go so far as to say I don’t believe it is just one single agenda. I think it is multifaceted, they like to get their money’s worth out of any given situation, the elite aren’t billionaires by accident you know.
    This is a strange one though, that clone thing going on is really weird I have to say.

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