Baton Rouge Police Shooting | Don’t Believe the Lies

The full investigation into the news coming from Baton Rouge. The agenda is for a race war justifying a further militarized police & security state.

19 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Police Shooting | Don’t Believe the Lies”

    1. I listened to it and I have no clue. It would be pretty hard to identify since you can only hear the bass line.

      1. I have normalized sound from original youtube video and share half part of it on
        music is sounds better, chorus already too. Please help me to find author rap artist and name this track. Because at now i made investigation about this fake events and i need this rap track for compare some points.

    1. You’re awesome to offer. I checked out your work and I do have something that it would be interesting to see your interpretation of. I will email you at the address you use for your comments.

  1. Hey man, you were wondering about how tall the guy is in the surveillance pics. I ID’d the weapon he was carrying and scaled his height at around 4′-11″. He looks taller though. Maybe I did it wrong. Thoughts? Peace.

      1. My work is comprised of a iPhone screen and a 6 inch stainless steel ruler with 32nds and 64ths graduations. Given a known object of what she is holding, and that coupled with the known length of the object I scaled up from there. The weapon is an IWI Tavor SAR that rings in at 26.13 inches overall length. I realize the picture is a bit of an oblique angle. The picture that I found has him staged up behind an F150 pick up.

        I hope that helps. Again I could be wrong, it’s been a long day for me and my brain is cooked.

  2. 1. No way is that man in black ‘short guy Gavin Long’.
    2 .The policeman reminded me of Jo Cox’s family.
    3 . I am so sick of liars.
    4. Great research. Although I couldn’t follow what that policeman was on abt!

    1. Howdy partner. My experience is that when people make points mentioning the flat earth that the audience is lost and can become hostile to data. Sibrel agrees with the moon hoax but sees flat earthism as an easy way to discount truthers (not to mention that he disagrees with it using several lines of scientific data). I invite you to look at his stuff. Great research as always. Thanks for all the work you put into this. What do you think about the officer that shot the autism counselor? Where is the blood right? Mosquito bite?

      1. I just like to make everyone feel welcome. Whether the Sun rises in the east or whether it just comes closer from the east, it still casts and east-to-west shadow. That’s all I was saying. I don’t think flat earth people are crazy, I think they make some excellent points.

  3. great work LTV.. if the cop running the plate knew it was active shooter(drill).. he would not get out of his cruiser. he would drive close enough to see the plate. the perp shoots the officer in the car? that officer would be on high alert. no one would get close to him…he should have even gone help fellow officers. they always refer to officers by their name too. not ”this responding officer” real bad. ty LTV

  4. 18:53 “I was engaged to a police officer once … Di Grecian.”

    Nathan, do you think it’s wise to tell us her name? 🙂

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