Baton Rouge Police Shooting | Who is Gavin Long? The story you haven’t heard.

A full-length investigative report on the character of Gavin Long, the alleged shooter in the Baton Rouge police shootings. It contains several video clips which you won’t see anywhere else in the media.

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  1. From LA Times article about this guy:
    “He also appeared to follow at least one online radio show hosted by Lance Scurv, who said he featured a Cosmo Setepenra on his radio show this year in a long conversation about nutrition and health. They stayed in touch, talking on the phone every now and then.

    Scurv, who is based in Orlando, Fla., said Cosmo spoke from a phone number with a Kansas City area code. “He seemed to be like a guy in transition,” Scurv said. “But he never expressed rage like there was something brewing.”

    On July 9, Scurv posted an email that Cosmo asked him to share on his Facebook group.

    It began: “I just want everyone to know that if anything may happen to me or with me …” The post went on to reference YouTube videos about the police shooting of Alton Sterling and “standing up when you know you are right.”

    Scurv said he barely read the email, but shared it because he helps pass along social media updates for everyone who comes on his show, which discusses current events and activism.

    Near the end of the post, Long offered a message to readers: “You will win this war not with your actions, but with your responses to their actions.”

    On Sunday, at the house where Long lived in Kansas City, a man brandishing a gun warned reporters to leave.”

  2. I agree completely with your assessment of this guy including that death is just an illusion (something we only ever see happen to others but that we never personally experience). Perhaps some of his earlier broadcasts alerted tptb and he became the ideal fall guy for their agenda. Perhaps. Something sure doesn’t add up. Seems someone was funding him for those websites.

      1. I’m sure tptb have no end of individuals profiled from their comments on social media whom they would have take the fall for whatever agenda they have planned. It’s more important than ever to be careful about what one says on social media. It could quite literally get you killed. I appreciate the risk that Nathan and others take on here.

  3. Nathan, watch his 4min video again under the assumption he is codespeaking to other assassins working for this false flag program.

    “die one your feet/stand for something”

  4. Presentation is everything. The video with the faux-brick painted wall is obviously a hotel. This hotel decor would be fairly memorable. Where was this taken? Why was this video shot the way it was, with him essentially laying a camera at his feet while he spoke laying in a queen bed hotel room? What are we meant to see here?

  5. I’ve just watched the last video he made. If I was stuck in a car with him I’d be screaming to be let out. He’s so manic and obsessed. It makes no sense whatsoever that he was going to ambush police a few days later. His claim to be a teacher and not a protester is perfectly believable. That video is full of images of crosses, he even drives past a cross on the side of a church. It’s eerie.

  6. Definately your intro’s have slowly evolved to be so very smooth and flowing, peaceful, and welcoming. and it sure leaves one mesmerized~! and a great job using their stylish tactics to hypnotize and brain wash us with truth. add a liitle doschi. and some hard core thought provoking facts,opinions, angles, insight and intellectual projection.. bravo my friend. you even ”beat it into our skulls” as you say… lol.. with a voice of reason and importance, ( and very ear canal friendly @ that~)having a calming and reassuring tone and punctuation . omg i laughed so hard @”beat it into our skulls”’… LoVe you brother Nathan. thanks for all you do and have done my friend. P~L~J~H >LTV

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