14 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: Curse or Blessing in Disguise?

  • September 24, 2016 at 7:17 am

    I personally find it interesting how the Leader of P.I. just told the U.N. to “F*** Off” (direct quote), and then a large earthquake strikes.. hhmm. Someone wanna say HARP..?…

    Additionally. About the Bundy subject you so conveniently are ignoring (no matter how much I spoon feed you, and you call yourself a reporter). So far I have uncovered that Reid, Senator of Nevada, is dirty as shit. All one needs to do is look up on Zillow (county records for direct) to see who “owns” land adjacent to the Bundy ranch… and then when you look into the newly constructed highway nearby… there was a multi-million dollar intersection put into place, in the middle of no where.. seriously middle of NO WHERE… now why do you suppose “they” would do such a thing…? Drawing from my professional experience, as a Realtor working with developers, this “development” ONLY happens when a developer and group of “influential” investors have future plans for an area….

    Again, why are you NOT interested in this domestic terrorism, it is strait to the heart of the problem and instead about spreading speculation and incitements? Not enough (non) Black Lives, is that why this doesn’t Matter?

    Come on man, these are blue collar hard working law abiding (until the law turned to pirates) families… they need our help!!

    At least other “reporters” who have not agreed with or do not want to “touch with a 10 foot pole” as one you tuber said to me in response. But that is it, they at least responded, you have yet to even acknowledge this issue… maybe if I was a really cute reporter you would listen and be interested.

    The patterns and connections are all around us, one just needs to look through un-programmed eyes.

    • September 24, 2016 at 12:41 pm

      Sorry, I don’t mean to ignore that issue, but it really wasn’t on my radar. There is so much other stuff going on that current events are taking all of my focus. If the spirit leads me to Bundy, then your research will be invaluable. Cheers.

  • September 24, 2016 at 12:45 am

    This may interest you. Remember the Nice truck and the ‘non-victims’?

    France Bleu Azur… headline:-
    “Un groupe de 450 Niçois est reçu ce samedi en audience privée par le pape François au Vatican. Les victimes de l’attentat du 14 juillet sont prises en charge par la ville de Nice. ”
    “A group of 450 Nice residents is received on Saturday in a private audience by Pope Francis at the Vatican. The victims of the attack of July 14 are supported by the city of Nice.”

    Now why do you suppose they would do this?

    • September 24, 2016 at 12:50 am

      Deux avions sont affrétés depuis l’aéroport de Nice Côte d’Azur pour emmener les familles à Rome. Au total 450 personnes assisteront à l’audience privée du pape François.
      Two planes have been chartered from the airport of Nice Côte d’Azur to take the families to Rome. In total 450 people will attend the private audience with the Pope Francis.

      Isn’t this going a bit too far for ‘non-victims’?

  • September 23, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Part 2
    The Putaya Massacre in Norway of agent Andres Breivik who supposedly acted alone:

    (comment transcribed from youtube)

    Anders Bering Breivik, and the massacre on 6/22, ”The Day of Revenge” (for thous who follow the satanic religion of theTalmud), the same date they bombed King David Hotel in Jerusalem, 65 years earlier, was a false flag attack (like 911). The survivors of the island massacre told about 3 or 4 different shooters, some of the children even claimed they were shoot at from a helicopter, who they though would rescue them. The shooters were proffesional hit-men, most of the children who were shoot, died or were badly hurt. The assassins shoot to kill. According to witnesses, at least on of the men, changed into normal cloths, and started to swim towards the mainland. One of the men was picked up by a boat.

    There were two different Breiviks (like Oswell). One of the pictures showed in the press, is of a man, we were told was ABB, shoothing his deffensles young victims. but this man is bold on the top of his head. ABB was not. This man may also have weard a mask (like in the movie ”mission impossible”). There were fires set on the island, and bombes planted in the threes. There were mulitpal mystery vans on the island, who had to have been taken over by the fery. ABB was seen on totally different places, by different people, in the days before the attack. He had a double. Like we saw on 911, there were 11 bombes and fake bombs found in Oslo, after the attack on the city (they also bombe the national oil company, Statoil, which was not talked about…).

    A former (?) top Mossad agent, just happend to be in Oslo durring the attack. In the 80s or early 90s he had been involved in a Mossad hit gone wrong, called the ”Lillehammer murder”. He has also admitted to a bunch of other attacks, in Europe. If you read ABB manifesto, which is a copy from one of the older false flags, bombings, in the US, you clearly see its written by somone who is fluent in the English language, a proffesional. It clearly state that ABB and his followers are Zionist (NaZionist, the founders of the criminal jew-ish State of Israel).

    ABB father is a high ranking Mason (kabbalistick teachings). ABB’s mother is said to have been involved in NaZi-onist Lebensborn Experiment. She is dead know, the dead don’t talk.. Of course. they also used there puppets and cosonspirators, from inside the Norwegian political and police system. Stoltenberg (a communist agent, like his father) must have done a great job, as he was promoted as the state secretary of Nato. The worker party’s youth leader, who originally was not a popular leader (he won by one or two votes), run away with the fery-boat, who could have saved many lives that day. He told the desperat teens, who called their ”leader” to ask for advice of what to do, to swim to the main land (almost a km.,in rain and cold water, God knows how many of them drowned), while he drived away with the boat, who could have at least picked them up from the water… Smell a rat?!! The police communication system was also messed with, and much more…

    The whole court case was a huge cover-up, When ABB gave the salute of the Israeli Defense League, in the court room, we were told it was a ”right wing, white extrimist” salute. Shame on them! By the way, the youth on the ”Utøya” island, were rallying for the boykot of the jew-ish state of israel, due to their horrendous crimes in Palestine. We have never heard a pip about this since, of course… The number 77 is important. The day before the attack, you could see a subliminal and coded PR in one of the Oslo newspapers, containing an unatural large number 77. The next day 77 were massacred in cold blood, most of them children/youth. On 911 (Revelation 9:11) there were building 7 and flight 77. The London Bombings happend on 7/7. ….7 and 77 are the numbers of Cain’s revenge (GEN-esis 4:24). Neither of this is a coincident, nor that 6/22 is called ”The Day of Revenge”. I’m sorry about the rant, but I need to get this out of my system… 🙂

  • September 23, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Heeey now, Jay, you should sing more often if you want to destabilize Nate (‘s course of reason) as it totally threw him off balance! Hilarious to see.. he he

    Perhaps you could devise a li’l jingle to start the show off with.
    What it izzz, right? heh

    On another note, as much as i appreciate your (mainly Nate’s) assiduous analysis and exposure of the media’s broad stream of deception, i find it rather important, at least for my self, to keep in mind the pivotal purpose of this merry-go-round that has been put into place to distract us and keep us captivated by this most banal circus which keeps us glued to our seats for much longer than it should.

    All fine and well to regularly throw some glaring light of exposure on the deviance of it all, yet let us prevent our selves from playing that game into which we remain to be baited in such alluring ways.

    Cause right now i must admit that i feel like a lot of potential intrinsic to this show, the interactive dynamic between the two of you, Jay’s pleasant addition of frivolity and occasional clever insight, yet most of all Nate’s potential for lifting the veil entirely—perhaps most importantly before his own eyes as that is the primary task for all us truth seekers—is going to waste.

    Aware the long-winded bridge in the middle might’ve complicated the simple statement i intented to make, asserting how i find that a lot of potential of this show is going to waste by too persistently focusing on the trivilaties of this constant diversion which we allow to be pulled over our eyes, and which only complicates the purpose (at least so i believe) of establishing some well-needed clarity amidst this pervasive stream of delusion that fucks up our sight, and dirtifies our spectacles.

    Not sure if dirtify’s a word, but i like the sound of it.

    I’d say we’re walking right in the trap ”they” (those behind the veil who we fail to identify) have set up for us.
    Like sheep to the slaughter.
    Let us beware not to fall victim to the weakness and gullibility for which we condemn the blind, deaf and dumb…for in the end it may just so turn out to be the blind (at least those care-less) were living in bliss while we condemned our selves to a self-inflicted fate of stress in a constant state of worry.

    As much as i dig what you’ve been trying to achieve, i can’t help but notice and admit that the amusement factor of your show has been *trumping* (heeey) this revolutionary cause of clarification which is so direly needed if we wish to pinpoint this externally reflected threat so that we enable our selves to neutralize the internal disturbance that made us prone to it in the first place.

    So…change starts from within.

    Clinton vs Trump?
    Swell diversion.
    Alas, the real movas and shakas roar the sound of heinous belly laughter…..
    How amusing it must be for them to behold (if they’d even be bothered to spectate the inhuman gentiles, so as they perceive us) us caught up in this dog’s tail chase, thinking we’re sniffing out the truth…

    Yet who was behind 9/11 and all other such disdainfully staged events?

    All roads lead to Talmud-inspired Judaïsm. (as distinct from Orthodox Judaism)
    All roads.

    If we are to criticize the unjust extremity of the sharia’s law, then i would feel it equally relevant to shed some light on the fundamental guiding principles outlined in the Talmud & Qaballah, that directly precede Luciferianism practiced by Freemasonic orders et al.

    One such peculiar little rule commanded by the Talmud states how one of (sinister) Jewish fate (i.e. worshiping Lucifer as the one and only) ought never to help a gentile (non-believer) in need, even if on the brink of death.
    In fact, according to such sordid laws, they are to be severely reprimanded (by highly placed Rabbi’s that are typically appointed to guide, assist and reprimand individuals placed under their supervision).

    Furthermore, according to Talmudean guidelines, if one such ”Jew” (which is a total misnomer as they are more rightly to be titled Khazars of Ashkenazi origin) is suspected of having raped a female gentile aka non-believer (anyone but a Jew, preferrably of Talmudic fate), the WOMAN IS TO BE PUNISHED, if i’m not mistaken, BY PENALTY OF DEATH, imprisonment, exile or systemic ridicule.
    [ah, the women of the world…why have they ever deserved such cruelty in return for their god-given privilige to bear life? –sickening]

    Their precious little book also piously allows sexual interference with minors, with an ever such gallant moderation of the age limit to a minimum of 3 years old.

    This is a part of existence on Earth as it revolves (glides, hovers or floats?) to this day.
    There’s a reason why that group of Norwegian activists who attempted to boycot and speak out against Israel’s policies (in defense of Palestinians, i believe) were slaughtered by a group of trained militants under the supposed guidance of Andrey Breivik.

    In part 2 i will share a rather brief summary (penned by someone else) of highly egregious observations concerning the situation that actually unfolded on that island.

    Yet let us not despair, fear or antagonize, but let us seek to empower our selves by localizing the threat and trying to constructively undertake the necessary self-work in order that we may equip ourselves to handle this threat more efficiently, without fearing this illusive/elusive external threat which feeds off our anxiety to make itself appear to be more powerful than it is.

    We are the majority here.
    Now it’ll simply be a point of trying to re-establish the well-needed social cohesion in order to bring about a revolution of mind, primarily, so that we can become the change we would like to see manifested within the external world.

    Easy talk for me though, as from time to time i fall into the trap of displacing my sense of empowerment outside of my self as well, and not taking consistent action, thinking i am prone to succumb to the system’s well-oiled propulsion.

    Yet it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Praised be the never-ending cosmic creation, within which we are all created equal, and within which agreeable and disagreeable forces are two hemi’s of the same sphere.

    I believe Clinton’s a beautiful soul at heart, for wasn’t she once a baby and are babies not beautiful by birth?
    I refuse to believe one’s born with malevolent intent, yet i do believe some of us are meant to incarnate into a fate which has been predesigned way before our lives actually unfold.

    Should i stop ranting now?
    I reckon.

  • September 23, 2016 at 5:15 am

    Ya’ll make an awesome team! Light entertainment while bringin that intel ♡ I think 9/11 is a great way to get it out there, but I also feel like the more controversial the more attention it will receive…GO SANDY HOOK!

  • September 23, 2016 at 2:21 am

    Sandy Hook is too controversial. Whereas 9/11 has some serious traction in the conspiracy community. But t-shirts wont get noticed. Since we are thinking out of the box and sex sells, how about some strippers in flourescent green bikinis with the LTV message body painted on?😃…And by the way, I kind of like the unprepared and unscripted shows better…

  • September 22, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    Yeah, get 11 fans to attend a BLM rally each with a black V-neck T-shirt with a single large letter from LIFT THE VEIL on each of their backs. Have them hold up a message such as “What really happened on 9/11?”

    You need to be careful however that they stand in the correct order, otherwise it could spell out LIFT THE EVIL.

  • September 22, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    Was gonna comment about having your comments closed… then saw the sarcasm when “Roland” mentioned the same thing. 😂 If you dont want to associate with those that follow you, then you’ll lose those people to other channels. You gotta connect with your fanbase if you wanna grow. Lol. Gotta get us involved. I KNOW you need to generate higher traffic to this website, but I fear people arent willing to take the chance. Gotta just plug it hard @ the end like Alex does.

    Funny; I actually had a comment directly related to the story but so much sidetrack. ✌😂

  • September 22, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Thanks for the show guys, I’ll buy a shirt for sure! It’s also great to have you aboard Jay. You will be (are) a great addition to the show. Thanks again for Lifting the Veil!

    • September 22, 2016 at 11:59 pm

      Thanks Andrew, I’m glad to be here. 🙂


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