Black Lives Matter | Fake Protests Nationwide?

An exclusive report of a potentially staged Black Lives Matter protest in Birmingham, AL. Reporter on the scene.

5 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter | Fake Protests Nationwide?”

  1. Excellent, fast, and your last line had me lmao because you speak (for) of many in this dissociated culture. Perfection; terrifying,/ relieving to experience the feeling of rapid discovery (and plenty of confusion/ cognitive dissonance. I hope you and HISTW can somehow bridge the gap through truth and understanding as best we can. We are all family, and universal reconciliation seems a fundamental component of the fabric of existence. Even for those immersed in the dark side, they are our sybings and perhaps we may have played every role in the sprectrum of good and evil at somepoint past through multiple, lifetimes/ the continum of consiouness (s) / Peace to you, Jesse

  2. The title phrase in the poster “there is no peace but we will seek justice” to me is mind warping. Not sure what that is trying to say… is it kind of a veil threat… or it George Orwellian 1984. I did a internet search on that phrase and came up with Dallas News 08 July 2016 02:26 “We seek peace by seeking justice. If we seek peace without justice, we will never have peace. If we seek justice without peace, we will only perpetuate violence. Let us always and only seek peace with justice.” This all seems to originate from the phrase…
    Where there is no justice there can be no secure peace.
    Aung San Suu Kyi, “In Quest of Democracy” (1991)

    So given that there is no peace and you are seeking justice…. does that mean from the Dallas News you are seeking violence.

    The poster seems to match the artwork and font of the artwork of the group’s website. But can we tell any more from the poster image meta data?

    Not sure any of this is helpful BUT you have unearthed a interesting lose end…. that I think we should keep teasing out. Thanks

  3. I think the Minnesota shooting of the man in the car w the woman is a hoax. Hyper-real and plenty of opportunity to see everything. Passerby is allowed to approach the car & take video– I don’t believe it.

    The officer continues standing there outside the car pointing the gun, just to be sure you’ve seen it? While the woman continues unrestrained and in the car talking on her own or passerby’s cell phone?

    After she’s hand cuffed, the woman is still able to position her cell phone so she can talk on it, continue using it as a camera while in the cop car? I don’t believe it.

    This was much better done than their usual hoax– and in fact this sort of thing does tragically and unjustly happen– but not this time. Just my opinion.

  4. This was the first website I checked this morning after hearing about the ambush in Texas. Thanks for the work you are doing, I like your style and I’ve learned quite a bit. I enjoy checking in on the cat, too.

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