Bogus Brussels Bombings: It Doesn’t Add Up

A mathematical analysis of the casualty numbers from the Brussels Brouhaha, concluding with mathematical certainty that the official story is a crock of boloney.

2 thoughts on “Bogus Brussels Bombings: It Doesn’t Add Up”

  1. I’ve been looking into the victims of the Bogus Brux Bombing, David Dixon. Here’s a news report of him missing:

    “Mr Dixon had contacted his family after the airport blasts but was missing after the later Metro station blast.”

    Now here he is dead 2 days later?:

    Apparently he survived or at least new enough about the event to text that he was ok. He then decides to get not only to the same location of the next blast, but the exact same car. “Metro station bombing” is news speak for a backpack/luggage bomb in 1 car of one train.

    They claim he was there because his office, Euroclear (, is on the same line as Maelbeek. The bombing there was an hour after the airport explosions. Look at the rail map for Brussels and you will see the bomber had a more logical target environment if he just decided to wait a few stops and target one of several transfer stations, unless they were somehow thinking the interior of a metro car would provide more casualties.

    These attacks are half truths and decoys.

  2. Let’s not forget that out of those masses of hospitalised people, they can only find 3 or 4 to interview.

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