Bogus Brussels Bombings: Special Forces Staged at Airport

Some very revealing reporting from the morning of March 22, 2016. Brian Williams faithfully serves his masters.

3 thoughts on “Bogus Brussels Bombings: Special Forces Staged at Airport”

  1. Recently saw one of your videos and came upon this.
    I would like to know your take on Trump as an outsider, not as an terrible politician or what you think of him as a person, just the fact how elete, is so against someone who really as President doesnt hold as much power as we are told.
    It seems to me a man like Trump is such a threat on getting so close to government secrets that he could really tear down and blow everything and everyone that has been lying to the public, destroying what trust is left.
    Plus it shows what propaganda the media can distribute, if they can go farther next cycle etc., so having already plans on who will be elected. In 2020.
    We will never see a so called normal citizen ever become President without coming through the corporate mill until they sell their soul to them.
    Its a very scary thing when we become puppets, the Founding Fathers knew this and came from situations that led to them willing to die for freedom, someday, the US will be faced with this choice, will we be stupid enough to let globalised leader take over or die for freedom?

  2. I find your videos very informative, thank you.. I also left you a message on your facebook account with a link to something that I thought you would also find illuminating regarding the Brussels Bombing..

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