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Bogus Brussels Bombings | TATP: Sponsored by TPTB.

A follow-up on the Mother of Hoaxes presentation. Some new evidence was presented which seems to contradict the claims in the first video. Decide for yourself…

4 thoughts on “Bogus Brussels Bombings | TATP: Sponsored by TPTB.

  1. My vids of the Brussels Attacks Hoax
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. CrISIS Actor Trying Really Hard Not To Laugh At Us Goyim 20160323
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. Tongue-In-Cheek ✡Masonic✡ 20160323
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. BBC Admit ‘DRILLS’ Still Going On (Esoteric☠Masonic✡Jew) 20160323
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. Sign Says Lucifer (Lucas)+Goy Gun Control+Masonic 11

    1. I let this one up, but don’t spam my site. This space isn’t for promoting your stuff, as worthy as I’m sure it is. Cheers.

  2. Great vid! Very thorough and good points re: airport after blast!

    1. “Not!”? I only know that expression from Wayne’s World and it usually means something isn’t true. Were you dissing me? I don’t think you would be dissing me…

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