Bogus Brussels Bombings | TATP: Sponsored by TPTB.

A follow-up on the Mother of Hoaxes presentation. Some new evidence was presented which seems to contradict the claims in the first video. Decide for yourself…

4 thoughts on “Bogus Brussels Bombings | TATP: Sponsored by TPTB.”

  1. My vids of the Brussels Attacks Hoax
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. CrISIS Actor Trying Really Hard Not To Laugh At Us Goyim 20160323
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. Tongue-In-Cheek ✡Masonic✡ 20160323
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. BBC Admit ‘DRILLS’ Still Going On (Esoteric☠Masonic✡Jew) 20160323
    Brussels Attacks Hoax. Sign Says Lucifer (Lucas)+Goy Gun Control+Masonic 11

    1. I let this one up, but don’t spam my site. This space isn’t for promoting your stuff, as worthy as I’m sure it is. Cheers.

    1. “Not!”? I only know that expression from Wayne’s World and it usually means something isn’t true. Were you dissing me? I don’t think you would be dissing me…

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