British MP Death Hoax | Jo Cox “Killed” by Bankers

British MP death hoax a la Gabby Giffords. Saved the financial markets for another few days.

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  1. Thank you for your video and thoughts.

    The picture off a CSI / forensics bod looking carefully at a shoe has to be one of the most inane images of the whole mess.

    The ” incident ” created a break for the remainders and did indeed bury the other bad news about the sex gang.

    There seems to be so much evidence of false flags , psy-ops and hoaxes yet they just never get the traction to become acknowledged as the facts of the matter, very frustrating.

    What is really doing my head in post brexit , is n sturgeon DEMANDING and stamping her petulant feet about the result. She is going on about freeeedom and independence whilst manoeuvring to give us back to the money men and superstate. Of course she will be crowned as president / mini queen and will have fulfilled her power crazed dreams.


  2. Just look at the media painting a scary post Brexit picture of racism and dangerous new future in order to make people demand to overturn the vote.

    They don’t care about human rights of the victims of racism – it’s always existed in England. They are just desperate to bring in the NWO to carry on with their Luciferian agenda.

    Shame on manipulative media and their psychopathic puppet masters

  3. Don’t forget! David Cameron (I believe is the one) that claimed ISIS would attack if they left the EU! Like ISIS gives 2 shits about the EU! It’s like they gave 2 shits if the Scotts left the UK! Same threat made then during that vote!

    1. Considering, that Isis was formed by CIA and funded by Zionists and Isis is another name for Ishtar, the goddess of fertility celebrated by Luciferian elite (statue of liberty is that Isis) and trained and weaponised by US and Saudi Arabia, that comment by British government was moronic.
      There is no Muslim terrorism! It’s a made up bogeyman and Muslims are scapegoats, because they pray to God and resist Lucifer. Christianity has been fading away in UK for a while. they promote godless sinful society controlled by fear and prejudice.

    2. Lifttheveil, very interesting point you made ‘re: anti mental illness position of the elite. Nazis have been exterminating “different” and outspoken through their ethnic cleansing programme. Third Reich had roots in Zionism.
      I believe it is precisely because of what you said: especially people on the autistic spectrum. We are above average intelligence, focused, diligent and hard to brainwash. We like to research and test things for ourselves and don’t follow like sheep. Autistic people are misrepresented a lot and demonized because we are what stops NWO from enslaving all humans. We are more interested in justice and truth than money and power. And that’s a fact. Incidence, there is some growing community of FlatEarthers among Truthers and many have aspergers. We are the humanity’s hope and salvation. Pls look into very well researched stuff by Eric Dubay and Rob Skiba. If you haven’t already – it explains the lot. Thank you for doing a great job!!

  4. this have a go hero…bernard kenny….supposed to have died three years ago….has got me baffled….is it him or not..

  5. The best way to get around regional restrictions on YT is to change the word “tube” in the link to “pak”.

    Will you please elaborate on ICT4D? You said they manufacture reality or something. I spent awhile reading up on it and can see how it is a tool of the NWO but your allusions made it seem more sinister.


    1. I like your name, mostly because I like the Modest Mouse song about Bukowski.
      I think you guys deserve a fuller explanation now that I’ve teased ICT4D so many times. It’s very dense to sift through, but I think I have enough to do an introduction on it. Thanks for coming over here to the website. Nathan

      1. You’re welcome, and thanks for the reply! Modest Mouse rocks, btw. If you’re ever interested, I highly recommend Bukowski’s fictional works, like Post Office, or Women. He also does poetry but I’m not into that as much. His works are very dark and funny. Or maybe just watch the movie Factotum, which is based on his stuff.

        I can’t wait to see your video on this ICTD4 subject. It seems so strange when I go to the Wikipedia page. Perhaps I’m just not literate in the kind of language they’re using but it IS creepy.

        Also- I don’t know if you’re actually encountering cloned accounts so much as SPOOFED EMAILS. I believe the security services do that. Do not open any attachments people send you. Someone was trying to lure you into some sort of honeypot in LA, it seems. Disturbing.

        Cheers, stay vigilant my friend

        1. Oh yeah, one last thing- did you get a chance to meet John Waters? He’s revolutionary. I’ve watched every one of his films.

          1. He directed me. I sat down across from him in a little booth in that movie theatre they were shooting at and he told me what he wanted me to do. I actually have two books signed by him that were sent to me after filming that have artwork that inspired the costume design. He’s cool.

  6. at 11 minutes in your video you reference the guy on the ground as the killer when in fact he’s the have a go hero guy.

  7. For those who like numbers, stop this video at around 8.40 and look at the service vehicle numbers on the roofs of the vehicles – 13 and 13 , 347 and 207. The house number of the guy is 86 = 14 = 7 7. The age of the guy who ended up in hospital trying to save Jo Cox was 77

  8. There was another story that broke immediately after this one that was about the sentencing of a group of ‘several (25) men from the Asian community’ who were found guilty of multiple sexual crimes including rape, trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, & sexual activity with a minor.

    The victims were two girls who were in Calderdale Councils care and the majority of men were from the Halifax and Bradford area which were both close to Jo Cox’s constituency. If you connect the dots between the 3 towns, they actually make up a triangle, Jo Cox’s constituency being roughly the same distance between the two other towns. It is very likely that J Cox knew these men and their families since she worked ‘intimately and tirelessly’ with the Asian community.

    The assaults had happened prior to 2013 (between 2006 & 2011) and the men were arrested in May of 2013. Twitter generally shows a snap shot of the highlighted stories the day before the story runs…kind of like an advertising thing to get you interested in the story. The story ran on the 17th of June and had folks been focusing on it, it would have been very damaging to the stay campaign.

    Instead of the main story being the sentencing of these 15 Asian (Muslim) men who received 160 years of combined jail time for their crimes, a story that would have been heavily in the favour of the leave campaign, what became the huge focus was the ‘stories’ on J.Cox and basically the renewed instructions that -any- mention of Asian persuasion in a negative light would be considered highly racial. this was the article written in 2015. this was the story ran on June 17. list of comments by people living in the area stating how bad it is in the community for white girls even at school. this article is less concerned about naming the men as ‘muslim men’ (omitted by the main stream ‘news’)

  9. OK – so here’s a report that says Thomas (Tommy) Mair’s mother is alive and yet neighbours claimed he’d lived alone since his mother and grandmother died. He does however have a step-brother, but the mother is referred to in this article as his mother and not step-mother. She would have been 17 when she gave birth to him if this is his mother.

    “The mother of the man accused of murdering Labour MP Jo Cox was stunned when she realised the suspect being wrestled to the ground by police officers was her son.

    Mary Goodall, 69, was watching the news coverage of the death of her local MP with her friend Rosemary Surman when she recognised her son, Thomas Mair.”

  10. I seen what happened to your latest video i was watching it then it went….Just read this then delete it please …Does that mean peekay is a shill too or what was the deal? Hope not because i started emailing him my skype etc when i started on this jo cox thing i have been doing so much research on this… i am exhausted and i am not even out of the first few hours. Possible to send me an email . i am 100% with u on this and i am eager to get involved as much as i can

  11. M.P Member of parliament. This is what we call false flag. That poor man getting used like that. He did not kill anyone. Where was the blood ? There is no way you could stab a parson and not get blood on you and on the street. And why did they edit out the witness statements. there is the one where a man says that nothing was shouted by the gunman, and they have also edited the one you showed ,so that you no longer hear him say he herd no shots. This was all a political move to get more people to back the stay campaign. sorry if my spelling is not quite right , I have dyslexia

  12. This case is similar to the murder of Anna Lindh who was a Swedish Social Democratic politician. She was killed Stockholm by a nutjob (again!) before the referendum about Sweden’s adoption of the euro (which she supported). After that event, the polls were in favour of the “yes” whereas the “no” was in the majority before. The pros said if the is not adopted, It will be dreadful for Sweden. Finally, the euro was not adopted (55.9% of “no” in the whole country against 54.7% of yes in Stockholm where Anna Lindh was murdered) and their economy growth is still good…

  13. There is nothing funny or amusing about this crime. The man in the white suit and face mask is a forensic scientist and is supposed to wear that suit as his normal clothes would contaminate his findings. A wife and mother has been murdered and much of the nation is in shock and grieving. The EU referendum campaign has been put on hold for a few days out of respect and yet you claim this a funny hoax. This video disgusts me.

    1. It disgusts me too. I’m disgusted by the war being waged in the Middle East. I’m disgusted by markets rigged by bankers. I’m disgusted by crony capitalism and inequality. If you aren’t disgusted by the propaganda being brought to you on your teevee screen and instead I am the object of your scorn…enjoy your Police state. It’s sounds like you’re cut out for it.

    2. David Cameron disgusts me!! I am British and this is a FUCKING HOAX. I am sick to the core. I will have it out to you face to face to explain or anywhere u suggest on online… Just name where to add you

      1. Thank God someone else is awake to this corrupt government!!!
        Please tell this man to tell the world! They will not even report
        that that witness is a BNP member,
        Im not even going there with these dim people and false flags!
        Loooooool! : P

  14. Think you need to do some research before you make a dick of yourself in a video.Jo Cox abstained on the key parliamentary vote on whether Britain should bomb Syria.You should also have a bit of respect for the dead…laughing at the surname Cox,what age are you.Need to grow up a bit you dumb american fuckwit.

    1. You are an excellent champion for your cause. I didn’t play the speech where she said specifically that Obama and Tony Blair were being too soft on Syria and needed to get their shit together.
      It’s cool if we disagree, but you don’t have to be so cheeky.

    2. Mate. WISE UP. I am British and i have checked this, There is NO sight of here ANYWHERE pre 2015. “her 2009 twitter account has NO tweets Pre 2015 directly with the labour party ONLY. There is NOTHING of any of her so called MISSIONS from syria. I will gladly give you more….

      1. Wiki page, created 2015!

        gofundme page JUST like the FAKE orlando shooting people. They are profiting from your stupidity !! As a Brit i am SICK TO THE CORE!!!

  15. Hi Nathan. Love your work and hope you keep doing this essential and informative job for us all. It’s because of ypy that I now doubt some of the garbage spun to us in the media. I now feel more informed because of you. For your information…. M as in MP stands for Member of Parliament. Wigs are worn in the High Court by Advocates (lawyers) and not inside Parliament. As to Jo Cox’s shooting. I saw interviews with people who said that they heard the shot. And all eye witnesses would have been, at the time of TV interviews, giving statements at the Police Station. Would they not? The UK is the country which includes Northern Ireland. Scotland, England and Wales.

  16. Hi Nathan

    Glad you have looked into this one mate. Is Jo Cox male? Also look at the LinkedIn university spell. A degree I. Two years from 93-95 and in that same year “95 a job advising and MP. Impressive huh?

    1. BBC mentions his mother is alive living in a bungalow – his neighbours mention he’s lived alone for 2 decades since the deaths of his mother and grandmother. Start at 04.48 here BBC news and see Independent news here paragraph next to Jo Cox photo

      1. The BBC link says I can’t see it because of a regional restriction. I don’t think using my Tor browser would help with that either. The story from the Independent is the same text as from the article I cited in the video. If that BBC video shows somebody saying his mom is alive – that would be a story…

        1. You can avoid regional restriction possibly by using a vpn such as which has a free version and a paid version to act as if you are in another country. There may be a time limit on how long this recording is up for as it’s on the BBCiplayer. I did actually download part of the recording but there maybe copyright restrictions.

        1. I have a beautyyyyy of an example. I got a screen shot of the helicopter filming “the crime scene” during a bbc news things and next to it i have a picture of her jumper and shoes which is further up next to the other car, and the there is even a little park bit but in the picture you can just see the Bricks/wall

        2. Hi there. I see some difficulty with finding Tommy Mair’s birth certificate. I read somewhere that he was born in Kilmarnock in Scotland. If you are checking England as a country of birth. Then you won’t find him there. Keep up the good work.

  17. Hi Nathan,
    i like your analysis of present and past, kind of like Miles Mathis. His articles and your videos are over quickly because they are easy to digest .

  18. Nathan, I think you’re right on several points here and more specifically the mental illness one. The sheeple who are apparently ‘normal’ don’t seem to have the ability to deviate from the official line on these matters, they appear to be much more ‘programmable’ than those of us with apparent ‘problems’ (although I would question the official definition of mental illness). Even with a medicated mentally ill person, they still don’t seem to be able to penetrate the barrier that would enable them to put that person into full sheeple mode.
    Looks like we’re going to be some of the very first in those Fema camps doesn’t it?

    1. They don’t seem to have any authority over us as long as we don’t get dragged into their upside-down world. So no FEMA camps for us.

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