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Brussels Bombings: Suicide Bomber Hiding in Ceiling?

The title is a bit of humor. There were no suicide bombers, obviously.

7 thoughts on “Brussels Bombings: Suicide Bomber Hiding in Ceiling?

  1. It is in this district that much of the investigation into the Brussels attacks will initially focus with Belgian officers – severely criticised for their embarrassing failure to arrest one of the world’s most wanted men when he was living just a few streets from his old home – seeking to identify the suicide bombers.

  2. Of course! I’m in Shadyside near Walnut Street.
    Were you CMU drama?
    My niece graduated from USC film school but now she’s a high school english teacher in LA (Watts!) because she became disillusioned w/the business.

    1. Yes, BFA in acting. I think I took two academic classes the whole time I was there (I tested out of the other academic requirements, thank god). Spent lots of time with various actresses while I was there and I did have one teacher that was truly touched by God, totally made the whole thing worth it on her own.
      Shadyside…so many memories, I can’t even tell you.
      I sent you an email about that other thing and it is hard to express what that gesture means to me right now. Thank you.

  3. was thinking of a Q & A for the website.. or even a topic poll.

    1. Do you have any expertise with this Interweb stuff? I’m pretty good at it but I spend all day making videos. I would need help to get out a newsletter and set up polls, I just can’t seem to find the time…

  4. Email me if your roadtrip includes Pittsburgh PA — more than welcome to come visit, it would be our pleasure.

    1. Pittsburgh?? I never thought I would go back there! I went to CMU and lived in Squirrel Hill most of the time. If you mean you will take me in for a night or two, then I accept. That will be the only way this trip pencils out. I will have a cat.

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