YouTube Sold its Soul | “Advertiser-friendly” Censorship

I weigh in on the brouhaha about YouTube making certain videos ineligible for monetization (or running ads). I have some experience since my whole channel has been disabled from monetization since this January.

Update! The Case for Duodecimal

Looking for 3 “students” to participate in a classroom session making the case for counting in duodecimal (base-12). To qualify, you must be a donor to LtV and be able to participate in a live webchat (not sure if they still call it that). Once I have enough volunteers, then we will work together to figure out the best time to do it. Raise your hand by emailing me: Please tell me your assessment of your aptitude in math and if you can appear on camera. I’ll reply to everyone to let you know if you make the cut.

Flat Earth is not a Psyop | Lift the Veil with Jay Stephens

A discussion about whether or not the Flat Earth theory and movement are a psychological operation to discredit “real” truthers. Please watch with an open mind. Follow Jay Stephens @jayXstephens

The Interview | Jay Stephens from

Jay Stephens wrote an article featuring a quote from Lift the Veil for LtV wanted to investigate further. We’ll find out if she’s a spy and if LtV would be able to get a date with her. Follow her: @jayXstephens

Moon Landing Hoax | “Moon Buggy” LRV is a Willys Jeep

I neglected to put this up on my site when it was originally released. From 5/8/2016. I didn’t realize the video had been referenced in articles¬†on The Daily Bell and ZeroHedge, so I thought I should get everything up to date.

Lift the Veil on the Mandela Effect

An exploration of the nature of Reality, particularly the reality of the past, in relation to the so-called Mandela Effect. It is also a welcoming packet for anyone who saw Lift the Veil quoted on and decided to click to see more. Welcome. You’ll like it here. Leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions or anything to share.