Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. What Really Happened?

Speculation about the dark forces that might really be behind the Nicole Lovell disappearance. Pure speculation, for entertainment only.

Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. NASA & the NSA

The second installment in the series, where we examine the two suspects in the Nicole Lovell case and their family connection to America’s Deep State.

Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. Virginia Tech & DARPA

A look at what might be under the rug in the Nicole Lovell case. The beginning of an exciting series.

Google Earth Censors the “Butt Mountain” DARPA Facility in Blacksburg Virginia

From my research on the Nicole Lovell story and the deep connection between Blacksburg, Virginia Tech & DARPA. Now it is impossible to find any of the locations mentioned on Google Earth or Maps. Suspicious.

Source: Google Earth Censors the “Butt Mountain” Darpa Facility in Blacksburg Virginia

Nicole Lovell Background: VA Case Status and Information

This is the resource for researching criminal records in VA. There are several databases, so there could be hidden treasure that I haven’t found. David & Terri Surratt Lovell can be found in Wythe County and Montgomery County/Christiansburg.

Source: Case Status and Information

Nicole Lovell Homicide | Beware Social Media!!!

This is a dive into the potential motive behind this seemingly farcical production implicating the unlikely suspects of David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers. Don’t let them get away with it.