CERN, Mandela Effect & Multi-Dimensional Spacetime | Tuddy Pena

Tuddy Pena: The bible says not to add or take away from the bible oh yes it can and is being done.

2 thoughts on “CERN, Mandela Effect & Multi-Dimensional Spacetime | Tuddy Pena”

  1. The 3 cases in the video are linked by the supposition that the mind’s thought, Will, intention, or even just awareness has the capacity, in the absence of any known instrumentality, to alter reality. Proposed examples beginning w the most complex:
    1. The ability of a group to change a societal outcome or action via combined will and intention. To me, this seems a species of “magical thinking” and seems doubtful. I even suspect that some proponents may forward the idea to distract from the effective actions that must be taken to save us from our present tight spot. If the “Intentional” power of a group could override the consequences of others’ actions it would comprise a violation of cause and effect. (Thus truly magical). If the groups’ “Intentional” power acted through altering the free will of others before action could be taken it would constitute the very sort of nightmare which is a part of the oligarchs’ plan.
    A part of our revulsion at torture is the fact that it violates the indvidual’s free will; he has chosen not to speak and the torturer compels an act that violates the subject’s conscience. He is thus deprived of his status as a human being of commitment and intention– reduced to a thing. If painlessly and magically done it would still violate his dignity and status as a human being capable of free will.
    One may imagine altering societal outcomes thru “thinking good thoughts.” But that which besets us is consciously chosen evil acts and deception by the oligarchs. Perhaps I’m too concrete bound. I would like to hear the thoughts of others.
    2. The ability of an individual or group to effect a cure in another by direct effect of the mind/central nervous system. In dowsing for water one holds a minor apparatus– a pendulum on a string, or a willow branch. These are meant to act as something like an indicator needle which makes perceptually visible the rather slight detection of water by the dowser. The exact mechanism of his detection is perhaps electrical or the attraction of a large body of water for the water of his body’s cells. The mechanism isn’t known, but it’s a learned skill, improved with practice. The use of the sonogram wand and the perceptual aid of the image of tumor on the screen might be an instance of directing one’s own electrical powers towards the tumor, or in support of some aspect of biofeedback by the patient — meridians and all that. It looked unbelievable, but it may be that “the laying on of hands” has a basis in reality. However, even if such a rapid healing could occur, it has nothing to do w alternate realities.
    3. We have all heard endless blathering about the “deductions” from the double-slit experiment. I’ll comment on that soon.

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