Crisis Babies? | Perfect Little Actors for Hoax or False Flag

A look at the “reborn baby” phenomenon and the hyper-realistic dolls coming out of it.

One thought on “Crisis Babies? | Perfect Little Actors for Hoax or False Flag”

  1. New to your site & will subscribe when I figure out how. I’ve been following the dummy phenomenon for some months & pushing it on the net. First, please look at the links, my typical post:
    Control of our response to what is happening to the world is exercised via deception. We must become more adept at piercing deception. Here are stunt dummies; their clothed bodies, but not their heads, look real.
    Here is a totally lifelike head.!about2/cvq7
    Please remember that these are not real:!gallery/cox7 For the movies & for hoaxes.!page3/cee5 Scroll down to the video of the woman holding the “baby”.

    Then, consider the drowned “toddler” on the beach:
    1. a child messed about by the waves is surely going to lose at least a shoe.
    2. A living child bends his knees, draws them up in the position shown, thus pushing out the behind. He reminds us in every way of a living child. Does the reflex to draw the knees up like that survive death & being messed about by the waves?
    3. Note the inside of the right ear. Are there people who lack the usual ridge between the ear margin and the ear-hole?
    4. Is the eyebrow quite right?
    5. In the shot where he is being carried, note how the arms stick out & compare it w how the infant’s arms stick out in the link above, where the woman is holding the infant.

    Thanks for what you’re doing.

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