Dallas Police Shooting | Is that a Dummy?

A deep analysis of the helicopter footage from the July 7th shooting in Dallas following a Black Lives Matter protest.

8 thoughts on “Dallas Police Shooting | Is that a Dummy?”

  1. It looks like the ‘body’ rolls over doesnt look like dragging to me still weird pretending being unable to move and all of the sudden he just rolls over lol whatever is it its weird. The guy on the bicycle is strange too I think if he is part of the set up he distracted people on purpose for some reason moving them from there or he and the people running are all actors and he just gave the signal to act scared. Not familiar with US police or how they act but it looks like a Hollywood movie to me . And about Nancy I thought ‘she’ forgot her medications 😂😁

  2. The reason that body looks strange (I think!) is that it isn’t a dummy – it is very much alive. I think for some reason they weren’t happy with where it was lying just as the news broadcast went live, and tried to drag it out of the way quickly. The legs are crawling to help move quicker, but the person is also being dragged, making them look uncoordinated.

    There is further evidence the scene suddenly knows they are ‘live’ when you see the sudden response at the police vehicles. I think they were just a few seconds behind where they were meant to be (when all you would have seen was the action, not the set up).

    It is farcical that any news station would be able to go straight to breaking news like that, and with a chopper already providing a live stream of the exact location of the drama? Have any of the other BLM protests been filmed and streamed live by a chopper (which just happened to continue to film as the crowds dispersed)?? Just curious.

    As someone who has never been to Dallas, thanks for the Google tour – always really helpful to know what I am looking at. I had assumed from the early footage that the white building was part of the car park.

  3. Great Analysis of another shabby hoax. Not saying that police officers didn’t die, just saying that our government is doing some nefarious things to get stir the pot and cause race riots across the country.

  4. Too bad people don’t question. Police go to these protests to protect various interests and of course “for our safety”. Generally, when looking at the police who are sent to these protests, they are decked out in full riot gear, bullet proof vests, helmets, even shields – especially a gathering so large. All across the country we see Police & Sherriff Depts being armed to the teeth with not only these protective items but full fledged Armored Vehicles as well. One would imagine there is no shortage of such protective gear.

    Interestingly, a story from May in Seattle, WA (I believe) keeps popping up in the news. The story goes that one of the riot police was injured by a rock to the heard due to the department not having enough protective gear. In a large city, at a protest expected to be violent. I say the story has come up again because we recently hear that this policeman is now suing his department for leaving him “so vulnerable”.

    Since nothing makes mainstream news without purpose, in addition to essentially defending the police policies of “shoot first – question later” (no questions really, shoot to kill), it also answers the looming question “How was someone able to kill (allegedly) so many armed police officers?” I wonder, will this event serve multiple purposes – 1. Killing people is always justified because they hate the police 2. Police Depts. need more funding so they can be better protected (even more militarised) 3. Protests may just be too dangerous for the people and the police “protecting” the people, better just not allow them anymore – You know, for safety because you’re definitely not living in a police state.

  5. 1) It is weird that the cops were taking cover on the wrong side of their vehicles, but perhaps they thought the shots were coming from the other side.
    2) You’re right. That body being dragged out of the way does look strange.
    3) If the shooting was a hoax, perhaps its purpose was to act as a release valve after the two high profile earlier incidents where cops shot black people. They maybe figured that a hoax shooting of cops might prevent an actual one.

  6. I believe this is a falseflag just like the black shooting.check out richardb.dawsonalso aware1its the usual story.divide conflict

    1. Sometimes I’ll approve comments from bots like nancy here just so you can see what they look like. I assume they will follow me everywhere I go now…

      1. That body is definitely moving. I don’t think it would move like that if someone was just dragging it. Looks like it starts to crawl. Do we know who that is supposed to be? A bicycle cop maybe? I believe they wear shorts.

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