Dallas Police Shooting | Lie to me, Baby

It should upset you when you get lied to over and over right to your face. They’re making fun of you. They don’t respect you. See them for what they are and they lose their power.

8 thoughts on “Dallas Police Shooting | Lie to me, Baby”

  1. Great commentary. I find it un-believable that one or even three gunmen were able to fatally wound so many officers from atop a parking garage. In the real world, the officers were most likely wearing body armor for this event and sniping is a very difficult skill to master. The supposed shooter was not a weapons specialist. He would have had to practice every day for three years to get that accurate. Give me a break!!! I’m so sick of the whole show. Thanks for reminding me that my anger is what they want. Gonna keep seeing them for what they are. Love your analysis.

    1. I agree that the goal is to stir up intense negative emotions. The strong feelings and constant “News” about such events also serve as excellent distraction from much more concerning behavior or legislation. Like the carnival trick, we are distracted by a puff off smoke in one hand so we don’t notice what is happening with the other hand – similarly, we will all be utterly confused when the trick has been completed (when/how did this happen?)

  2. it leaves me cold. all the crisis actors don’t feel like real humans or having souls.
    (sorry double negative but I like them)

  3. And the acting seems to get worse, and it wasn’t that good.

    Three suspects were maybe ‘arrested’ to create content with the interviews with those people so they can make their points.

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