Dallas Police Shooting | Operation Chaos in Primetime

Black Lives Matter protest turns into Dallas Police shooting drill, just in time for the primetime news.

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  1. https://twitter.com/Ben_Phillimore/status/751427968971464704
    BBC: THE AGENDA EXPLAINED? by treasonous US Reporter JASON WHITELY (WFAA TV) “This is clearly anti-police. It changes the entire conversation, the entire paradigm of this conversation, in this country here. Never before…have we had an attack on police like this, so this will clearly change what is being done, the response, and I’m curious to know whether we’re going to have many other protests like this, whether police will even allow those cities to allow this”

  2. Loved the ending of your video. Kinda like leaving the theater after a horror film, and it is sunny, with a warm breeze.

  3. “Big knowledge sandwiches… ”
    That made me giggle.
    This is one of the first videos I’ve watched regarding this latest false flags. I’m not into fear porn. I don’t want to add my energy to the mess. I only watched this because it was yours, and I’m glad I did.

    Good video. Great points. And thank you.

    I liked, shared, and even made a video about it, and shared with my subs.
    Cheers, friend!

  4. Thank you for saying I don’t this is what they gave me. we do not need to take sides or blame; we were not there and we see only what they gave us. I believe we can find away to live together. I am living in Europe and have no plans to bring my children back to America. So they can experience what I had to live through. I am in The Netherlanders and it is racism here also, but they will not kill my children for giving brown skin and they mix children but still are called brown…crazy world nowhere to hiding.

  5. Now it is saying 7 people were dead – the numbers that keep repeating for this are – 7, 12, 5 on 7/7/16 (7)

    Some serious numerological sorcery going on here…

  6. Seems awful close to the Hillary Rodham Clinton incident. Convenient distraction, almost hope it is a false flag for the sake of the officers who allegedly lost their lives.

  7. I forgot to tell you ” Lift the Vail” that I love you work and all the effort and time you put in on this
    I tried to see if you missed something in all you do,
    But you don’t and that’s kind of crazy, in a good way.
    Take care and keep on going.
    You have at least one follower in Sweden.

  8. It just occurred to me as I am watching the politicians line up and yammer. Mike Rawlings, mayor of Dallas, was knees-deep in Ebola —- instrumental in whatever happened in Dallas (still so many unanswered questions). He is a big Progressive and has deep fishy support out there.


  9. They want us all to feel afraid to our fellow citizen.
    The color or nation of birth doesn’t matter, we should all just be scared.
    And then our federal or national police or military will come and safe us from all bad things.
    But the kicker is that all bad things is just illusions that they made us believe, so we shouldn’t be united as friends that we truly are.
    //Putte from Sweden.

  10. Ask yourself, would there be so many cop cars for a demo this size? Or so soon after the shooting began?

    1. Could not agree more. High-end-grain-free-boutique cat food at that. 🙂

      And plenty of cat nip. Fresh. Not that BS dried up crap from China.

    2. All food even cat food is controlled by the president of the united states he passed a bill on that granting him power over all food. so the only solution is run t the mountains , flee to the hills as it says in Mathew 24 and believe and accept Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach ) as Lord and savior, there is coming a time of real and terrible pain upon the world and it will start with America. turn to God for the only hope there is through his son. love you..

  11. Black lives matters is a Soros financed group the whole thing was probably staged and a lot of money paid out. I will not believe it was not staged unless I saw real dead bodies.

    1. Yep…it may be staged but people still died. I believe it is all an exercise. The results of which, only the very top people at the tip top of the top 1% know the truth. The police, are just puppets….who they have to sacrafice to get the results they want doesnt matter as long as it accomplishes the job. The whole thing is designed so that we continue to do what we did during 9/11, which is we throw up our hands and say “we dont care anymore how you fix it, just fix it”. We are slowly giving up our rights without knowing it and it was stated many years ago with roosevelt and Rothschild….one of them said it and it is basically to slowly strip people of their rights, you have to do it in a methodical way so they dont see it coming. One of our presidents even said when he agreed to sign into law the federal reserve that he had done the worst thing he could ever do….he signed away the rights of every citizen and ruined his country. JFK was taken out because he wanted to abolish the federal reserve and the IRS. They couldnt let that happen, so they took him out….Bobby was next and the MLK because he wanted us all to live in peace and harmony. They cant have us living that way. Their plans cant support all the people who ar living….theres not enough food to sustain us all and they cant control us if we figure this all out for ourselves. There is no way for them to control all the people of the world if we figure it out so they have to create chaos so that we make their job easier. We kill each other until enough people get sick of it and then we give up control to them…whatever it takes fir tem to fix it. Next come FEMA concentration camps and the ones who dont go along get gassed in some remodeled railroad yard in indiana that outfitted and been turned into a gas chamber following in the footsteps of hitler….you can look that up.

  12. Behaviour of cyclist in white shirt seems strange as he seems to take off before it happens (others take few seconds longer to take off). People among protesters to cause panic ?

    Usually the front of a demonstration is closed front with banners, etc.

    Some things I noticed:

    At 3:26 you see the grey car of 5:00 min in top right corner of video, so shooting seperate from demonstration.

    Would there be as many police cars coming from the other side ?

    6:08 police men don’t seem to know where to go, out in the open which is odd.

    someone shining flashlight towards heli to show where body is ?
    Body is gone when live just after 0900 hrs

  13. For a society to truly free it must truly have a free press… For a society to be responsible and empowered, it must first be informed. the news media the free press was meant to be our 4th branch of govt. a check and balance of the other three branches of government. How can we live in a free country if our media is bought and paid for by the corporations that rule over us?

  14. Heard rumours for many months on alternative news media and their commentators that Obama was going to get a third term after a major incident involving implementation of marshall law. Could this be the start of it?

    Wouldn’t put it past the secret services to sacrifice a few cops in this aim.

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