Dallas Police Shooting | Shocking Amateur Video!! 111% PROOF!!!

Sorry about the title, I’m just messing around. It’s still a very good video for your Knowledge. Your little Knowledge…

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  1. That photo of the cops all lined up in front of the bank is so posed and look at the logo on the bank – 3 x 11 = 33

  2. FULL COVERAGE. Dallas Police Officers Killed In Ambush

    A youtuber named Dana W made some excellent points about the lack of gunfire heard after midnight, when the supposed 45+ minutes of intermittent gunfire were said to have been exchanged. His work prompted me to spend last night watching four hours of Dallas coverage from 7/7, streaming from Fox Dallas’s Phoenix affiliate. Reporters were in the downtown area the entire time. Hardly anything happens for hours as they try to fill the airtime. The only thing that changes is the number of “officers shot or wounded,” which evolves from 2 to “between 3 and 6”, and then, quite suddenly, as I recall, to about 10. At about 2:33:45 into that video, a guy named Sean is brought into a reporters’ studio discussion, where he breaks the news that an 11th officer has now been shot after a gunfire exchange, and is en route to the hospital. A seemingly honest and astute journalist in the studio then asks Sean about when that was, and Sean claims that it happened just then, in the last few minutes. *The studio guy then asks about where the location could be, noting that it couldn’t have been in the downtown area, because they have reporters all over the downtown area, and would have heard an exchange of gunfire.*
    I think it’s definitely worth a listen. I would appreciate your analysis of the lack of acoustical evidence of gunfire. I would also appreciate your best guess about when the firefight that you analyze above could have possibly taken place. To your knowledge, were gunshots heard in the area at the time?

    To your knowledge, when exactly were gunshots heard after the initial exchange? I haven’t been able to find any acoustical evidence of gunfire after the first few minutes. (About 9:10 Dallas time) Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks for not being afraid to question the hubris praetorian guard of the owners of the legalized counterfeit banking system who own all these satanists (adversaries)

  4. sry, i didn’t watch the clip about the ammo closely, so stupid question i asked.
    Zirkonium bullets.. i wasn’t aware of that

  5. no i havent been shooting for a while. I was thinkin about that frequent flashing.
    So is there ammo to have that effect?

    1. Yes. Russianvids made a good video about it and I just posted to my site. I’m planning to do a quick follow-up on it.

  6. The end game is destruction of the 2nd Amendment. I know you may not care but I do. Once you kill the 2A, you killed the entire document. I could of swore I saw once a clip that showed that shooter was killed at that location. Officers flanked from the bottom left.

    We’re being fed Military Grade Propaganda.

    Why is the Officers names not listed on the Officer Down Memorial Page? https://www.odmp.org/search/year

    Just waiting for the media to have free access to the shooters home. Surprised we’ve not seen it.

  7. Well, it definitely looks like live rounds were fired. So its goona be hard to call that incident a hoax.
    Since the timing of the event and its usability for the “let us take your guns and plz accept more police state” agenda + heating up the tensions between people, are dead give aways for Intelbiz, or Gladio style
    incident going on.
    The movement of the shooter shows some basic military training, but doesnt look like a professional.

    I would go with a story like, that one guy gets setup by an agency and then gets framed.

    Dependind on your profile, they can recrute somebody to their cause, they call you up, you need to go there, take your gun and some ammo, we need you there, blablabla. And then you stand there with your gun, when the shit goes down. If he was on meds or other stuff and with modern technologie of influencing minds and triggering behavior, you can get high probabilities what a certain person will do in a specific situation.

    With the rising awareness towards false flags, there also is a need for something more “real” happening.

    The other possibility in my eyes is, that it realy was somebody with severe issues, who felt the need to do something drastical. With the tensions and feelings running high everywhere in society, there are a lot of people on the edge.

    Stay open minded, best wishes and excuse the poor english if you find some 🙂

    1. You’ve shot firearms right? I’ve not seen sparks fly like that except when using blanks or other limited factors. Not saying it doesn’t happen. But that frequent? On a AK-74? Well, the media said he’s used every rifle now. I hear a 7.62×39 (AK-47). AR-15 uses .223/ 5.56mm(milspec), AK-74 can be chambered in 5.45mm. It was a Saiga AK-74 via the picture. BLM group have been arming themselves this year. Just look at all the gun store robberies. A law abiding person goes in a gun store to buy a firearm and HAS to show 2 proofs of ID, pass NICS (fed) background check, Pass state background check, waiting period, fees, etc. A criminal, all these new laws are “intended” for yet when they walk into a gun store they walk out with the firearm, no backgrounds, nothing. FREE. Add the BLM leader’s phone was hacked and the leaked info tells a story on whats to come.

      All I got to say, arm yourself, teach your love ones. Maintain supplies. Has the power gone out recently? How prepared were you? Expect 3 months supplies, but don’t count on restoring power, you gotta move. Law Enforcement has no duty to protect you. You have to do it.

      We’re facing a holy war, a race war, a civil war, all at once.

      We’re fucked because WE THE PEOPLE are too fucking lazy. Or WE THE PEOPLE are held hostage by the wallet. “I got to work, I miss a day or a week I won’t make rent”. Yet Welfare zombies are able to protest, while WE THE PEOPLE are held back.

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