Dallas Police Shootings | Welcome to Hollywood

Another look at the “amateur video” from the 7/7/2016 Dallas police shootings during a Black Lives Matter protest. The whole scene appears to have been staged along with Hollywood-style special effects.

7 thoughts on “Dallas Police Shootings | Welcome to Hollywood”

  1. Did you see the interview with the black woman who said she was shot during the Dallas shooting? Posted by Fox News via FB. Bad acting/lying.

  2. Indeed, facts tell what happened. Not the person. Main stream media always skips that one. They tell you what happened and then move on from there.

  3. I’m glad you changed your mind about this from ‘real bullets’ to FAKE. Here are two videos I watched that helped me realize it was fake. The first one talks about ‘spark hits,’ but it also talks about ‘dust hits.’ So the dust we see flying up from the pillars did not need to be hard-wired but could have been fired from a paintball rifle off-camera. And the sparks may not have been from zirconium but something simpler.


    This second video shows major discrepancies between the footage you’re analyzing of the shootout and footage that was taken from a slightly different vantage point:

  4. You are right,people who want to control your emotions and get you mad are not giving the whole story, They are playing on your pride and passion ,when the fact is the governments of the whole world are owned by the owners of the central banks and their legalized counterfeiting scam.

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