David Icke – Saturn Isn’t What You Think It Is Either

Note: Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Lift the Veil or its editorial staff. We do find this interesting though.

3 thoughts on “David Icke – Saturn Isn’t What You Think It Is Either”

  1. Nathan, Some believe the ft lauderdale hoax was truly a hoax but you lined up the carts incorrectly and is not the smoking gun you originally thought. We believe your rep requires your clarification on this. Keep up the great work, and anybody who hasnt seen the audio line up from Nathan on the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott, then do yourself a favor and watch his video. He nailed it. A true smoking gun. Changed my life.

  2. When Nathan says he is taking a ‘commercial break’, he is actually VAPING and calming his nerves. Kris De Valle says he is his ‘Good Time Party Boy” lolrub you beard on a microphone one more time and I will be forced to take a break. PEACE

  3. I’ve watched many of Icke’s lectures and planning on reading a book or two of his. I don’t put full merit into everything he says, but I find him interesting to listen to and I’m open to all information. Thank you for sharing.

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