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Did Thomas Mair Kill Jo Cox? | Will Jo Cox Kill Brexit?

Tensions are running high in the UK after the death of MP Jo Cox and the Brexit voting upon us. Does Brexit have a chance? Will the vote be rigged?

17 thoughts on “Did Thomas Mair Kill Jo Cox? | Will Jo Cox Kill Brexit?

  1. Hi Nathan – I’ve watched your Jo Cox videos over the last few days, and I want to add a few thoughts not already addressed.

    Firstly, all UK political parties except (perceived racist) UKIP were backing Remain. The Leave campaign consisted of the most obnoxious and vile Tory MPs to Labour voters – controlled opposition to push Labour vote to Remain.

    On the day of Jo Cox’s stabbing, I was following Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Remain speech on Twitter. Then tweets started coming through about the attack and someone mentioned her birthday was the 22nd June, and at that point I wasn’t buying it, because if it did really happen, that’s the reason she was selected.

    British electoral law enforces an embargo on media reporting of politics on the day of an election up until the polls close, at which point restrictions are lifted. So the 22nd was the final day the establishment could seek to influence the vote. But it’s not like they’d use the day to celebrate Jo Cox’s birthday across the world or anything –

    Nothing I’ve seen since has convinced me any different. Including the photo of Mair apparently making a nazi salute with tattoos up both his forearms, and the distinct lack of tattoos on the chap arrested in the video. Also, the hero Bernard Kenny, 77, who while waiting for his wife Doreen (as reported in the Daily Mail) was stabbed in the stomach when he went to Jo’s aid. Yet there’s an obituary for Bernard Kenny, then 75, same locality, stating he passed away on the 21st January 2013 – “Dearly loved husband of the late Doreen”.

    Given the fact the Home Office has created new identities and whole back stories for notorious child killers who have served their time, Mary Bell an example, complete with court orders giving them the right to anonymity for life, I suggest the tools already exist to have either created an identity called Jo Cox, or to pay the real Jo Cox off to disappear with a new identity. And even if the UK press know, a court order could stop them ever reporting the fact.

    Sorry Jo if you are dead, but I suspect you really are not, and if David Miliband inherits your seat, and then the Labour leadership, I think that would be confirmation that you were always just a place holder.

  2. Hospital connection between Thomas Mair and Michael Sandford (attempted Trump attacker)?

  3. Did Jo Cox go too far in giving the Russian Ambassador a telling off about Russia’s bombing in Syria?

    “She was fearless, utterly fearless. Last year, we went to see the Russian ambassador in London, to give him a rollicking about the terrible way his country has behaved in Syria.

    He’s a professional diplomat and a pretty tough case. But Jo got the better of him: it was her mixture of charm and steel.

    The best word I can think of for her is ballsy. The ambassador just didn’t know what to make of her, and she left him looking quite discomforted.”

    1. It’s a distortion of the facts, just like they say she was vocal in support of Palestine. If she was giving the Russians a hard time over Syria, then it was because they’re on Assad’s side. The Axis of Evil wants to topple Assad at all costs and could care less about fighting ISIS.

  4. Jo Cox was pro helping people with mental health issues be assessed more quickly and the reports of Thomas Mair shouting Britain First have been denied by other witnesses.
    taken from the bottom of this page here
    Not saying there was still nothing fishy about the killing nor the use of the event to try to push for Remain.

  5. He was said to have escaped to a different area where he was caught.

  6. Postscript: Now the oligarchy has a summertime “excuse” to let the air out of the stock markets. Blame it on the shock of those crazy, nationalistic Brexits standing in the way of progress!
    Which is the last thing in the world that’s wrong with the markets, but a convenient scapegoat nonetheless.

  7. The ploy didn’t quite work, Brexit passed. But now we know that they seem to actually count the ballots in Great Britain. I wish that was the case in California and/or New York and/or Arizona and/or Puerto Rico. Maybe those Luddites don’t even use voting machines in G.B., I don’t know.

    The Mandela Effect is a “North American experience,” Nathan? If so it’s more evidence of U.S. information overload, this nation is a trivia machine and who can keep up with it all?

    Regarding the “changing” text of the Bible, it’s just harder to find a true, Greek-derived King James Bible anymore. It seems to be the “New King James” on the shelves these days, or else the NIV or some other Alexandrian-derived version. Many, many subtle (and theologically profound) differences between these various Bibles.

    Incidentally, you’ll find that the “Pater Noster,” as attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, is a far simpler prayer than has been customarily taught in our Sunday Schools. And it would appear that, in the 17th Century Anglican Book of Common Prayer, that prayer’s phraseology is indeed “in earth as it is in heaven.” But, by the 20th Century, the Episcopals had changed the verbiage to “on earth…” So maybe it’s just a case of “everything old is new again.”

    The Bible, in its several forms today, is just about the worst thing to test the Mandela effect upon. But Lucifer has been hard at work on mucking up that particular text, you can bet your boots. If my Shakespeare or Steinbeck begins to shift around on me, however, I’ll start to worry.

    This Mandela-Bible tangent makes me think of what ex-Pope Benedict once said, as I recall, regarding the priestly sex scandals, to paraphrase, “It’s an American thing.” I guess we have all the luck over here.

  8. Please mention:
    One incredible coincidence I discovered, was Jo Cox’s Assistant, Fazila Aswat has the same surname as Haroon Rashid Aswat from Dewsbury. You won’t have heard of him because it has been SUPPRESSED BY OUR FREE PRESS The Official BS here:
    There are only 167 Aswats in England and the two concerned may have lived just 4.4 miles apart (by road)!

    1. Jo Cox MP ied in the arms of Fuzila Aswat and so would be covered in her blood. My best hunch is the whole thing was a massive hoax, but I don’t rule out murder.
      Most of my responses on Youtube (98%) never get seen by anyone but me. This has been going on for nearly 6 months. Pls reply if you can see this, LtV.

      1. I see you.

  9. New to your website and fairly new to the youtube channel.I enjoy and respect the work you are doing.

  10. Yes, they will play the mental illness card, I’m acutely aware of this given the problems I’ve been experiencing. I think that with any hoax they pull though it is quite often multifaceted in the stuff they cover and include.
    As for people swallowing this shit, hell yer, I’ve got family members who think this is real. My daughters partner (ex Royal Navy) speaks in cliches about everything including this story, due to his heavy indoctrination, it’s tragic it really is. Makes me very worried for their future I have to say.
    My mum even tried to engage me in this particular news item and when I wasn’t having any of it she started to huff and puff while shaking her head at my ‘naivety’.
    I’m sick of all this EU stuff, even though I don’t watch TV I can’t seem to get away from it here in the UK.
    Finally, the Mandela effect I have been experiencing quite a lot.

    1. Angela, I find I can’t talk to partner about this or other psyops as partner was in Russell Square when bus bomb went off on 7/7. Unhurt physically but gets upset when watching any news or that dramatised story on any 7/7 item. Was real for partner as was not in the know.

      1. Yes, I understand what you’re saying. Hell, I wasn’t going to tell anybody this but I know I’m being tracked anyway. I have a close family member who has been given honours by the Queen and who is well known in the UK. I happen to know the Queen is a demon and actually serves Satan so it’s quite shitty knowing a family member of mine sucks up to this monster and tows the official line, BIG TIME. I don’t know what the answer is, all I can say is you should always speak your truth, we are the watchmen the bible speaks of and we have a duty to warn humanity of what we know. I hope your partner eventually sees what is going on, blessings to you.

  11. You cracked me up with your “You go and stab someone. No, don’t do that.”

    I very much suspect that the vote will be rigged. I don’t think the EU have even offered Britain the opportunity to vote on it if there was any chance of its success. The EU needs Britain more than Britain needs the EU.

    At least Thomas Mair is alive. I dare say if it had happened in the US he would have somehow got shot dead by the cops “resisting arrest.”

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