Economics of Prepping (and Investment in Friendship)

Here I explore the return on investment that you should expect on the money you spend now on prepping for an uncertain future. I also talk about the necessity for division of labor and specialization after shit hits the fan.

5 thoughts on “Economics of Prepping (and Investment in Friendship)”

  1. If your neighbour is a prepper, therefore, you may not know it. Yet the stereotypical image of a survivalist as a loner in combat fatigues who hunkers down in a remote bunker is plainly inaccurate. Some do indeed live in rural cabins, but most have jobs, which means many live in cities or suburbs. Survivalists—a group that is at once characteristically American yet marginal and unloved—are much more diverse than you might imagine.

  2. Americans have this Mad Max fixation because they have never had the problem of being invaded and what actually happens in reality. Very easy to study what has happened in Europe during two World Wars. Many old news films show how people coped.

    As for nuclear weapons……….. please take a deep breath……….. they DON’T work. It’s pure propaganda of fear. See this Daily Bell article for first lesson in the nuclear hoax:-

  3. I’ve invested in candles. I have enough for everyone in the street. I bought them for myself just because I love candles, when they were really cheap, I know they won’t go to waste even though I have been laughed at. ( Around 1000)
    I so agree about friends and neighbours, I have good ones so it doesn’t worry me.
    I haven’t got much money, is there a clever way of getting precious metals? For example silver-plated copper wire? Or am I just clueless?

    1. By the way, I highly recommend soap nuts to everyone.
      They are cheapish, and last for ages. Apart from laundry you can make soap for skin, but it sounds a lot of faffing on.

  4. Bravo on this Nathan. I started a very modest prep/storage of canned foods, lighters, transistor radio, batteries galore, toilet paper, bottled water and whatever sustainable dry food I could muster up. Still growing. Got about 3 months at least. I want to add more colloidal silver and colloidal gold for health wellness. But that stuff costs. Probably worth the investment I’m sure. I just have to figure out what to do with the fiat dollars I have in the bank. Not that there is a lot to have to figure out, but I have to use them more proactively then ever now. A tent would be a smart investment. Just in case I have to ever end up in the actual wilderness.

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