EgyptAir | A History of Hijackings

This is a look at a few other events in the long list of EgyptAir hijackings and the official response to them.

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  1. Hello, Nathan, what it is? Did you mention the tragic Egyptair Flight 990, which was kind of the “Germanwings” incident of its time? I guess that wasn’t a skyjacking, though, at least not that we know of. Egypt, afterwards, went well out of its way to protect the Flight 990 pilot’s reputation, for PR reasons. As for myself, I’d rather fly on Malaysian Airlines than Egyptair, given their relative histories.

    Being aged enough to remember the bygone “skyjacking” era, the practice became so common that it became a punchline. Planes were always being hijacked “to Cuba,” in TV variety-show skits, but I don’t know if the statistics bear that out. Probably just as many, or more, were hijacked to Saudi Arabia.. But planes were not shot down for being “skyjacked,” that I remember. And yes, many times the skyjackers’ demands were met, ransoms paid, prisoners released, etcetera. The “authorities” of that era seemed to prefer to track the miscreants down at a later date, if they could, and get the passengers off the plane safely, which is indeed the prudent course.

    Also, this era was before the invention of the ominous “uninterruptible autopilot” in airliners, which today is reported to be (vid “Field McConnell”) almost universally installed. This device seems to have deterred the skyjackers in recent years. Except on September 11, of course.

    Regarding other videographers, persons you’ve mentioned, anyone who calls himself “The Postal Service” must wish to associate himself with inefficiency, even perfidy (at least in the United States), which seems counterproductive to popularity. I’ve never seen one of his productions, that I can recall.

    “RedsilverJ” is, primarily, a topical comedian. Nothing wrong with that, I watch his things occasionally, he’s got a line in skewering lame crisis actors and their performances. Nice thing about his videos, their brevity! He takes on a topic with his mockery, then you’re onto the next piece of popcorn. He’s not in your league, for thoughtful content and research, but he gets his share of laughs, by terming everyone “joker” etcetera. I’m not so hot at spotting “shills,” but that doesn’t mean he’s all that serious in his approach either. Which certainly has its place, albeit perhaps as a star in the minor leagues.

    Blaise Pascal, the philosophical housewives portrayed in Monty Python liked him, ha! But seriously, if you are interested in Pascal, you should check out the films of Eric Rohmer, if you haven’t already, particularly his masterpiece MY NIGHT AT MAUD’S.

    Speaking of Monty Python, “now for something completely different.” I have a mild suggestion, as a possible sidelong topic of interest, with overtones of “mystery,” which has been known to attract viewership in the YouTube world. You might recall, last summer, 2015, the Los Angeles-based story of a strange, newly-deceased guy named Jeffrey Alan Lash, and the several women who had been affiliated with him, including the troubling pseudo-or-real disappearance of one Dawn VadBunker. It interests me when a story of rich, bizarre possibilities seemingly disappears from the public prints in such haste, without adequate followup, particularly regarding these women. The tale still seems incomplete to the public eye, after all these months, perhaps even suppressed. What do you think happened to that very odd story?

    Now I’ll watch the remainder of your recent Egyptair productions. Keep up your excellent work, as I know you shall.

  2. Yeah! Doshi is here!
    Your cat cracks me up…

    Very interesting as usual by the way.

    Keep it up…you know some of us appreciate you!


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