EgyptAir MS804 Conspiracy | The Victims

In this episode, I expose some very stinky background information about the reported victims in the mystery of EgyptAir MS804. All candidates to be players in the New World Order / Globalist agenda.

2 thoughts on “EgyptAir MS804 Conspiracy | The Victims”

  1. MH370, MH17, MS804 are all connected. The planes are a kind of anagram for a name. The events are enacting a book first written in London then outsourced. No one in MH370 died but since the manual was outsourced – the devil followed behind and made sure all the shit happened for real.

    While you are at it you may as well start from the source

    – the assassination of “Kofi Awoonor” (an author) – what he was up to?
    – the shooting of Christians in Mombasa kenya – what triggered it and why?
    – Why is the debris being found along the coast of east africa? – does it have something to do with blackmailing the 1st US black president?
    – what is the real meaning of “Game of thrones”?
    – why did they call the disease “Zika Virus” – what does zika mean?

    Make sure you account get proper protection otherwise – they will find you commited suicide with 3 shoots in the back of your head inside a body bag ;/ hope u get the irony. We are counting dead bodies here.

    Try and not trace where this message came from you will hasten your journey to god :(.

    Just helping those are still conscious.

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