EXCLUSIVELY on LifttheVeil411.com – Removed from YouTube | Gavin Long aka “I am Cosmo” from 8/2/2015

Alleged Baton Rouge “active shooter” Gavin Long had two YouTube channels: one that is still active called “Cosmo Setepenra” and one which has been taken down for “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement”. This video, from the latter channel, pre-dates the current online persona of Gavin and is the only copy available on the Internet that Lift the Veil and its editorial staff are aware of.

We believe the reproduction of this video falls under “fair use” laws and note that several YouTube channels are currently mirroring content from the existing channel.

12 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVELY on LifttheVeil411.com – Removed from YouTube | Gavin Long aka “I am Cosmo” from 8/2/2015”

  1. You can flag a channel or a comment for these reasons as well. YouTube support ensures us that they do supervise your complaints, so a single call to action will be enough for them to check if the video. In case, a movie doesn t meet YouTube creator guidelines, it will be no longer available or, if the matter is not so serious, its author will receive a warning. All in all, YouTube support is quite flexible and if you have some problems with the video giant’s content, don’t hesitate to contact it or visit the forum with ready solutions. Remember that even behind the smartest website there are even smarter people, who breathe life into it.

  2. Hello again,

    I just wanted to bring something that I thought you would find very interesting to your attention. I just saw in your previous video that you dont click on links that fans send you even if they are nice people who like you, so I am just including the title of the video so you can go look at it for yourself. This is about a therapist working with a runaway autistic patient who got stopped by the cops, laid down in the street and held his hands up. After he explained what was going on, the cop walked up and shot him anyway even though he had been laying still with his hands up the entire time. He asked the cop, “Why did you just shoot me?” and the cop replied “I don’t know”. What the hell? I found it so unusual that the officer would say he did not know, and I wonder if some of these police officers are under mind control and being used to shoot these blacks to incite division. Maybe you can use this for material for your channel? I just thought of you first when I saw it and hope you’ll look at this.

    #HandsUpDontShoot:North Miami Police Shoot Unarmed Compliant Man With Hands Up

  3. When it comes to this guys website, you can hire an actor to do presentations like the one on his site for five dollars (sometimes more) on fiverr.com

    He was taking business classes from Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dame Dash where they explain to black people how to start their business and look professional and become wealthy. Just look at Boyce Watkins videos.

    Also did you not see the interaction he had with the police that he recorded in his own video that you posted on your website? You started playing the clip after that part ended in this video but it is at the beginning of the original, an officer telling him he doesnt need a reason to pull him out of his car, etc. So evidently he did have ‘these kind of interactions’ with the police

    1. That’s not him in the video with police. He was commenting on someone else’s video.

      I was giving my opinion on what it would take to do what he did on his various websites and “radio” show with his own very professional announcer, graphic design, etc. I don’t care how much mentoring you get, that shit doesn’t make itself and one man can only be awesome at so much at one time. I can tell you that from experience. He had a team.

  4. Check out this link


    as well as the links by Dr. Boyce Watkins about his email exchanges between him and “Gavin”. What is your take on this? What would be the motive for this within hte context of a hoax? Please talk about this in your youtube video about Cosmo or Gavin please?

    I genuinely want to understand whats going on here because this is very convincing like he is a young black man who is disenfranchised and acting in retaliation to the recent police brutality (murders) Thank you

  5. Thank you for sharing this. made me feel sad though. but glad I got to hear this and hear what they did not want us to hear x

  6. “Lift the Veil and its editorial staff.” lol

    Just out of interest, has there ever been an instance when LTV is aware of things that its editorial staff isn’t? Or vice versa?

    Cheers buddy.

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