Flat Earth is not a Psyop | Lift the Veil with Jay Stephens

A discussion about whether or not the Flat Earth theory and movement are a psychological operation to discredit “real” truthers. Please watch with an open mind. Follow Jay Stephens @jayXstephens

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  1. I don’t think we need to be taught the obvious anymore but I can entertain an idea without it ruffling my feathers or getting me sore. We must examine all things with out fear of world views collapsing into indifference. Because condemnation before investigation is the height of all ignorance But hey , I’m just following the scientific method I learnt in university. While I was getting all my A levels in calc , trig , physics and geometry cuz that I needed to be taught. Like quadratic equations , super symmetry and the electric universe plasma field theory for a start. So who else can do the math and with it wrestle , It gets a bit complicated after the grade 12 level. Yet to a guy like me , so far from stupid , that’s why I think this #FlatEarth topics so crucial. However the real difference between me and most other people , why I’m open to things like this is because I don’t care one way or the other I just want whats truthful. So , I don’t let opinions and mistakes we’ve been taught , sway my analysis right from the start. Because what I want is irrelevant , those thoughts have to go or the fears that the lie could be so big will eat you up slow. Thats why I don’t let that kind of fear get in my way I only care aboot testing all things , finding the truth and exposing the lies that our enemies bring. SO EITHER the Earth is 100 times bigger than they tell us or it’s not a ball at all and it’s some kind of enclosed system or an infinite plane existence. Hey maybe its all God’s dream and simply a type of hologram for us with him outside beyond the time stream of it. Either way #NASAlies , that was my point because the math can’t be refuted or denied any more. The truth is the truth even if no one speaks it and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. So I gotta ask , ask you all , can you open your mind to the idea cause when in the world did testing all things and critical thinking become just the same as bloody high Treason. Not to mention #TheMichelsonMorleyExperiment which proves the Earths not moving , not even one little ripple. So this is that little thing we call evidence , but to most people , it will go in one ear and out the other in droves and that makes me sad because condemnation before investigation is the height of all ignorance and that’s really to bad. I cant prove shape but #GeoCentrism , that can be proven for sure.

  2. The main argument against the flat earth is so simple. It is the sun. If the Earth is round and it spins, and the sun is 90 million miles away, then the sun will never change size as it moves from high noon to sunset.

    But, if we are on a flat Earth, the sun must be small and local. This means that the sun, as it moves away from high noon, must immediately get smaller and smaller. The same as any local object gets smaller to the eye as it moves away. Presumably, as it goes over Indonesia or whatever, it should, on a flat earth, get very small like a small star or something, so that night can fall. I haven’t watched all the flat earth videos, but this is irrefutable, and no one in the flat earth camp will debate me.

    The sun goes down over the edge of the horizon at night, and its disc is exactly the same size to the eye as it is at high noon. This proves the sun is 90 million miles away, and the Earth’s rotation was what caused night to fall.

  3. Not getting into flat earth cause really it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if its flat or round, the core of today’s issues will remain the same. Its not that the shape determines the cause of everyday living, it doesn’t. What worries me is that you put that spin on things, delicate, almost intangible twist on issues that are far more important than silly round vs flat earth debate.
    What it is you may ask?
    Your arguments that things are whatever you want them to be – surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts and all this nonsense. Its pure new age indoctrination, and You – LTV – defining yourself as truth seeking, honest and so on – fall for that childish propaganda and mind control. The things are as they are – they are not what you think of them. Of course elite and masters created this endless see of self-centered, very shallow and emotional narrative which is compelling for unstable and conditioned mind. War on your mind is first and foremost war out there. Flat earth, mandela effect and so on is just a factoid noise. Hard truth is that myriad of organisations, foundations, think tanks, with the CFR – RIIA / UN / elite technocrats work very hard to posses your mind to manage your perception of reality (RAND called it narrative) and give your own thoughts and mind away for this rubbish.
    And really spinning balls and stars revolving around something which is round seems to be quite natural if you think about geometry. Platonic solids and so on. Anyway it still doesn’t matter, because if you wake up and someone in the news told you – the earth is flat, and the UN secretary will say – yep our flag has had the real shape of the earth all this time – will that change anything? Will the governments suddenly change their way? Oh common, you are an actor but try not to be a bad one, ayy?

  4. I enjoyed the video I have many of the same questions you do but I also have some answers to yours you may not have heard of. Look up Black Sun in ancient tales LUNAR ECLIPSES ANSWER IS IN IT!

    I subscribed to your channel after watching flat earth is not a psyop. Decent discussion with excellent points…

    1. It ends up not being an argument because the boat should be so far below the horizon in a true ball Earth model that you wouldn’t see any part of it. Also there is a mirage effect that gives the illusion of the boat disappearing from the bottom up.

      1. LOL Nathan,
        My take is that the Earth is a ball but i won’t go out of my way to convince a ‘flat-earther’ or a ‘non-round-earther’ that their convoluted mental somersaults to convince themselves and others that the Earth is not round is delusional.
        So when you get round to it please let me know what shape the Earth is?

  5. Did you know that we get more daylight each day, around like 5 minutes more than we should? We start seeing the sun at dawn several minutes earlier than the sun’s direct rays would be able to reach us, and we keep seeing the sun for several more minutes after the actual geometrical sunset. So if refraction allows that to happen, so would it allow for all those telescope and laser experiments to be valid; especially having them conducted over bodies of water, where distortion is possibly at its highest naturally.

    1. The stars DO change position relative to each other, but to the naked eye the change is so slow and negligent that the constellations don’t seem to change shape. You know how they say the ancient civilizations had extensive astronomical knowledge, and that they built a lot of their structures according to the position of stars. Well the connection has been made and proven between what the position of the stars was back then, and the architecture and artifacts of that time.

      We see such an insignificant amount of stars that it “shouldn’t even matter” hehe. In the best conditions possible we can see several thousands maybe, while there are hundreds of billions of them just in our galaxy.

      1. The whole NASA imagery is such old news that they don’t even deny it themselves. They’re not really in a position to “prove” anything to us. We can all agree that information holds a certain power and advantage, and that they’re not in any particular rush to disclose anything. All governments, governmental structures, all behave the same say, enough of this whole “acting surprised” stuff. As for the tax-payers’ money and the national budget, we know how much disappears yearly on fishy and shady sh*t, it’s been that way since the beginning of time. Plus, seeing how the media, the publications, and especially the internet are polluted nowadays, this NASA and SpaceX stuff doesn’t even seem like valid topic material.

  6. Hi Nathan.
    Concerning flat earth.
    Flat earthers refer to everything revolving around the north pole. One can look to the sky and see the rotation around Polaris the north star. Down here in Australia we can see in the night sky what is call the south celestial pole. We don’t have a single star marking the spot. We have the southern cross and the two pointers. Through observation one can see throughout the course of the night rotation around a single point . So, from earth anyone who cares to look can see both poles in the night sky.
    I personally cannot relate this fact with a flat earth.
    Can anyone explain how this might work if we live on a flat earth?
    Just asking.
    Lew from down under.

  7. My personal opinion is, not a “psyop.” More akin to those who don’t “believe” in evolution.
    I don’t care what anyone believes, you’re certainly welcome to it. Makes no difference to anyone else.
    It does remind me of the current state of affairs in law and specifically jury trials – unless there’s a videotape, it didn’t happen. Every doubt is reasonable doubt nowadays. To me this is a symptom of the devolution of society a la the middle ages.
    As to the spherical (or approximately spherical) earth, do some reading starting perhaps with Aristotle. And after that go ask someone such as Magellan who circumnavigated the earth.

  8. By definition psyops are believed by many sincere people– unless the psyop is completely unsuccessful. A super-successful psyop might be thought of as one that discredits opponents of the NWO.

    “It’s not a psyop because any sincere people believe it” is an invalid statement.

  9. My final attempt at simplicity. Note:- I love all things weird and wonderful plus the unexplained but sometimes the simplest explanation is the best. I do distinctly get the impression that the only comments that are deemed worthwhile are the ones that stick to your ‘unexplained and esoteric’ thinking… so be it.

    When “I” look at the Moon it’s a ball (it maybe a plate) but for “me” it’s a ball because as the Sun line creeps across the surface it shows a curved line (of course this means I’m delusional). Next up the Moon is in sync with the Earth because over time all moons of the other planets in the Solar system act in the same way because gravity pulls them into a slight oval and anchors their rotation so that mostly only one side shows (ball theory). So we can presumably see, with a powerful telescope, the side of say a Mars moon that the Martians (if they exist) cannot see.
    The Flat Earth has too many unanswerable questions such as ‘what is on the other side of the Flat Earth? or if I fly over the Antarctic will I fly off the edge or crash into a wall?
    So the facts I’ve seen (an at this moment believe) are that 911 was an inside job. There were no Moon landings. There is no space station. I also believe that atom bombs do not work. When it comes to the Earth being a globe I’m happy with the evidence but according to your thinking I’m deluded and trying to block-out thoughts as though I’m suffering from cognitive dissonance.
    I shall now drop this subject as I feel my comments on flat or round Earth are not welcome.

    1. Doug, I’m in agreement w your comment– except why do you think that atom bombs don’t work? Can you refer me to a link or give me a clue? Thx

  10. You know what i find the most compelling argument for our inability to perceive global curvature, Nate?
    The human eye/brain would have to be able to see across a massively lengthy distance in order to perceive even the slightest curve, given the sheer size of the planet.
    On top of that, optical illusion is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration as well.

    That aside, if you just perform a quick mental excercise it should be rather obvious that just because the Earth is this massive (which i think we can all agree upon regardless of its actual shape), it would require an incredible ”length” of vision in order to start perceiving even the slightest curve.

    So as counter-argument to your premise in disfavour of an Earth of global shape, i refer to the sheer size of the planet and the comparable insignificance of the size of a human individual and its brain in relation to it.

    In my opinion, you may be onto something when you are consdering a rather undefinable shape which may elude rigid delineation.
    I’m leaning more towards a prominent figure in the catalogue of sacredly geometrical patterns.

    But if matter’s been proven to be concealing mostly ”empty space” (whatever that may be) coated by a thin layer of deceitfully palpable texture—which implies an entirely different reality than the one perceived by our senses—then can’t we extrapolate this example of sensory deception and material unreliability to the shape of the Earth?

    What if ”reality” in its purest form is as perceived by the psychedelically active mind, and we’re just floating on a wavelength which negatively discriminates us by granting our senses paltry access to this realm of infinite splendor? (contrasted by the horrors of a strongly polarized world that would vividly increase in visuals of course)

    1. Great comment. When you talk about Reality being being as we perceive it to be, that is something I talk about a lot. I think the Universe is exactly what you think it is, what you know it is, what you have faith that it is. Until you learn otherwise, of course.

    2. “But if matter’s been proven to be concealing mostly ”empty space” (whatever that may be) coated by a thin layer of deceitfully palpable texture—which implies an entirely different reality than the one perceived by our senses—then can’t we extrapolate this example of sensory deception and material unreliability to the shape of the Earth?”

      Bravo! Exxccept, you know, I find silly the whole position that finds one level of magnification (for example) more primary or more causal than another. By which I mean that I find the cat just as real as the atoms comprising its carbon molecules. It’s endlessly foolish for CERN to go looking for “the god particle” in the minute. (If that were what they’re doing.) The macroscopic is no less real, no less a cause than the microscopic.

  11. I haven’t seen it all yet, I’m watching segments. I’m watching the video on No forests on flat earth, find it very interesting. (Also in segments).
    I personally think the north pole is the hub and entrance for the hollow earth. Without any proof or evidence, I just find it entirely conceivable and also exciting. It makes sense. Whether it’s a globe or concave or Flat. No clue. But it’s good to think about.

  12. Yes, NASA is lying to us big time. Math can be used to “prove” just about any theory. If one thinks about the cycles we can observe combined with what we are told of cosmology, it certainly evokes more questions than answers. Add those questions to the giant NASA lies and you’ve got a lot of curious people thinking. Obviously, those in control do not want us thinking or wondering about anything. They want us distracted and mindless or in fear.

    So, is the earth a spinning spheroid flying through space? Though commonly accepted, it seems unlikely and involves a heavy reliance on too many unknowns. Is the earth flat? To a simple mind, sure but we have yet to see a model explaining all we can observe by is theory. Likely, Nathan is right, the shape is probably neither. Hell, “earth” may be its own dimension or some other special thing.

    Is flat earth a controlled opposition movement? It certainly has all the hallmarks – videos with slick production value, many half-truths, gangs of vicious trolls on both sides of the argument and a surge of popularity that is common in controlled inorganic movements. Lastly it has most people neatly on one side or the other. So while there are regular people considering flat earth, I will alway believe it began as controlled opposition.

    Does Flat Earth answer why NASA is lying to us? I don’t think so but many do, or they’re told it does. My hope is eventually people will stop taking sides and use their own creative minds to fully explore the subject…kind of like that genius friend you mentioned near the end of the video ; )

  13. Dear Nathan,
    My observational experiment is obviously flawed because as a human I have developed in my environment to make sense of things in a certain way in order to survive. There obviously is certain amount of indoctrination in education but to my mind the globe idea is the simplest. In my working life I travelled all over the World by aircraft and flying around the Earth and coming back to the same spot to my mind is simpler than just flying around in a flat circle. This makes more sense than trying to wonder what is under the Flat Earth or even how thick the Flat Earth is.
    You wanted some math on the subject so here it is (including gravity)

    1. PS. Just in case you think I might be unable to receive or comprehend different points of view I will use your own measure. I left school in England at 16 with very few qualifications. It was thanks to the Germans who discovered I had an IQ 160+ that I eventually rose to a pretty powerful position (now I’m retired I’m a nobody LOL). I used interview university graduates for jobs and most of them were unable to tie up their shoe laces with out an instruction manual. So I feel that you are in someways my younger version (although I was very good at marketing and can fix computers instinctively)
      One of my pet interest is Many Worlds Theory by Hugh Everett. A much more fascinating idea than Flat Earth. Just a small taste: I believe we all live a full life span and that reason that religion likes to classify suicide as a mortal sin is because it is actually impossible to commit suicide. Now how’s that for an off the wall idea?

      1. I think it’s impossible to die, at least for me. How’s that? Sound like Hugh Everett and I might have something in common.

  14. Interesting discussion. On this topic it’s very important to stick to pure observation and experimentation. It’s very easy to get sucked into “because A is most likely false, B is most likely true”… You see the obvious fakery of SpaceX/NASA then as a reaction run to the flat earth without realizing there may be an option C, D, or E no one has considered. It’s important to stay grounded and not substitute one fantasy construct for another. Mathis may have a point of the plethora of slickly-produced flat earth videos on youtube designed to muddy the waters.

  15. Hi Nathan, I enjoyed your podcast with Miss Jay. You two work well together. I must admit that when I first starting seeing flat Earth titles on youtube, I thought, “what a bunch of nut jobs!”. But eventually I listened and some of their arguments are quite cogent. I found this interview to be particularly interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haLJarvDL3g
    The Moon holds the most fascination for me. In particular I’ve always thought how lucky we are to have the full Moon rise just after sunset so we can enjoy all her beauty. But there are anomalies here too. For example, how come the Earth does not eclipse the Moon in this phase since the Sun is directly behind the Earth at sunset? I have not seen a Solar model that satisfies.
    Got to admit that flat Earth theories do get one thinking……..Suspicious0bservers always has great daily Solar forecasts. Are they not real? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGik1VMnbNA
    BTW- USGS does maintain a Earth Science Observatory at the South Pole I used to process orders for their supply ship that leaves Miami every May. What they do there, I could not say.

    1. Size, proportion, distances, and optic distortion allow the Earth to not eclipse the Sun’s reflection off the Moon. It’s like shining a flashlight past a BB pellet.

      1. Yes, I did check it out, and drew it to scale. The Moon has a 5deg upward tilt from the Earth’s ecliptic which does place it well above the Earth’s shadow (except when there is an eclipse). And I have no doubt that the orbital math works given the current Solar model. But there are times when the laws of physics seem to be suspended. Such as when the full Moon appears to be evenly lit from the center to the edges. Physics says that the angle of reflection is equal and opposite to the angle of incidence, which would make one think that more light would be dispersed away from Earth as it strikes the outer curved surface. Wiki says that “The edges of the full moon seem as bright as the centre, with no limb darkening, due to the reflective properties of lunar soil, which reflects more light back towards the Sun than in other directions”. Umm..okay. Certainly there is no atmospheric refraction that can be attributed to this displacement. In any event, I do believe that questioning your beliefs, and the assumptions they are built on is always a good thing. When you consider that our Solar model is relatively young in relation to human history, there is no reason to hold fast to this model, over all other others, as if there can be no question about it’s validity. Trust, but verify. Throwing up your hands in resignation when you know you are being lied to, stolen from and cheated seems like a rather defeatist stance. This is not the status quo and should not go unchallenged.
        Frankly, I’m pulling for the dual torus model of energy exchange. It is the only model I have seen that allows for an infinite number of unique expressions without ever repeating. Fun stuff!

  16. Hi Nathan, interesting subject, i keep coming back to the question myself too. There is a simple instrument exist nearly 300 years now and has been very useful for century’s, call Sextant. It is based using geometry. Geometry is pointig right to our problem, i mean this is the sience where the answer can be found. So how this simple equipment could be useful in the flat environment ?

  17. If people understood the difference between LINEAR EQUATION vs PARABOLIC EQUATION we would not be having this argument.
    I’ll give a very simple example; if you have a very powerful gun that can shoot a projectile without such projectile suffering consequences of air resistance and/or the so called gravity force, and said projectile is fired at an angle let’s say 45 degrees to the ground, said projectile will eventually leave the earth in the direction of the heavens. Are you all in agreement? ok, good.
    Now for the good part. Let’s say you are on an airplane that has basically the same capacities of flight as the projectile above mentioned i.e. air resistance and “gravity” etc. Airplanes fly under the rules of LINEAR EQUATION which means it flies in the direction where you point it. No ifs ands or buts about it.
    The clues are all there; Planes take off, climb to the desired cruising altitude and then LEVEL OFF (huge keyword here). LEVEL OFF and fly in the direction is pointed. NO CORRECTION NECESSARY boys and girls. Planes that fly by wire and have the aid of computers DO NOT MAKE PARABOLIC CORRECTIONS. If that wasn’t the case to fly from New York to Cape Town, South Africa on a Atlantic route you would have to make constant adjustments such as DOWN and to the LEFT.
    Now for the icing in the cake; Altitude indicator or “artificial horizon” on airplanes are nothing but fancy gyroscopes based on LINEAR EQUATION to simply indicates, in degrees, up or down, right or left, how far of you are in relationship to the HORIZON LINE on the gauge, which is… drumroll… FLAT!

    1. If you level off in an aircraft (as you say) and then fly in a straight line you would in fact be accelerating away from the Earth.

    2. The longest flight trajectory for an object launched with an initial force would be a parabola starting at 45 degrees to the x-axis, at which point the aircraft is at its max speed (I’d assume), after which it continues its flight in freefall. The plane and its participants, the air inside of the cabin, etc. are all in uniform acceleration (flying together, up, then down), and in a closed system. The whole weightlessness is the illusion of it, it’s not the actual weightlessness one would experience in space f.e.

  18. I am new to to the flat earth world. After being awakened on 911 I have been on a mission to learn more. much of what’s said is confusing. The YouTube hosts bloggers etc. assume that the viewers/readers are much more versed than I am in my Journey. Thank you for The dedication to the work you’re doing. It’s a lonely world since becoming aware of a new reality! How do you ever have a real conversation with people after seeing the world so differently? It seems impossible to to gently tell people that I see the world is so completely different now than just a short time ago,So I stay silent and feel A little disingenuous now days.

  19. If you imagine that Skepticism is a mental muscle that will certainly atrophy inside a social system that rewards consensus thinking – then Flat Earth Research is a fantastic exercise for those who wish to get closer to Truth.
    It took me about six months of part-time work attempting to debunk the flat earth, without relying on optical evidence. Along the way I learned a great deal about astronomy, gravity, aqueducts, and gyroscopes…..
    The search also introduced me to the moon hoax, and then to the entire 911 Truth movement – an introduction that would have never happened otherwise. So at least in my case, if Flat Earth is a psy-op, it was self-defeating.
    Miles disavows Flat Earth research because he rightly suspects that small-minded people will somehow associate his careful work with the far less rigorous flat earth research, and then reject all skeptical alternative science in total. He is probably right. But I ask him, “Do you really want to retain small-minded followers, anyway?”

    1. “if Flat Earth is a psy-op, it was self-defeating.”
      Just because it didn’t rope you in doesn’t mean to say it was a failure. I would think the Tavistock Institute is rubbing it’s hands with glee about the amount of people who are being side-tracked down a dead end. Do you notice how in even our small conversations on this site the “Flat Earth” is being associated with the Moon landings and 911? A very successful psyop.

  20. Awesome show! You got me when you said something about flat earthers who havent yet come out of the closet, i can relate to that.
    i aprreciate that you touched base on this subject, some truthers mention it but dont ever foucs on it. And its funny because the same video you saw about the biggest hoax is the one i also saw that got to me. Then of course being a man of faith and raised as a Christian i went back to Genesis 1 and the book of Jobs and the Bible undeniably refers to a flat motionless earth with a face and with foundations, with luminets inthe sky to tell time and seasons etc. and later in the Bible there are events which every eye on earth will at once be able to look up and see, that simply cannot happen on a globe earth.
    There is still investgations to made, which brings an exitement to counter all the saddening lies, Like what you said about Mercury and Venus and if satellites always go the same direction as the stars. Im against man made satellites, however you make a good point, that its possible that these satelites are in fact floating in low orbit in the same trajectory and using the same force that holds up and move the celestial bodies. That would make sense why there are so many sightings of dark objects that go across the moon at night and definitelly appear to be close.
    Anyways like you said its much simpler to understand the flat earth and to me it makes almost everything fit into place perfectly, especially Scripture.
    Love your work, by far my favorite channel for truth seeking is LTV.

  21. Nathan. youre too intelligent to fake naivete . you know damn well that consorting with controlled “media” such as vice is not a conduit to disseminate any real insight on any subject. any thinking man will realize that the “jay was a fan of the show” meme is idiotic. your purpose here is to allow the corporate media to discount and rebut truth. you may ask, why do I come here. I like to see what new tricks the cointelpro folks are trotting out. youre a smooth operator and have the “aw shucks, its just me and doshie here in my small apt trying to tell the truth” schtick that went from opaque to completely transparent to me in a short time. why didn’t you ask ms. stephens why vice never reports on the blatant staged mass shootings? face it Nathan, if youre pandering to vice audience then you’ve revealed lift the veil to be…bogus. deo vindice amigo.

      1. give doshi my apologies. by the way, if you ever prove me to be wrong about you, ill eat all of my words Nathan. also, I am no follower of the effeminate robin or the game show contestant paul. I don’t believe anyone on youtube. well, maybe stackpot.

        1. I was pretty sure you were TPS. I’m never going to try to prove anything to anybody because mostly what you see is what you get. I have nothing to hide. I’m a failed actor with federal government connections, I’m unemployed and I make the best videos on YouTube. You should be skeptical.

          1. Nathan I am afraid that the real realm outside of our created matrix is too abstract for the common mind to grasp. everything around us and what surrounds us is merely a construct of our own doing. actually its quite ridiculous for me or anybody to look for “truth” here at lift the veil or any other place. youre right. you’ve nothing to prove to anyone. while I am curious and continually compelled to seek knowledge, I know that a beautiful epiphany that will complete my journey may never arrive. sorry for calling you cointelpro. so what if you are. I will seek. “onward through the fog”

          2. You rock. We all have to find our own truth and maybe the important part is the search itself. In which case you’re right in the middle of your epiphany. Cheers.

  22. OK Nathan, Observational experiment completed. First I left behind all of my pre-conceived notions and possible false memories at home. I walked through Antibes town (15 minutes) until I was on the sea wall looking out over the sea on a beautiful clear horizon of the Mediterranean sea. My first impression (with an open mind) was that the horizon was very very slightly curved. I try not to lie to myself but despite all of the flat Earth talk the horizon was slightly curved. I watched boats and yachts heading for the horizon but they were too small to see the effect at distance although I had a good pair of binoculars. After about 1 hour a large ferry from Corsica appeared over the horizon. It didn’t start as a dot and grow bigger it just began to appear in fairly large form over the curved horizon.
    Conclusion to my simple mind:-
    Curved Earth 10
    Flat Earth 0

  23. An interesting interview. Despite you wanting me not to watch your show anymore because I think the “Flat Earth” is a psyop like the Moon landings are, I shall stick with you because your confusion is interesting. I shall look into trying to do some small observational experiments to see what makes people think the Earth is flat or round.

    Psyop:- A psyop can be just a small amount of people producing the psyop with the vast amount of followers believing genuinely that the idea is real. So men going to the Moon is a psyop but with most people genuinely believing men went to the Moon. So saying the ‘Flat Earth’ is not a psyop is unreasonable. To be fair then saying it is also a pysop maybe unfair. So where does that leave us with Moon landings and even 911.

    I’m now off to the coast to see if I can see a ship on the horizon that appears half below the surface (round Earth proof)

    1. I’m not sure if that would be proof or not, but it is what most ball hogs (I coined that) cling to. You’d have to do the math to see approximately how far away the ship is and approximately how far below your eye line it should be on the ball earth model. My guess is at the distance people are seeing these boats come over a curved Earth that you shouldn’t see any part of the boat because it would be too far below the horizon. The other thing you should think about is how far the horizon stretches from side to side without any evidence of curvature and try the math on that. I haven’t done the math myself, but my feel for how far I’m seeing with absolutely no curvature at all is that it seems to contradict the ball Earth.

      1. Visual curvature of the horizon line is impossible to see from ground level, whether the Earth is convex, concave, or flat….
        Place a shower curtain ring on top of a model globe. Then place an imaginary miniature human in the center of that ring and allow him to spin around in a 360 degree panoramic view. The furthest distance he can see, either with his eyes or with binoculars – is the vanishing point. The circular shower ring represents that vanishing point and the shower ring is a circle – a FLAT circle. If you see curvature, that means that the shower ring is BENT and then you are in deep shit because your world is saddle shaped.
        All visual tests of earth’s curvature are subject to optical illusion or distance restrictions or photo-shopping. In my opinion, physical tests are best

  24. Keep up the good work mate, your videos are very good, the viewers will come with time so keep going your doing a great job, I really enjoy your presentation.
    All the way from Australia


  25. Coriolis Effect. Hurricanes spin anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere and do not cross the equator and swap hemispheres, as a rule. An observed phenomenon. How would a flat-earther explain that?

    Far be it from me to suggest a better use of your time, Nathan, but “The Electric Universe” is a new theory gaining ground if you want to look into an early days paradigm-breaking discovery about the universe that has the potential to change life on our globe for the better, rather than standing still on a flat earth model whose proponents seem to be obsessed with proving the impossible rather than realising that the mess we’ve got ourselves into needs their intelligence and creativity to be channelled into something productive otherwise we’ll sink up to our necks in it.

    1. Star trails prove it is not a flat earth and in fact prove the earth is a globe. Lift the veil obviously doesn’t understand this nor does he understand the observer height needs to be taken into effect in accordance with the “curvature equation”. It almost sounds like he thinks the southern hemisphere sees and rotates around the North pole. A crude knowledge on the topic ltv.

  26. Nathan, thanks for this.

    For me, the globe model falls apart quicker than a British built car. It just has too many faults when you look into it. The video you spoke of ‘The biggest Lie of All’ by DMurphy25 woke me up too.

    The biggest sticking point for me re the globe is time lapse of Polaris showing the ‘earth rotation’ circle from when not directly beneath the North Pole yet it doesn’t show the earths much faster orbit around the sun. I also don’t buy we can travel almost 200 million miles around the sun and still have Polaris above the North Pole. The angles don’t allow for this to be possible given the stated distances.

    It does go deep as one realises if this is true then we truly have been ‘indoctrinated’ far deeper than a few Government hoaxes. I don’t know if it is flat but with thought and challenge, for me, it’s not a spinning ball.

    Cheers Nathan

    1. Polaris does change position in the sky. And compared to our orbit around the Sun, Polaris is over 400 light years away, which is over 2 quadrillion miles away. These proportions are staggering, draw a triangle 1cm / 100m / 100m. 1cm being the “approximate diameter” of our orbit, 100m being the distance to Polaris. You’ll see how ridiculously insignificant the change of the 2 obtuse angles is. The variation is in the thousandths, if not 10 thousandths of a degree.

      1. Thank you, Mike. Well-done. I suspect that many people will resist being disabused of flat earth idea just as so many cling to the catastrophic global warming idea.

  27. Enjoyed the show. I like the question and answer between you and Jay..nice format. What struck me is your willingness to say “I don’t know”. Seems like we get so stuck on needing to provide the correct answer if we identify something is incorrect. The flat earth stuff blew my mind in the sense that it is pretty obvious that curvature is easily dis-proven….whether or not that takes us to earth’s true shape is a whole other ball o wax…and why does it have to flat? A bunt cake is possible too.

    I keep thinking of a Rudolph Steiner lecture that talked about the problem with science being an assumption of absolutes..which is fiction. Our senses can not be considered true points of origin or consistent measures of what we are observing…ie watching a baseball game through a hole in a fence. My hunch is that we are severely limited in our perception, the information we gather…and that MANY of our assumptions are simply wrong…numbers are’nt even real, they are just things we made up to divide point a from b. Our agreeing on their meaning does not make them any more real.

    Anyhoo. Thanks for the show.

  28. until I see it with my own eyes, photographic evidence of that there is proof of the edge of the world, I can not be convinced that we live on a flat earth.
    by the way I asked this question to russianvids and told me that “hey..who controls the south pole?” but in the day in age of HD cell phones and all these hacks going on, how is there no proof out there?

    1. Exactly. Where’s the proof? I don’t think we have conclusive evidence for either model, so asking why we don’t is a great question.

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