Flight Path of the ISS – Flat Earth | Sar 27

Sar 27 – 2 minutes into this video, anyone will question the ISS.

We are all in this boat together, picking apart this whole grand deception.

3 thoughts on “Flight Path of the ISS – Flat Earth | Sar 27”

  1. I’m not convinced the ISS is manned, but I see nothing in this video to make me doubt that the ISS exists. Seems to me that its flight path changes all the time, so I don’t understand why he would think it strange that altering his computer date would alter the ISS flight path for that date. Am I missing something?

    1. je Suis, I don’t really understand either. But is he saying that the ISS path ought not be dependent on the date because it’s supposed to be LIVE TRACKING?
      I mean, if I have a video-recorded event and I back up the tape to yesterday I will see earlier-occurring parts of the event. But that will not affect the LIVE FEED from a different camera or sensor.

      He is saying, I think, that the ISS track is merely a computer-generated recording linked to the date and has NO INDEPENDENT EXISTENCE, no referrent in reality and therefore MUST be connected to date & time alterations as the method of winding & unwinding it.

      This is complete ignorance speaking here, but I suppose the counter argument is that the computer program which allows you to see the ISS track is programmed to interpret a change of date as a query as to what the track’s status was on that date. Sounds pretty contrived as a counter argument. Could somebody who knows something chime in, please?

      1. I think it’s definitely the first thing you said. The track you are shown of ISS is simply based on the internal time stamp on your PC. That’s certainly what the video seems to show. My real interest is in the orbit as shown on a flat earth model. I think that is 100% on point and is exactly as I would have predicted it based on my mental model of a (mostly) flat earth. It isn’t flat flat, but it’s more flat than globular, that’s for sure.

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