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Fukushima and the Mandela Effect – Why did this have to Happen | Chris Curtis

It may take decades, but life on earth will end as a result of Fukushima unless God intervenes.

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  1. Hi Nathan. I’m in Santa Maria, which I have stated on other sites. In fact I think everything I’ve posted here I’ve posted in several other places. It’s good to find a site that is overtly open to and even investigative of conspiracies. I’ve been commenting a lot at Moon of Alabama for its imm’y posting, but many commenters there are terribly dogmatic in defense of their current worldview, which includes catastrophic global warming. So it’s w relief that I encounter your truly investigative site.

    Your investigation of San Bernardino is miles ahead of the rest of us. Enormously helpful. I’m interested to hear what you think of the Anna News video of the MH17 crash in Donetsk. Expensive hoax video or was the crash the hoax? I’ve been diligent looking for impact craters in MSM coverage & there aren’t any, even beneath the remnants of the engine.
    Take care. –Penelope

    1. Thank you for the tip and I will definitely look into it.
      We are practically neighbors. Nice clear day today, wasn’t it? Not a trail in the sky.

      1. Hi Nathan, it was the link I gave earlier– on “Bishop Kos says refugees paid to fake downing”.
        I seem to remember there were clouds yesterday, hence a more normal sky.

        Today, Monday the 13th right now at 3PM one might think it’s a normal sky– just a little haze, or marine layer in a cloudless sky. That’s why so many people, including me for a long time, don’t catch on. Before May 4, the planes came about every 3 days, always before 8 AM when I was in the backyard w the chickens and the garden. Since we had no rain the sky always looked about the same– a look that is scarcely abnormal, except in its persistence. I’d heard of chemtrails; it sounded like nuttery w/o evidence, and it didn’t occur to me that it could be nuttery to vaccinate me against looking into the plane trails. I was only slightly puzzled as to why planes wd be leaving trails, which is NOT normal. That all changed when I saw a normal sky for the first time in years, following the cloudburst & watched it vanish in about a half-hour following the next plane visit. Some time after that there was another rain hard enough to wash the aerosol out, but this time the planes didn’t return for two days, and the picture-postcard saturated-blue sky w big clouds persisted until they did.

        The new manner of emitting aerosols comes from a different direction, at a different time, and isn’t readily visible from my place so that I no longer know how often they come. On May 4 when I saw them there were SEVEN planes rather than the previous two, still flying parallel. They may be coming far less often or at night. The sky isn’t as obvious as before and sometimes there are even clouds.

        But even so, if you really examine the sky you can see that it’s not normal & there are suspended aerosols. There is no industry to account for this haze. It’s been sunny for too many hours for it to be a marine layer. The color of the sky is not right, and there are no clouds because they can’t form when there are too MANY particulates. If you look straight up, the normal deep concavity of the sky is not there: There is a “ceiling”. The rays around the sun are obviously shining on a particulate layer.

        Sorry to go on at such length, but I am deeply troubled by this phenomenon said to be worldwide– and even that I have no way of checking.

  2. I have piloted a light plane, and been close enough to avionics to know that the trails left by aircraft today were absent until at least the early 90s. In my area, Central Coast California, the characteristics of these aerosols changed abruptly on May 4th of this year. The time of day, the frequency, the location and number of the aircraft all changed. The appearance of the sky afterward changed too.
    Prior to May 4th, the sky was always a washed out pale blue, sometimes nearly white, and almost entirely cloudless. Following a cloudburst on Beggars Night of 2014, which broke a long drought, the sky the following morning was its normal saturated blue, with normal big puffy clouds– until the planes came again, after which the sky was cloudless in half an hour, and again whitish. Only heavy rain recovered a normal sky thereafter.

    Beginning May 4th, the sky color is less altered and quite a few clouds remain. The aftermath of emitting these aerosols is a more transparent and possibly lower-altitude haze than previously. I am not convinced of the accuracy of the reports of its composition, and have no opinion regarding that.

    I have a different speculation regarding the purpose of these aerosols. All aerosols cool the temperature through blocking sunlight. TPTB have floated the rumor that the aerosols are to offset global warming. However, catastrophic global warming is a hoax in which activists are directly subsidized by foundations of the ultra-rich. TPTB also have undue influence over what sorts of science will receive grants. A Senate report entitled “Environmantal Chain of Command” is available online & documents how this PR campaign is maintained. The purpose is to give the UN (really the oligarchs who control the UN) power over energy production– which means control over development.

    So, if TPTB are trying to prove catastrophic warming why spray cooling aerosols? On another occasion perhaps I can explain a little about climate. Right now, for the sake of brevity I say only the following: I think it possible that the aerosols are to speed up the occurrence of an expected event. Our present Solar Cycle is the weakest one in 200 years. Many eminent international scientists are predicting a mini Ice Age not as lengthy or severe as the last Little Ice Age which ended in 1850 after 500! years. This involves only a few degrees difference but makes the crop cycle unreliable and often shorter. In borderline climates for grain, like Russia and Canada, crop failure becomes very likely.

    It is disquieting that TPTB are reducing our access to fuels while emitting aerosols which cool the temperature, whether or not that is the intention.

    1. You’re in the Central Coast? That’s exactly where I’m at. Most of the people who contact me these days are creeps, so forgive me that I will remain skeptical regardless of what you tell me. I don’t mind you knowing I’m on the Central Coast because the bad guys know that already. You also don’t write like they do. I never believed in chemtrails (I thought they were baloney), but I also noticed a whole bunch of activity overhead starting when they were blocking high-altitude GPS (June 7 & 9). I was also thinking the same thing – the weather is so perfect here, but it seems to me it would be hotter if they weren’t getting all that vapor in the air to absorb some of the Sun’s heat.

      You seem quite interesting, it’s nice to meet you.

  3. Determined efforts on the part of Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation, the PATH & Gavi programs, funded by the Gates Foundation, and the usual lies of the MSM have made most people unaware of the following:

    In India, according to the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 2012, the results of the Gates polio vaccination was an extra 47,500 cases of polio– but a strain of polio twice as deadly as previously. The vaccine contained an attenuated active polio virus and unknown adjuvants. The WHO conspired with the Gates Foundation to label the polio “Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paraysis, and the Gates Foundation declared India “polio-free”.

    In Pakistan the deaths were estimated at 10,000, and the paralyzed at several times that number. Syria had had no polio in 20 years, but now has the same vaccine-caused “Non-Polio.”

    In 1972 WHO, Rockefeller & Gates Foundations developed a tetanus vaccination for use in Latin America and the Philippines. Oddly, it was to be given only to women of child-bearing age. Tested 20 years later it was found to contain Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) which causes an immune reaction to HCG, which is a hormone necessary to maintaining pregnancy. Kenya is receiving the same mass vaccination today.

    Is it only the system which is evil, or is it the people running the WHO, the Gates & Rockefeller Foundations?
    sources: &

    An introductory video to vaccines, entirely documented. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Not confrontational, but surprising. Most info comes from the CDC

  4. Bill Gates is a eugenicist, a fact he doesn’t hide. Hopefulness is one of the leading causes of denial. This man either has some of his facts wrong or is overlooking major factors. U.N. figures show a drastic decline of birthrates in Western nations. The big lie is that earth is overpopulated – it’s only too populated for this system to maintain control. As for the religiosity; to each his own.

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