Gaziantap, Turkey Bombing | It’s the Shoes

Another false flag / hoax bombing in Erdogan’s Turkey, this one blamed on a 12 year-old ISIS suicide bomber.

23 thoughts on “Gaziantap, Turkey Bombing | It’s the Shoes”

  1. good analysis … shoes … all I see is shoes … its so mental anyone buys the official story

    1. I was watching something about mind control that mentioned that’s a thing too. Black & white checkerboard. Creepy.

  2. Don’t they do product placement because people watch these news items – so you got Starbucks during the Brussels event and you get Disney here

  3. Great question about how the kid who helped the victims ended up in the hospital. Maybe residual bombing? Aftershock injuries? Love the IVs hooked up to nothing.

  4. Nathan there is something you have not fully appreciated. Ever since the real story of Cinderella and her magical glass slippers the ordinary shoe has bee endowed with special indestructible qualities. Shoes are bomb proof. The military have informed me that the next battle tank will be shaped like a shoe so that it will be unaffected by missiles or bombs. When a missile strikes the “Shoe Tank” the occupants will magically disappear and then materialise in a five star hotel ready to do scripted interviews.

  5. I thought it had been pretty quiet on this front for a while. Once the folks in Germany & France started arming themselves and demanding their leaders resign, things settled down pretty quickly. At least this is a good sign that Turkey is playing nice with the Western powers. LOL…did you notice that the sandal had been re-positioned for a second photo-op?

  6. I think the red/checkerboard kid shoe is a Lighting McQueen (from the Disney movie, Cars) character shoe. Seems like the child behind the stunned and dazed man from the beginning of your video, is wearing a Cars tee shirt. Weird!

    1. Disney always seems to pop up with this stuff, so good catch. I don’t know how it works, but you just see evil companies around evil events. It’s like the Universe is trying to tell us something.

  7. I think you’re right about the shoes in these reports. They’re a great way to convince sheople of something through a subliminally-produced emotional reaction rather than via rational means. It’s not a matter of whether events are real or fake. It’s really a case of tptb deliberately withholding sufficient evidence for us to make an informed decision concerning the veracity of what we’re told; thus forcing us to accept their narrative or else be categorized as a conspiretard. In other words, we’re being groomed to have faith in whatever we’re told by the “authorities.” The only reasonable position to take is to refuse to believe anything that lacks sufficient proof, especially when sufficient proof is deliberately being withheld.

  8. By the way…look up images from the Colombian cocaine drug wars of the 80’s. That’s what real death by gunfire or explosion looks like on the street and compare it to the ridiculous false flag events from the past 5 years.

    1. I think it’s that the media has decided we aren’t mature enough to see graphic pictures and now people don’t know the difference. Since we never see pictures of actual violence or carnage, we think this is what it really looks like. It’s also hard when people are emotionally invested to get them to see things from an objective point of view. We’ll try to keep educating people. Cheers.

  9. Again a test…they want to see how far they can insult your intelligence before you push back. How many people will see an empty shoe without any semblance of human remains around it and believe it is real? How many people have a functioning critical thinking mind and how many people will believe what they are told without question? The fun never ends.

  10. You are comedy Nathan. Keep it up. Definitely sharing this one on the Twitters. It’s the Shoes. People will get so defensive cause they know the Shoes convinced them.

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