German Cinema Shooting | Psychic Driving?

A quick analysis of what we know so far about the movie theater shooting that took place in Germany.

5 thoughts on “German Cinema Shooting | Psychic Driving?”

  1. Excellent commentary, Nathan.

    How about that fashion combo of a balaclava with Bermuda shorts?

    Have you noticed that all the European “police” hide their faces, because everything is under camera surveillance and they do not want to be recognized, especially the Mossad?

    Keep up the good work.

  2. They don’t even have to try anymore and that’s a fact, it gets worse with each hoax that they pull off. The sheeple aren’t looking that closely because they have their minds on other more important issues like social media and the latest soap on TV.

  3. Since Sandy Hook the Mental Health industry/lobbyists have been involved. I think they have been promised more money if they are able to pass a bill that requires gun owners to pass a mental health exam. They knew beforehand that Sandy Hoax was coming, and even had information on how to deal with grief with your kids. It was created and saved on the internet days prior.

    I think this is their way to prevent more people from having guns! They can’t control us unless they take the guns. It’s just their way to skirt around the 2nd Amendment.

    1. Yolanda, many corporations have this law that you described, but it is often faked.

      The interesting thing about it is that in the Orlando Hoax psyop, we are told that Omar Mateen (not an Afghan name, btw) had a psych eval by a Dr. Nudelman in order to carry a gun in for the Israeli owned, Mossad front, company G4S, as a security guard. Now, Dr. Nudelman (who is a real shrink) has said that she never did any such thing and she was not even in the state of Fl. (Incidentally, Nudelman is the real last name Victoria “Nuland”, the infamous assistant secretary of state–the one who was instrumental in the Ukraine coup and subsequent war).

      Notice all the fairy-tales we are hearing about Mateen, and how they keep changing and escalating the calumny about him. The IMDB page has been scrubbed, because a lot of people went there after the live leak video clip from a documentary Mateen was in as himself.

      Try to listen to the content of what he actually says and how he says it, in this video:

      Does that sound like some crazed murderer, or does it sound like someone who told the truth about a huge scandal? He sounds like someone that the powers that be would like to destroy because he is a Muslim, and those are the people who have been selected, according to Pike’s letter to Mazzini in 1871, to be the “enemy” chosen for WWIII. Americans are being taught to hate via propaganda lies, just as they were before the other world wars. They have been stealing IDs from people for a long time–look at the (minimum) 9 “hijackers” alive after 9/11–one of whom had his passport stolen while he was studying in Colorado, for just one example.

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