Google’s Quiet Censorship

4 thoughts on “Google’s Quiet Censorship”

  1. Considering your level of consciousness and the topics on this website, you seem to be stuck in denial. As a YouTube contributor who consistently gets low viewership numbers and as of four days ago has been Ghost Banned; I’m here to suggest that you face the facts in front of you.

    YouTube is obviously NOT an unbiased, free speech platform. ANYONE who has a YT channel and eyes to see can notice the proliferation of trolls on threads containing important contra-Matrix information. And not just any ol’ trolls, PROFESSIONALS, that (if you study them) respond with calculated, honed methodological replies.

    My Take: YouTube is deeply infected by intelligence services. Are you laughing? Do the research. Who is the financial powerhouse behind YouTube? Name the countries where the financial backers are located. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

    Today, I decided to gather some names in order to take legal action. I was willing to pay Dun and Bradstreet for YouTube’s financials but D&B were so vague and commercial in their descriptions of what I would be getting for my money, I just decided to do the research myself.

    Oh Boy, start in California and research YouTube, if you have any skills you’ll be surprised at what you find. IT’S A PSYOP. Meanwhile, here you are thinking that you’ll simply logic your way into a solution.

    Doubtful. All of the graphs in the world won’t matter. These people do NOT represent the truth. Check out the videos by Thomas Sheridan on YT. Psychopaths will NEVER admit that they’ve done wrong. Or done YOU wrong.

    You’re in the grip of the delusion that everyone thinks like you. Wake UP! YouTube has a very specific agenda and doing the right thing isn’t part of it. Unless doing the right thing leads to higher profits.

    Anyway, just wanted you to know that a LOT of us are being attacked. I’m going to pursue a LEGAL solution. You can try talking them out of being psychopaths if you like. Hopefully you are young so that when you waste a good part of your life reasoning with psychopaths, you’ll still have some life left over to make videos with.

    Best Wishes!

  2. In regards to “Google’s Quiet Censorship”, I don’t think in terms of crazy when I listen to you. Instead I hear an incredible exceptional thinker. I came upon your YouTube site this afternoon, and I believe I have watched most everything on your site. I am grateful for you, and the fact that you discuss such topics. For the past two years I have tried to research different topics and found out how quickly one will meet the wall of non information. I believe when facts are true, there is an abundance of information, not a wall. Also to note, often the actions of those involved in incidents appear to be a bit off. Thanks so much.

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