Gravity, Math & Time: After the Pilot

Doshi makes a triumphant return to the screen in this video, which does not cover the content that would be indicated by the title. That is coming right up.

5 thoughts on “Gravity, Math & Time: After the Pilot”

  1. I’m sorry I’m like this, I was embarrassed abt telling you what to do. If you do do have a forum in the future I think it will be a very good one.
    Last week I tried your suggestion and it was intense. In fact I’m having a rest from it, and trying again next week. 5 days is about right. I got some headphones delivered today so I’ll try it with them.
    I’m glad you talk about fear and fearlessness, it’s a big one in moving forward.

  2. These two videos mean a lot to me. It’s not often you hear someone talking so honestly about their own mental illness. I’ve been told I have schizotypal p.d. and it’s not a barrel of laughs at times, there are good sides to it but I’m not comfortable talking online. I feel relieved I’m not the only one just because it’s not something I’ve ever heard anyone say before. You are unique, and lovely.

    1. Thanks Andie. You have also been lovely to me.

      I believe our role is crucial in the creation of the Good World Order out of the ashes of the current system. I believe we are recognized as one of the greatest threats to maintaining the current order and that is why the campaign against us has been turned up so much recently. I think it’s important to realize that we have superpowers and access to hidden knowledge, but those things are hard for us to access in the vibrational field they try to keep us on. I know that might sound crazy, but I have an idea for something you could try to test your superpowers and then report back to me. I just thought of it, but I think it’s a good exercise and I’ll do it along with you. Let’s try it for a week and you can tell me how it goes for you:

      When you think of it during the day, imagine yourself as a very powerful antenna that can pick up all sorts of different frequencies and that whatever frequency you are tuned into is manifesting the thing that you know as your life. Imagine many of the things that are presented to you (or “happen” to you) are actually a manifestation of that programming that feeds off of fear and is designed to keep you on a frequency where you experience the most fear and anxiety. Take time alone – I recommend 30 minute walk with meditation – to simply focus on tuning in to a higher frequency. I really recommend getting a big set of comfortable headphones and wearing them a lot. I really do think they help keep out the noise and the bad vibes and they help you tune in to better frequencies. Anyway, while you’re tuning in, imagine that all of the good that is inside you can become material in your reality if you simply allow it to. And don’t try too hard. Believe in your superpowers and allow things to happen to you.

      That’s crazy. I didn’t intend to write all that. I really do think that’s a good strategy for saving the world though and I really need your help doing that. Cheers.

    2. I deleted it, but I thought your other comment was a good one. I meant to reply to it actually. I’m hoping my comments section will serve that purpose in some ways and then we will have to see how my website continues to grow in terms of future features. I don’t think we have enough people right now to do what you were talking about yet. You’re the best. Cheers.

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