Gravity, Math & Time: Episode 1. Dividing a Whole.

4 thoughts on “Gravity, Math & Time: Episode 1. Dividing a Whole.”

  1. Why not apply your awesome analytical skills to proving there is no link between the concentration of a trace gas (CO2) with global climate change. Cheers.

    1. I would do that if the science was right. The science behind CO2 and global warming is sound. We need to stop raping the Earth and burning fossil fuels. With real free markets, we would already have transitioned to 100% renewable energy sources, but TPTB have rigged the system to make us DEPENDENT on the organized gangs that control the supply and flow of oil & gas. There is no need for any further geoengineering than has already been done with the release of so much CO2 and methane into our atmosphere. Everything we see with weather patterns is predicted by climate change models based on greenhouse gases. Sorry, I’ve already applied my skills to this.

  2. Love your stuff dude. I never saw the light till San Bernardino. I said this seems insane in a wirld w cameras in n on every building that there is 0 video ir stills if the terrorists”. Your ” chase” videos are the best. PLEASE Keep up that work. I know it must be tough trying to piece together that stuff. Also i find interesting the va tech nicole lovell thing. Good idea gettn ur own site too. Keep going brother. Frank

    1. Dude! My first comment!!! You don’t know how excited this makes me. Thank you so much for being a subscriber. Please help me spread the word.

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