One thought on “Great Conch Debate Rages On Using Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes In Zika Fight | CBS Miami

  • September 17, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    So today they say the CDC (another corrupt agency -google CDC whistleblower) needs to step in to assist in Zika testing in Florida, where there is a “backlog” caused by-ready?-the governor-his mandate! Huh? This all that dang ‘ol governors fault?
    Ah, no. I’m predicting the CDC will find, of course, more Zika cases than previously predicted! Why?
    CDC+FDA=Protect Big Pharma
    And what keeps Big Pharma profitable these days?
    Lets listen to their CEO, Mr. Ceep U. Sick:. “Well, people are kinda onto our pop our new pill and refill every month with no improvement scam….hmm
    Wait, let’s go old school- Vaccines! Hooray for those expensive, mandatory, shots with very little regulation! And we can even push them on kids like crazy cause , well, they’re always sick anyway, hooray! Besides it’ll take 10 or 20 years until they find all the mercury and parasites we have in them!”
    Yeah, he’s a wonderful human being isn’t he.
    C. Create problem
    D. Deny the truth, always
    C. Create solution and profit for Big Pharma.


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