Hillary gets Heckled | Lift the Veil at the DNC

Your favorite reporter is on the scene in Philadelphia to bring you all the news that is fit for consumption. Enjoy consuming.

25 thoughts on “Hillary gets Heckled | Lift the Veil at the DNC”

  1. The guy on acid waving the flag was seeing what we called “trails” back in the 60 ties and 70 ties. I I knew what you meant though. Nobody likes HELLary not even BILLary, kind of sad. Good job

  2. FYI on acid it is tracers that you see, not streamers. Anyway I just wanted to know if you noticed who that was to the left of Bill? That’s Web Hubble, a criminal buddy from back when they lived in Arkansas, and also the man who is allegedly Chelsea Clinton’s real biological father. He’s totally one of the OG crooks who’s been rolling with the Clinton’s for life and is a complete dirt bag and criminal.

  3. Like your analysis! BUT, the people you pointed out toward the end waving the Flag, sure reminds me of the “paid crisis actors” in other hoax disasters. AND THEN, when you look at some of the people within the audience, half of them “seem” to be totally dis-interested in what is going on! It’s “as if” they are there simply to collect a “paycheck!”‘

    OR, “Am I just imagining this????” Yeah, just my imagination…huh!

  4. Please do more people in crowd videos, it’s so funny.
    The roaring mob was creepy, I could imagine full-scale war breaking out any second.
    Hope you are well.🐦🌻

  5. At the 9:14 mark, when Hillary is professing her love for science, I said out loud, to myself like a lunatic, “We’re all going to die” and no sooner did that come out of my mouth than you pipe in with “The world is ending” and I literally laughed out loud. But sadly nobody was there to enjoy the synchronicity.

    Keep doing your thing, it is workin’.

  6. Oh goodness, that was funny! Thanks for making my day! I think Bill is so gleeful because he’s Having a hay day duping the zombies some more. He is clearly laughing “at”, not “with”. It will be a tough 4 (8) years with those psychos in the White House.
    Stay safe, ♥️To Doshi!

  7. They all look like they on Drugs or there just zombies lol. It looks crazy when i see it on my TV . I don’t think anyone in the UK get’s this excited about their politicians. It is very much like watching a made up show . By the way I now have two baby chickens to help with my Garden . Hope you a good weekend Nathan . sending you a kiss x

  8. Lol, looks like Hillary and her pals aren’t the only non-humans in the room. What the actual f*ck? I swear this realm gets more and more bizarre by the hour.

  9. Is it weird that TyT has not published H.Clintons speech? or am I missing something?

    P.S LtV this link is not workinghttp://lifttheveil411.com/hillary-get…

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the link, I fixed it. It is weird if they haven’t published it yet, but it was a boring cookie-cutter speech.

  10. Oh that voice. Alone it could stop communism. Like a mule braying through a broken kazoo. Every sperm in that room committed suicide last night. I imagine poor Bill must be stone deaf.
    Thank you for that.
    Salute the flag – and lift the veil !

  11. I got a good chuckle out of the “HILLARY!” cover-up chants and the Bill Clinton reaction shots, but seeing those moments back-to-back with your commentary made them even more hilarious. The flag waver compilation had me rolling.

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