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HowISeeIt Scandal | Who’s the Real HowISeeIt?

Judge for yourself. I just report the news. HowISeeIt can clear things up anytime on his show, as can the others.

24 thoughts on “HowISeeIt Scandal | Who’s the Real HowISeeIt?

  1. “That boy ain’t right”
    – Hank Hill

    First I heard of this was the dude’s video in response to this one. Nothing conclusive to back up the accusations he casting about you – failed actor cointelpro, blah blah blah. I have to say, after checking out your side of the story there is something up here. He admitted ownership of the G+ account with his actual name on it, saying he has no access to it, yet we can see it’s been used up until late May. So not only does he actually look like a different person, he’s a demonstrable liar on top of it.

  2. Trust your yourself. Trust your instincts.

  3. his subs is not an issue, he had a few vids on orlando that wud have easily spiked it up

    1. Do you have a YouTube channel or does your expertise come from elsewhere?

      1. I can confirm that a surge of 10,000s of views on a hot topic do not equal to any more than a handful of subscribers. I know from back at the Charleston shooting I realised a video claiming the kid doesn’t exist, the video received 200,000 approx views, leading to less than 100 subscriptions.

        1. He got interviews on a lot of shows and there were a number of channels mirroring his stuff and that type of activity can lead to a subscription surge. It’s more the engineering of his newfound success that was suspicious to me. The matter is long settled as far as I’m concerned now though. When I broke the story it was pretty controversial, but it would be hard for a legitimate researcher to come to any other conclusion at this point.

          I have a pretty crazy subscriber rate, btw. I have a feeling it might be as high as anyone else on YouTube. I’ve only had a lifetime of around 720k views and I just hit 7,500 subscribers. If my content wasn’t so heavily suppressed, who knows where I’d be? I try not to think about that too much though. I’m glad you found your way to the website and thanks for commenting.

  4. Hmm…

    Maybe I was wrong with my spoofed email theory.

  5. There is no doubt that Peekay did prevent Nathan from clearing things up as I have already stated in a previous comment some days ago. God, it feels like I’m in that film Total Recall, this is all spacing me out a quite bit.
    Btw, I did send HISI a message via You Tube but obviously I don’t know if that’s the real HISI. Come to think of it, was there ever a ‘real’ HISI in the first place?

  6. Has there been any response from Peekay yet? Are he, Jungle Surfer, Dave Johnson and Jon LeBon all part of the Five Eyes down-under team, perhaps? As for Kim Hoaxashian, I posted a comment suggesting he look into the Dunblane and Hungerford massacres, but he left a very negative response saying he “didn’t have time” to look into them …

    1. Yes, Hungerford and Dunblane were incredibly strange to say the least, reaching right to very the top. These elite bastards are without doubt real monsters. Whether any of this is real, fake or even a mixture it doesn’t matter, they’re messing with our minds and in turn they’re having an affect on our vibrational state, which of course is one of their very targets.

  7. Hope you get to the bottom of this. It must be unsettling for you. Take care, buddy.

  8. I don’t think it is the same man. The earlobes are different. Also, photos can always be “shopped” to change the image.

    Good work Nathan and ignore the haters.

  9. Good work ‘LiftTheVeil’.

    There is all kinds of trickery going on and any NEW and UNIQUE perspective on these subtle events allows us to see the rest of the ‘iceberg’ beneath the water.

    These digital 1s and 0s are being used in ways we cannot imagine to manipulate and control. Nothing is beyond the pale anymore, nothing is ‘too low’, ‘too insignificant’ or ‘not worth the time’ for this cabal.

    Do NOT be fooled and ALWAYS listen to your instinct (gut) and your connection to the universal truth will expose the criminals and whatever new strategy they employ as they feel their back pressed up against the wal…….

  10. yeah ummm thats the same guy, hope this is a joke…..

    1. I mentioned that in the intro, but there is some speculation both ways. Either way, the guy with the Google+ profile doesn’t pass the smell test.

      1. Yeah i forgot u said that in the beginning lol. You are right about the profile for sure.

  11. Lol you state in your description “Comment freely on this controversial topic using this direct link:”
    Comment freely,yet all comments are moderated.Perhaps you have a learning disablitiy,ok let me be blunt,you’re fucking retarded.UNSUBSCRIBED

    1. Well, you figured out how to comment here. I’m sorry you won’t be back, but you haven’t been watching the show anyway if you don’t understand the comment policy.

  12. First off you state censorship yet you disable comments,that earns you a retard badge,congrats.You claim something is fishy about gaining 1k subscribers in 4 days,well perhaps you missed it but robin made a phone call to angel colon,which has been mirrored by several bigger channels.Those channels left a link to robins channel,like they should.That explains the subs increasing :-O f##king silly.”
    Good grief,you act as if that makes him a sellout because he released an awesome video which was shared by channels with a decent number of subscribers.You act like it’s a new thing for people to impersonate youtubers trying to cause drama.Well it’s not new man,most people just aren’t as gullible as you to believe it is the person.I’m highly disappointed in your researching abilities.

    1. yes, that is what i thought, that he got all those subscriptions from making those vids on calling the news station and anus gel colon.

    2. I didn’t see the video and I always reserve the right to be incorrect. I gave this person lots of chances to clear things up and I kept getting the run-around, so I decided to run with the story. It’s easy enough for him to clear things up.

      As for the evidence you present, it could be used equally as evidence on the other side. Search “HowISeeIt” on YouTube and take a look at the results. It’s perfect promotional material for HowISeeIt – his channel intro video up top and then a bunch of folks vouching for him and telling people to go to his channel. Then do a search for “lift the veil” and see what you get. If he’s the real deal and I’m the real deal and we both have a common enemy (the man), then why am I the only one being programmed against?

      You tell me, sleuth.

      1. To be fair, you supplied the interviews to the flat earth lady, and now those pop up at the very top of searches for you.

  13. as usual great work… found this.>> social neuroscience. specific nuerons and nuerotransmitter’s. trigger a defensive state> When we feel our thoughts have to be protected from the influence of other’s, If then confronted by differences in opinion, the chemicals released in the brain are the same that are used to try to ensure our survival in dangerous situations, in this defensive state. the primitive part of the brain interferes with ”rational” thinking, and the limbic system, can ”knock out” most of our working memory, physically causing ”narrow mindedness” .we see this is the politics of fear, the strategy of poker players, or simply when sheeple are stubborn in a discussion, no matter how vaulable the info is. the brain has trouble processing it. when in this state..on a neural level. it reacts as if were being threatened, even if this ”threat” come from harmless opnions or ”FACTS” that we may find helpful and rationally agree with,,

    1. That’s some pretty weird punctuation there, Ray. How do you get the quotation marks to go backwards like that?

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