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ICT4D – Telecommunications Services in the Knowledge Economy (pdf)

“Globalization and technological change are one of the main goals of ICT.”
“In order for individuals to receive more knowledge, surveillance is used. This relates to the use of Drones as a tool in order to gather knowledge on other individuals.”

Telecommunication Services in the Knowledge Economy (pdf)

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  1. The wheels each had direct drive through gearboxes in the hubs, Im guessing they were single speed with no clutch or disengagement. I doubt the wheels would back drive the motors so that probably explains it.
    I dont believe man has ever been any where near the moon it was all a case of “bread and circuses” plus a scam by the military industrial complex to divert billions of taxpayers money.
    I am by the way a 55 year old mechanical design engineer, very little of the Apollo program stands up to more than passing scrutiny


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