Website EXCLUSIVE: Independence Day

I know it’s Memorial Day, but we’re thinking ahead. For your consideration…

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  1. i agree totally. we need to be ”un”dependant. i am hoping to donate something to you,not sure what, or how much, helping mom with her cancer is tough,, im just south of cleveland, i have the will, and i will find a way to help . thanks for all you do my friend and have done. i always help people without ever expecting anything in return, never,i have labored days for friends, mothers, elderly, etc i am very self-less. and i never borrow from anyone. i have been told by my family and friends why do i let people screw me. i never felt that i was being screwed, and i am glad i had helped, i remmber back in the late 80’s when i was applying for unemployment for the (1st time) they cut me off after 2 weeks and made me apply and fill out 10 applications per week, and now they are going on 100 weeks with no questions asked,you can imagiine how i feel. ; (

    1. Dude, you may have just said the magic words and could forget the money to offer me something priceless. My main destination on my road trip is Cleveland for the GOP convention/riot, but there is no way I could even find a hotel that week, much less afford it. I’m not asking and I am a difficult guest because I’m neurotic and also have a cat, but maybe you could still help me figure out how I might coordinate myself around the Cleveland area for that week.

  2. Well, You know MY thoughts about accounting for Human energy (money systems)… First, anytime You MUST account for Your energy to anOther, YOU ARE NOT FREE. Second, ALL money systems WILL promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – They will do ANYTHING to get and keep that money/power over Others. Better would be to add free energy (getting it out in the open will be the big battle) and make accounting for energy (Human or otherwise) moot. Thereby freeing Humanity to partake of this vastly abundant planet without the artificial scarcity created by money systems. This planet could easily provide 100 times the number here now with whatever lifestyle We each might CHOOSE.

    And I will offer the reader a link to learn more about consenting to a better system:

  3. First, I’m on board with anyone seeking to break away from any oppressive situation. Certainly the present economic situation is oppressive and probably the most dire in American history. When you mentioned having had a $2,400/mo apt., it reminded me that when I left California in 2000 my 2 bedroom apt. had climbed to $2,400/mo. Only 2 years earlier it had been $1,600.

    The difference between then and now is that, now I have a purpose. Truthfully, had I had purpose back then like I do now I would have been better off sticking with the rat race. The catch was that I needed to reinvent myself and leave the race in order to find purpose.

    So it’s a bitter pill seeing good people with few resources with which to survive when all they want to do is help their fellow man. I would caution people to avoid getting stuck in a worse situation economically while serving their purpose. I’m learning that, I have to balance between living in the rat race with living my own life. After all, how can I be of service to others if I’m overwhelmed with my own struggles?

    I’ve even taken to looking for work in main-stream journalism! But, you can bet every penny earned will be spent on activist pursuits. And I won’t be secretive about my uncompromising moral and ethical footing.

  4. With these vids that are exclusive to your website, aren’t you concerned about the fact that you won’t be getting comments and ratings via YT?

    1. What good has that done me in the past? I would wager quite a bit that there isn’t another channel on YouTube with metrics approaching mine in the areas that YouTube says are important for ranking. Apparently, I have the best channel on YouTube that nobody gets to hear about.

      But the main thing is that this was for my peeps, like you.

    1. I thought there would be some interesting news to report from Cleveland and Philly during the festivities there…

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