Istanbul Airport Hoax | Rihards Kalnins, Intelligence Asset

This channel always likes to expose the players in these made-for-tv dramas.

5 thoughts on “Istanbul Airport Hoax | Rihards Kalnins, Intelligence Asset”

  1. Dang! I couldn’t find “Lift the Veil” on Patreon, and I’ve had trouble with PayPal in the past, but I’ll go ahead and give it another shot. I’d rather just mail you a monthly check to show my sincerity, but I also would understand a reluctance to share your address.
    On my end, I have no qualms regarding exposure — whatever happens, happens. You can go to Google Earth and type in my address: 137 Route 40 West, West Alexander, PA, and the street view will drop you at the intersection right in front of my diner at Route 40 & Liberty Road. I live in the apartment I built above the diner with Smeagol the beagle. I work all the time, either down in the restaurant or out on little construction jobs. One of my daughters made a Facebook page for me a few years ago, and I may have posted 10 or 12 things, but I just about can’t stand it. One of the waitresses started a Facebook page for Liberty Street CafĂ©, and it’s about as boring as you’d expect.
    I was on Reddit for awhile, posting as ‘unsalvageable’, but nothing recently.
    I don’t share this because I need companionship, and certainly not because I think I’m ‘interesting’;
    it just seems to me that a person in your avocation should have confidence that your fans are exactly who (and what) they claim they are.
    If I can’r restore my PayPal account, I’ll write you again. And thanks for your quick response! Hope you have a happy fourth

  2. For 15 years I avoided looking into 911. Partly because in the late 90’s I had already been following the exploits of Al-Qaeda and so was “ready for it”, and partly because I was a committed liberal who believed that a strong government was our most effective tool for establishing a free & safe society.
    Now it seems like it was all a con…. Even the ‘shot heard round the world’ was a false flag, set up by freemasons. Now I’m a conspiracy nut.
    This hurts in ways that I’ve never hurt before, and I don’t know what to do. I can’t talk about it to friends & family & coworkers without alienating them — but no way I can just ‘let it go’ either.
    Your show is exactly what I need. Efficient, friendly, professional, mentally provocative but emotionally reassuring. Your voice, your environment, your presentation style all combine to convince me that we can win this thing, if we do it right.

    Please tell me you have a Patreon site.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. I think I do have a Patreon site but it seemed too confusing and now I just have the nice yellow donate button on my site. PayPal takes a bigger chunk than I’d like, but I’m working on potential alternatives (including Bitcoin).
      Thanks again for leaving the nice comment. I’m really glad to have you here.

      1. If you go the bitcoin route, I’d much rather donate that way than using PayPal. Either way, I love your top-notch research and I’ll support you/this site’s efforts in any way possible. Thank you for doing what you do, some of us really do appreciate it. Peace.

        1. Do you want to teach me Bitcoin? I’ve been meaning to get into it but I don’t know which information on it is reliable. Cheers.

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