Japan Knife Attack: False Flag by the Yakuza? (Japanese Mafia)

This mass stabbing being reported from Sagamihara, Japan, in the Kanagawa prefecture, has a lot of red flags indicating a false flag or hoax operation. As always, you be the final judge.

12 thoughts on “Japan Knife Attack: False Flag by the Yakuza? (Japanese Mafia)”

  1. Yes, maybe troubling news. But there are so many other things happening in the world we can direct our energy to. Things that deserve our energy.

  2. I agree regarding going after the mentally ill, or at least setting the scene for others to be suspicious of such people. Somebody who has commented below stated that those of us with ‘mental health’ issues could be being targeted because of our consciousness levels being more apparent and the threat that poses to TPTB. I’ll have to look in to this one a bit more, thanks Nathan : )

  3. Regarding fake blood, I think they are using less fake blood on these False flags as more and more people have there own DNA test kits at home. It would be easy for a truth seeker to take a swab of blood from a event and find out the blood is fake or dose not match the victim. So I think they are now ether not using it at all as in the Joe cox event or using it only on more controlled conditions

    The mentally ill are targeted more and more here in the UK the Government cut funding for helping mentally ill people. So that groups such as Disability direct have to charge people for giving them help , but the government also cut benefit to mentally ill people making it impossible for them to pay for that help as happened to me. They seem to know that we have what I call a higher level of consciousness and they Don’t like it . Hope you had a good weekend x

    1. Hi Jac, speaking of which, I am just back from my ‘medical assessment’ which was demeaning and intrusive, and then spent hours with a friend discussing all the cuts and how it’s effecting so many especially causing suicides.
      It’s dire now compared to ten years ago and God help those young people who need help now ’cause they’re not going to get it.
      I was actually pretty amazed that Tommy M. who is blamed for Jo C. attended a day centre because the one here was shut years ago.
      Something really needs to be done. There is much more I can say but I’ll stop now. It’s very sad and wrong.
      I feel really angry about it at the mo.

      1. Hi Andie. yes I had my assessment and was told I would have my money stopped as I can stand on one leg and walk my dog. So now I have lost my Help. I am on Appeal stage and It is very stressful . I now grew food in my Garden as I can’t afford to buy much food . But I get by, They wont beat me down as I am strong and we are not alone .

        1. I really feel for you. I will pray for you if that’s OK.
          It’s a lot to take but I agree that we are not alone. x

    1. I just posted same second as you. A priest? This is pathetic.
      I bet there are hands being rubbed in glee now martial law will be seen as essential, ( forever!) totally agree with you about France.

  4. Your admonition to think is very much needed.
    It seems like a dying art.
    Most people though are so stressed they can’t afford to look at bigger pictures. Or not interested.
    Another possible aspect is that in UK the care homes are secure. There are intercoms to get in, then all internal security doors after that. Maybe not in Japan, I’ve not been in one.
    The yakuza is a funny one. I took some photos when in Japan of yakuza-run establishments, I was told it was illegal and could get killed! I took the risk but when the photos were developed the negatives were blank, just them not the others. It’s always given me a weird feeling of s.thing supernatural. Could be wrong though!

    Just to add because I can’t be bothered changing pages, that it looks like the agenda is rolling out pretty well in Germany. Top security in place after all the attacks. 🙁

    Thanks again for making these videos.

  5. More troubling news. I’ve never seen anything like it. I hope that whatever is bubbling to the surface can be neutralized soon. At least the young man involved is still alive.

  6. The more a news item is pushed, the less likely it has happened. And we should be happy, because the victims mentioned won’t be there.

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