Jo Cox Death Hoax | New World Order & Bankers

A closer look at Jo Cox’ magical resumé and her globalist / New World Order agenda.

17 thoughts on “Jo Cox Death Hoax | New World Order & Bankers”

  1. Now we have a PRIVATE . funeral on Friday . It’s for Us and our Kids .

    You may bow on the way past but you are not allowed to join in or see the truth.

    You may continue to pay in but do not come near us.

    PAY IN you suckers but do not come near us , we do not want you around .

    Cox Suggin family

  2. Cambridge Uni has always been a prime recruiting ground for spooks. Good video of yours; have shared it in a discussion today on a FB post by Rich Hall of He’s a great sleuth. They’ve arrested Mair but no charge yet; they’ve buried “the body”, and the whole family was present at the reading of a eulogy to JC in her parliamentary constituency, and they went to inspect the flower tributes to her in Westminster Square in London ….. all in a space of a few days while “the body’s” still warm. It’s not hard to see what this is all about ….. to swing the vote from OUT to IN. Take a look at this announcement to the press where the daughter speaks for five minutes about her “perfect” sister, and clock all the smiling family faces! What could account for such bizareness? Would welcome your comments.

    And here’s an article about how and why they are manipulating our post psy-op emotions. Scarey stuff.

    “George Orwell’s “1984” was meant to be a warning, not an instruction manual.”

  3. Hi! Thanks for ur uploads on YouTube! Have added 2 my blog! (With links of course!!)

    Couple things u prob know already but just incase..

    Hubby Brendan Cox once worked as an adviser to Ex Prime Min Gordon “VILE” Brown
    Brendan worked at Save The Children but in 2015 left after various women’s complaints of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

    Jo studied at the London School of Economics, which has been a recruiting ground for spies. As u know, she worked for Oxfam. Oxfam is said 2b a front 4 MI6

    Jo’s GoFundMe is now over £1MILLION

    My own blog is utterly pathetic in comparison to Aangirfan but feel free 2 have a nose

    Hope some of this is of use to you.

    B I G L O V E xx

  4. Huge fan of Obama? Massive red flag there straight away. And the good men quote, I lolled. The woman was part of their cabal, no question.

  5. Hi Nathan ,excellent report by you,i can imagine what the lie report is. Thanks for caring about being honest. The cainite women is all in on the new world order and her heart and mind hates the natural order,got it.

  6. ok so yes NONE of this actually happened of course. Mrs Kinnock is the wife of Neil Kinnock who was the leader of the opposition (Labour) through the thatcher era in the 80s. and this is him doing the worst fake crying and acting you have ever seen in your life! This was one of the first things i seen that set me off at the weekend and got me to where i am today…

    1. When i mean, all of the stuff, i mean only with JO Cox. Just look at her linkdn. NO-ONE can go to Cambridge and graduate after TWO years. Not a chance and you know what u r right, and i think i will delete some accounts/applications. Hope u notice the email change. Hit me up.

  7. So, I go to your YouTube page and watch your video at 8:46pm, EST, I notice the views totaled 111 with thumbs up being 75 and down being 49. That totals 124…..hmmm then I F5 the video and the refresh #’s were 158 views with only 12 thumbs up and 24 down. Sorry I thought you were being paranoid with YT.
    Either they wont repair the problem or they don’t give a fuck. PEACE to you Nathan. Keep up the fine work bro.

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