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July 4th | Independence Day & the Mandela Effect

A suggestion for how to get through the family bbq.

4 thoughts on “July 4th | Independence Day & the Mandela Effect

  1. Yes, I just made a lady very uneasy today, I was with my mum at my hospital appointment and my mum was buying coffee, she took her bank card out to pay and the lady serving us wafted it over the card reader. I immediately interjected and pointed out a few home truths about contactless payments and she gave me a very strange look while muttering that she had just requested one of her own from her bank. I went on to tell her about the mark of the beast etc as stated in Revelation 13 but she wasn’t having any of it. My mum just ushered me away while telling me to shut up.
    People don’t like the truth I’m afraid, so perhaps dressing it up and presenting it in a different way could well be the answer.

    1. It is easier to deceive someone than to convince them they have been deceived.

  2. Right on with this video, Nathan. So true and funny. I’ll have to try this instead.

  3. thanks LTV . i always say. be positive, thoughtful, and clever,i used to use the food eaten to start them into dangers, via preservatives, gmo, sugar,aspartame, then work my way into how they control, media commercials, trends, etc.. hope you have a nice 4th, peacefully

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