Kos Bishop: Foreign Reporters Pay Refugees to Play Victims of Drowning | GreekReporter.com

Foreign reporters pay refugees 20 euros to act as if they have drowned, said Bishop of Kos and Nisyros Nathanael

Source: Kos Bishop: Foreign Reporters Pay Refugees to Play Victims of Drowning | GreekReporter.com

One thought on “Kos Bishop: Foreign Reporters Pay Refugees to Play Victims of Drowning | GreekReporter.com”

  1. I don’t know the best place to post this, but I was just looking at the probably dummy babies in the story where the Kos bishop says the refugees are being paid to pretend drowning.

    The Russian aircrash in Egypt also appears to be a hoax. None of the heavy parts have so much as dented the sand, not even the one engine shown. The wings apparently floated down and landed w not much deformation, then were set on fire by the staging crew. In fact you can see the tire marks of the heavy equipment that trucked the parts in. If you imagine dropping any one of the pieces from the top of the Empire State Building, is there any way they would hold their shape upon impact? Perhaps more disquieting, both UK & US imm’y announced publicly that their intell said it was an ISIS bomb– thus apparently helping Russia to put over this story which served to bring the Russian people along on escalating the number of Russian aircraft in Syria.
    http://killtown.911review.org/flight93/crash-comparisons.html What the impact craters of real plane crashes look like.

    But my link to the dummies shown at the “drownings” is these dummies; Please remember these aren’t real. http://www.waldomason.com/#!gallery/cox7

    I’ve shown you this unpleasantness to prepare you for still photography of the Donetsk aircrash, accompanying the interview of an Anna News reporter who says she arrived w/in 20 minutes of the crash. Insofar as I am able to judge, the entire shootdown of MH17 over Ukraine was a hoax, and the “bodies” are like the Waldo Mason dummies used in movies. Strelkov at the time said that the bodies must have been long-dead because they were bloodless.

    The incident may have been intended as a distraction to allow the evacuation US soldiers among the Ukrainian troops then surrounded in a “cauldron” by the Donetsk/Russian soldiers. I see no way the crash hoax can have been carried out without Russian cooperation. From my observations of Putin’s face, I believe he was genuinely shocked when sanctions resulted; the underlying muscles of his face had the look of someone in grief. You may remember Angela Merkel’s comment that he seemed “absent”. Was there a doublecross?

    But I have strayed far from the facts available to us from examining film. And we must not exclude the possibility that the Anna News film footage is a hoax. I would very much like to know what someone else thinks of it; so far, no one has ever responded to my posting this footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx3vwOWyCvM English subtitles.

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