Life is a Video Game (here’s the cheat code)

This is a big shoutout to the “mentally ill” in my audience and an appeal for you to start using your superpowers to save the world with me.

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  1. Every cell in the human body is capable of absorbing, storing, and releasing electrical charge or energy. The conscious mind has the potential to control all these cells individually or as a group. Its how we manifest in the physical world. Lack of focus is all that stops us from literally moving mountains with our thoughts, although experiencing true divine focus would undoubtedly negate the need to move the mountain in the first place.

  2. Thanks so much for being here with this message. The last few days have been very trying and what you have to say in this particular upload is incredibly poignant right now.

    Haha, I was trying to find where to leave a comment on YouTube just as you brought up the silver dollar thing. Weird, how we’re all so connected…. it’s like you read my mind, and did so by transcending boundaries of both time and space since this was uploaded in the past.


    If you still live by the lake, then take some time to check out suigetsukan dojo. You’re within walking distance if I were to guess; its kinda by the goat’s snout. If there were one place to help a superhero vibrate higher, then that place is undoubtedly the spot.

  3. I just stumbled onto your video in the midst of all the YouTubes… if you feel called to do something, as long as it harms none do it. And I wanted to say that I’ve noticed when I was younger full of good vibes life seemed to fall in place. People were happy, my attitude was contagious. I got hold of some people that were bad to me.. and my attitude went down. Life started sucking. But you know… I decided what I put into the universe I got out and started being that person again regardless. I’ve always loved so hard, everyone and everything… life itself really. Things are going really well again. I definately think we have an influence on the world around us. And yes I was diagnosed as a child with something, but just OCD… it’s nothing that rules my life. But I’ve always been a thinker and feeler. I feel there is something different about you, in a good way. Keep up what you are doing and let it make you feel great.

  4. I discovered your show a few months ago. It was your moon buggy theory that caught my attention. After years of studying anything I can find about the moon landings I was convinced a number of years ago that it was a fake.

    Well, I think you had some good thoughts on the subject. However, in my humble opinion, I think your theory of the “jeep” is probably not correct. I think it would have actually been simpler to construct the “buggy” and film it at half speed.

    Anyway, I don’t want to make this a long email right now.

    I have wondered for some years if we live in a “simulated” universe. In recent years a number of credible scientist have given that theory some actual credibility. The point that struck me was that even at our crude stage of technology that we are on the verge of “virtual reality” computer “games”.

    It is not a stretch to theorize that in 500 years from now that our technology and “computing power” could produce a simulated world in which the characters within would have self awareness and believe they were is a “real world”.

    The rest of that theory states that just based on mathematical probabilities that most “intelligent” civilizations would destroy themselves early on. Like us and the atom bomb.

    Thus, the small number of surviving civilizations would advance and get involved in “simulations” in a big way. Therefore, for every “real” existing civilization there may be millions of “simulated” civilizations that they are running. Long story short is this. The odds of being one of the actual real ones would be very small indeed! It would be hard to know, right?

    The “Mandela Effect” is also lending some possible evidence to this being a simulation. I think. In fact the guy who first put this theory out in the 1970’s, and was roundly ridiculed for doing so, suggested that the way to prove we are a simulation is to look for and identify the “glitches”. He may have been way ahead of his time!

    If people think this simulated world theory is far fetched then they need to consider the much wider version of this that has been accepted for thousands of years. Yeah, you know what it is. RELIGION.

    If god exist then is he not for all practical purposes running “his universe” as a “SIM”?

    Maybe that is the “thing of tomorrow”. You get you a “universe simulation computer”, say for your birthday present, set it up in your bed room. You turn it on and run a SIM. The part you play or could play in the SIM is……..yep… guessed it, “GOD”.

    So, at one level or another. We are almost certainly only someones, “simulation”.

    Thanks for your show. There is something I truly like about your show. Not every episode, but most of them do help me think things through. Even if I do not always agree with your conclusions.

    Keep up the great work and I wish you well!


    1. It probably wasn’t a Jeep exactly in the way I thought it was, but I kind of worked my way through to the more convincing material as I did the 7 or 8 videos in that series.

      If you agreed with me about everything then I’d be concerned for you.

      Life is a video game and you are God, that is correct (or may as well be for all practical purposes). When you’re playing a video game, you risk your life to save the princess, right? Because what’s the point of playing if you’re just going to play World 3 over and over again because you heard World 4 is really dangerous?

  5. We can create miracles if we believe and have faith. what a great and refreshing video my interdimensional being(traveler) friend of light~! the intro’s are so unpredictable~! and the content immensely important and pertinent. ty LTV, crank it up ~! the type of music that leaves one in a heartfelt and goosebump state of being. our heart EMF extends from our body in a circle aura. so that is why when we are near proximity to others they can actually feel our hearts intentions and what we feel they can also.. the beings of light of course. and so the evil entity’s do not enjoy it much. we are very powerful~ and even more as one all together message received~

  6. Fu*k. Just seen the news of a knife attack in London and it’s being blamed on mental illness. ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ . There is definitely a growing attack on the ‘mad’ ones.
    Oh God.

    1. Yesterday there was a big deal about putting armed police on the streets, at least they they interviewed people on the streets about 50/50 on agreeing or not, not biased. ( Channel 5 so quite low brow!)
      Makes you think.

      1. When it comes to the general public they really are something else aren’t they? Begging for their own enslavement, the sheeple are mentally ill.

        1. I do find it sad and scary, when I see people, especially young people, who are going to get stuck if they’re not careful, saying that we need extra police presence and armed police at that, seeing them as our saviours when it’s just the opposite.

  7. Oh and David has written many books of which I’ve read a large number, they’re always a great read. Even though the subject matter is what some would consider a bit ‘far out’ it’s presented in such a way that it makes for an easy read, well for me anyway.

  8. David Icke (pronounced in the same way like is) is a mentor for me, he pretty much woke me up to my reality. I saw David in person quite a number of years back and what a wonderful experience that was. David suffered a great deal on his awakening given his fame in the UK at the time, people were very unkind and he was accused of being crazy. What he says completely resonates with me.
    And yes, these dark forces have attacked me with increasing violence and nastiness since I have become more awake, it’s almost constant now.

  9. Here is a ‘super-power’ technique that you can practice. It’s very simple but at first very difficult.
    It puts you at peace. It opens up the World and it’s sounds an colours. It helps to make you sleep better.
    Have you ever wondered why when you pass people in the street they have a look on their faces as though they are deep in conversation or arguing with someone in their head? Well invariably they are.
    They are continually talking to that ‘other person’ in their heads.
    What you need to do is to STOP having that conversation. At first you can only do it for a few seconds before you find yourself once again talking to the person in your head. At first it is like trying to ride a unicycle or balance on a tightrope. Eventually if you practice you can walk for many minutes without having that conversation and then you will notice wonderful things begin to happen…….. YOU NOTICE THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU…. without question without analysing. You see everything. You hear everything. You feel at peace. Try it.
    It’s also great for quickly getting to sleep at night.

  10. One a little thing, if you are talking about David Icke, it’s pronounced Ike.
    Just last week I asked my off-spring “Do you think we are living in a Sims world or Matrix?” They are fans of the Sims.

  11. Good to see you picking up on David Ich! So fast after you heard of 9/11.
    Good place to be. You take that file and my head is bent. Sweat Mary!
    Revelations just keep popping up. I can give you a list of the few most common.
    Just don’t mind that neighbor. He’s an ass. Repainting is a good idea.
    I’ll make that bird. U’l never use it. No matter. Don’t like the motion here.

  12. Great video. It is amazing as I go along watching various videos how many people are on the same vibration about life right now and the possibilities that exist. not only are you right about the antenna exercise people need to imagine the lower frequencies as negative forces that are blocking you and all of us from going forward. when we see ourselves being pulled into fear and doubt we need to imagine ourselves as flying above it like the sparrow. keep up the freat work.

  13. Good video โ˜บ๐Ÿ’™.
    One thought so far is that the antenna idea could also be a laser. I say this because becoming an antenna is lasering in on my weak areas, the places that need work and toughening up. This is very obvious. Also, it shows strong areas. I am acutely aware of my Achilles heel and no matter how hard I try, fear seeps in through this door. Or under, or around.
    I don’t know what to do about this yet.
    I feel like this is the first step on a path, not the goal itself. I have an idea for you but it might be wrong. I’m going to sleep on it a few times and see if it goes away.
    It would be an extension of this practice, based on Matthew 18:20. (and verse 19).
    You are really called for this, I think.๐Ÿฆ

  14. Good thing I didn’t take that bet, but just want to attest that a life of happiness with your super-hero self can be gained by using your method. Thoughts and emotions come to us without reason. We can learn to subdue the ones we do not want to resonate with or simply wait for them to pass. Training your mind to see past the veil of illusion will open the heart to true joy. Thanks for the dharma talk!

  15. Agree. Have to think of a saying I once read: ‘kill your tv before it kills you’. Because that’s the way ‘they’ can reach you.

  16. Hi Jason, I just wanted to give you an encouraging word, these experiences you are going through are very real and happen to a lot of us. I in no way wanting to usurp or be nosey, just wanted to let you know you are in a safe place and Nathan is a wonderful and trustworthy man, and let you know you are LOVED.

    1. Thank you Anna, especially for the “you are LOVED” comment, deep down I think I know that’s the case. When the only people who you communicate with are paid to support you, sometimes that love feels very distant. I’ve experienced so much in the last two years which has left me isolated and confused. However, I’m beginning to understand that my “mental health” diagnosis is a blessing which has woken me up to the insanity of the world we live in. The very first time I stumbled upon (or should I say was brought to) this website, I got a strong validation of what others think makes me crazy, to them. I’ve been avoiding god and the bible recently out of fear and I’m not really sure why. I think It’s probably because of a lifelong feeling I’m not a good person and being unworthy of love, Parents can be cruel, or should I say misguided. I’m going to try yoga, something I’ve been meaning to do since I realised the existence of our creator. I know that creator loves me, even if I can’t love myself at the moment. Bless you for your message.

  17. A shout out to LTV for another FABULOUS video! Too many are blind to these things and don’t want to step into a reality that might make their life or view of life uncomfortable. I have a recommendation on someone to listen to. Once again, I will give the disclaimer that I am coming from the Evangelical Christian world (please don’t judge till ya know me, I am NOT in agreement with the majority of those that say they are Christian (insert wink and heart). Now on to my recommendation….there is a guy named Russ Dizdar who has a ministry called “Shatter the Darkeness”…he has a TON of stuff out there on the youtube land. He spent much of his life in law enforcement combatting satanic cults. They are VERY real, they take our negative supernatural aspects and twist and use them for evil. As a believer in Jesus, I KNOW that we have supernatural powers, Jesus has them and actually came here to teach us how to use OURS for GOOD. The creator of the universe used sound (he spoke into existence everything) using frequencies. However, some of his creations did not turn out right (kinda like when we burn the scrambled eggs), and those creatures also know of the power of frequencies and use it for evil. Demons actually are DRAWN to negative frequencies, and once they latch on to you, they stick like leeches and block the positive ones. On a totally different note, when my husband had his hernia fixed last week, they gave him this AWESOME silver-coated head cover (instead of the old school mesh ones) and I am really thinking that they may come in handy! I am praying blessings (Christian speak for good vibes) over EVERY listener, over every reader of these comments, and I pray that angelic forces surround LTV and keep them safe, in the name of Yashua (that’s Jesus’s actual Hebrew name and there are frequency powers in his name, AMEN! And I am giving you a donation, even if there wasn’t a single comment just because I love you and I love that you don’t judge me because I am a JesusFreak!

    Oh I almost forgot, I actually got off my lazy butt and went to a real church service Sunday. It wasn’t my usual place, but it is one that the Lord has sent my husband to as he as been dealing with some issues and many people at this place have overcome the same issues, so it has been a HUGE blessing for our whole family. A guest speaker was talking about giving. He was reminding us that too often Christians are told to give because of the blessing you get in return. That is a very true law of giving, when you give with love in your heart, you will get a good payback in someway or another. What he was focusing on was just the JOY we should have in giving…there are many references in the Bible about giving for the JOY of giving, not just because you are going to get something back. It’s like the joy you have on Christmas morning when the kids open the presents….you could care less what they are giving YOU, you simply have the joy of making them happy. What if we all made the choice to give JUST to make another person happy? I’m not expecting anything in return by giving my donation, I just want LTV to have the joy of getting a surprise gift. Our Creator feels the same way about us, don’t let the evil ones convince you otherwise!!!!

      1. Thank you so much for telling me that MHM (love vibes back to you!). My calling in life is a really difficult one and I get called a lot of bad things because people tend to misunderstand me at times, and I am often way too honest for my own good, lol! Just to have one encouraging word from another brother or sister fills my heart with joy and encourages me to be ME, even if the world in general doesn’t get “me”. It is an honor and blessing to have your friendship!

        1. One more thought, did you ever watch “LOST”? Maybe you found the island!!!! (please excuse my quirky sense of humor, it’s kinda out there, but it’s just who I am..)

  18. You’re right on track buddy. Music is always in my ears, to drown out the mental distractions and ambiguous energies and vibrations around us. My motto is always “Stay In Your Own Lane” meaning stay in your chosen frequency – as much as you can (the higher the better). Meditation. That is ultimate health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. If one is not doing that, I would be very skeptical of a lot in their persona.

    Walking is awesome too. Or the gym.

    Oh and it’s pronounced David “Aye-kah” ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m on the fence about him tho, only in regards to his ultimate ulterior motives. I do believe in the Reptile DNA/Intelligence/Dimension that probably exists, benevolent and malevolent, but it’s still hard to imagine the human shape shifting part for me… yet it’s very fascinating and, more than likely, probably true, in an electromagnetic holographic sense.

  19. Love this video. I know what you are talking about… About 20 years ago, I lived on a small island in the Pacific for 2 years to teach English. Due to isolation and boredom, there was nothing to do but listen to music and “elevate” my frequency, as you put it. It took about 18 months, and I literally felt myself snap into a new, better reality. This was all inadvertent, I had no idea what happened… I was just floored. I felt mysel wake up. To this day it surprises me how easy it is to manifest joy, peace and material necessities. I see all the zombies out there and I can remember being like that, I can remember the anxiety and the heaviness of that frequency. It might sound hokey or delusional to some, but I am perfectly grounded and fully functional… I’m here, but experience life in a different frequency. I do my best to spread love and happiness, and those who are open to receiving it…will. I feel no need to evangelize, but occasionally people ask me how to get to this place, and I tell them to do exactly what you said to do in this video!

    BTW, where us the eye candy? โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿฑ

    1. MHM, that is such an amazing story…you are very brave to step put of the comforts of this “world” to go and help others….we need more people like YOU to take a brave step into the unknown and bless others in the process (insert HEART) !

      1. Thanks for saying that, it means a lot. The truth is, I mostly just provided entertainment for the locals with my clueless American antics, lol. But I found myself out there, and that’s what really matters! ๐Ÿ {{๐Ÿ’Œ}}

  20. Very interesting, Nathan. I love when you do this type of video. I suspect all so-called mental illness is the brain’s adaptive response to a sick reality and thus a necessary step on the path to mental health. In truth, it’s those people who detect no problem with reality who are the mentally ill.

  21. Hi Nathan,

    I wanted to comment on your “Targeted Individuals” post because I feel I fit that catagory so this is better late than never. My life has been turned upside down since early 2014, then late last year my lifelong atheism evaporated. Since then and until recently I felt like a super hero (on occasion thinking I was Jesus) with those super powers you talk about. Right now however, I can’t even think straight, the bad vibes are hitting bullseyes. I need to get back on track and am sure this comment is a small part of that process. Keep up the valuable and enlightening work, I think I need you to, so you can’t stop. I’d like to send you an email and tell you my story if thats ok, for some reason I think you may be able to help. It feels like you’re now an important part of my life. Sorry, bit needy I know.

    Nearly deleted this but fuck it, time to take a few risks.

    Peace brother.

    1. Taking risks is what life is about and it’s progressive. You can always take a bigger risk than the one before it.

      Thanks for the comment and I’ll look for your email. Cheers.

  22. Thank you, very thought provoking. I have long believed that this “place” is upside down and inside out and ultimately nonsensical. I believe if we were all honest most of us would fall into some or other diagnosis (and of course the variety of possible diagnoses increases year on year). Insanity is sanity for sure! I love the way you express this in your work. And I had to chuckle at the way your pronounced Mr David’s surname – still chuckling now.

    In another time in my life I researched the thin veil between what is termed psychosis and spiritual experience. Which was an extremely enlightening process. It is pretty thin of course…

    Meditation, mindfulness, fresh air and nature really do help to keep the control grid out for me. I have been listening to solfeggio (sp?) frequencies which I have found helpful too – just need to remember to use my comfy headphones to get the full effect as it is all too easy to be pulled into the quagmire with all the competing noises.

    Thank you so much.



  23. Also quick one. Why didn’t you cover the priest getting killed in France? People staring to identify with dangerouse ideology perhaps!?

  24. Damn…. Wanted that silver dollar. International shipping would of stung you though!
    Thanks for taking the time to create this content. Wishing you big success.

    Much love from Europe!

  25. This was a very interesting video. I am new to your videos, and I find all of your material thought provoking. Thank you.

    1. I can’t believe I lost the bet! You are going to get a very valuable piece of my show’s history, although the episode it appeared on was not widely seen. I’ll email you at the address you’re using for your comment profile. This was your first comment on my site, right?

  26. You are the nicest person EVER! I get the warm fuzzies when I listen to you. We DO have superpowers! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Lynette! Welcome to an amazing place! I don’t know anything about you or you beliefs, but I was drawn to comment and welcome you, and let you know that you are here at this site for a reason, no one lands here by accident, and no matter what is happening in the world, when we are HERE, LOVE RULES! I pray that you are blessed abundantly and that the Lord will give you all the desires of your heart, in the name of Yashua, AMEN!

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