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As if this show could get any weirder…

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  1. LOL… great acting! It’s sad because I don’t watch television… so I really only see crisis actors and NWO agents on YT. 🙂 It’s a great act, really it is. How you are working to make truthers look crazy for the NWO. 🙂 Well, God does love you. You don’t create your own reality. You only lie and pretend… and act. Redemption through Jesus. Now, that is so awesome. Because it brings you back to Truth with a capital T and ends the delusion that you create your own reality through self-deception separated from God. Less rituals. More seeking God. Maybe you’ll come home to the One True God and the Only Savior Jesus Christ… soon. Until then… that was hilarious! Laura Lee

  2. Hi, I have been watching your videos for some months now and I would like to say you are one of the most polite and intelligent people I have ever experienced on youtube. Your outlook on this strange place we live is refreshing and insightful.
    I too have followed the flat earth scene for some time and although the scene itself is full of doubters and shilly type people, presenters like you give legitimacy and a solid base to what is to most people a unbelievable topic.
    I look forward to your new content everyday.
    Kindest regards Mark

  3. I think the most bizarre thing of all was that the officers didn’t bust you! I appreciate your honesty, insightful observation skills and clarity of presentation – in all your videos, not just this one. Peace and Blessings, Robert

  4. Sorry, the sign is a common thing. In some states, if you let people use your land for a long time, it becomes public property. The sign allows for people to continue use to old-time shortcuts, and the owner to not lose the land.
    It happened in Point Dumé in Malibu, California. The beach in front of Barbra Streisand’s house is public, but under Johnny Carson’s house it is still private.

    1. That’s not bad news to hear. I figured I might be crazy to think it wasn’t common and, in any case, I was fascinated for the reasons I mentioned. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. I would normally say something like “If that’s all you have to hang your non-crazy hat in, then you probably are…”

    However, those of us who see the world differently (Clearly) are definitely insane sounding to those who are “Normal”.

    Appreciate the videos and sharing honest thoughts and experiences!

  6. Oh Nathan, Nathan, Nathan,….we are ALL insane, that’s what makes us S P E C I A L!!!!! Seriously, you’re bizarre road trip very well indeed happened, and it was crazy, it made no sense, and it sounds like a typical day in my life. There really isn’t a black and white line that is drawn between sanity/insanity, it’s more like a twisted blurry bell curve, and we each have our own special spot. Always remember that where ever you are on the curve, YOU are the one that defines it (wait, actually the Spirit defines it), just don’t let anyone else define it for you.

    As far as the property rights, that is an interesting way of defining it. I have never seen it written exactly like that, but my interpretation is, from the point of view of the owner “I own this property, and I choose who is allowed to set foot upon it. However, I reserve the right to change my mind even if I have given you permission to set foot upon it in the past.” …..OK, maybe my definition was even more confusing. You are correct in the fact that all property IS God’s property, but according to U.S. law, the landowner pretty much has say as to who may or may not enter his/her property. Now there are a few exceptions: if the owner does not have the mineral rights, then whoever does has the legal permission to do whatever they choose as to how they go about extracting minerals/oil/gas, and there are right-of-way laws, where by if you have a tree that is about to grow into an electrical wire, the electric company has the right to go in and trim that tree (this is all the fun stuff you learn when you are married to a Biologist/Environmental person). However, if someone has a sign that says “no trespassing” or ” you have no permission to enter” or whatever, it is just there as a legal reminder to keep unauthorized people from entering a property that was purchased and owned by that person. Now for Europeans, Canadians, Russians,….there are different sets of property rules depending on the law of the country. (In Germany, farmers are required to make a pathway through their fields, whether it be cows or corn, and it is implied that anyone wanting to cross that field can do so legally). It’s no different from the city-dwelllers….when you have an apt. with your door shut and locked, no one has the right to enter it unless you are the owner, the renter, or someone who has been given permission to go in.

    I have to admit, you did have one of those weird twilight-zone adventures…and from my point of view, nothing happens by happenstance, so there is some reason that everything worked out the way it did…we may not know why at this moment, but 10 years from now, you may look back on the experience and see that you learned something interesting or useful from it. After all, you told the story, we all read it, we’re all commenting on it, and maybe each of us is gleaning a little bit from it that is important to us personally. ME personally, you made a random comment in the video that perhaps was meaningless to everyone else, but to me it was a clear confirmation of something the Lord shared with me last week and told me to keep quiet about it until I am given permission to speak about it. Not saying this to dramatize the whole thing, but just letting you know that every experience you have, no matter how bizarre or out of the ordinary, is an important, substantial, and VERY REAL part of your journey.

    Just to close, I could be considered insane by the majority of people as Jesus/God/Holy Spirit audibly speaks to me. We have conversations. I even try to argue at times. But in the end, I know in my spirit, it is best just to submit. Some people would say that by doing so, it makes me a slave. I heard a very interesting comment regarding this subject last week. We are ALL a slave to SOMETHING, whether or not we admit it. We are either a slave to forces for peace, love, hope, acceptance and forgiveness, or a slave to evil, intolerance, unjust criticism and sin in general. As humans, we have the choice to what we are a slave to. We act, react, and behave according to what and who we choose to follow, and we also have consequences and rewards based on those choices. From the richest to the poorest, we are all under those rules….or as a common saying we have in TX….Everyone poops, it all stinks 😛 MUCH MUCH LOVE to you brother Nathan, always keepin ya in my prayers!

  7. Dear Nathan,
    The continuing story of Zika. I think you have said that you don’t like clicking on video addresses but if you could make an exception and watch this very scientific and easily understood YouTube video (11 mins.) where Dr Suzanne Humphries, a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician) says ALL vaccinations are dangerous. One of the best anti-vaccination explanations I have ever seen.

    1. You DO have an angel watching over you, and if you spend some time and get to know it (angels are not really male or female although some exhibit more feminine of masculine characteristics), then your angel can be a REAL help in a time of need. If you have a prayer that you don’t feel is being answered, you may need to arm your angel with special spoken prayers that will enable them to get your request to the throne room of God, as there may be something demonic attempting to block it. Ok, enough escatology for today ….insert heart and smiley!

  8. Haha…you are just insanely funny! Sounds like a harrowing road trip. Glad you made it safely. Maybe you were just in a heightened state of awareness. Sometimes I think that events in our future can create ripples in the fabric of time and temporarily alter our current reality. Be at peace, you are totally magical.

  9. It all really happened, bro.

    I sent you some messages through youtube somehow. You should check it out.

    One of my “delusions” involves driving through a red light (safely, of course) knowing that man’s law was arbitrary and establishing the real rules of this world (which I called universal Laws, years before I found out about natural Law) in front of a state trooper in louisiana with no seat belt on in the middle of the day. They just watched me do it.

    Thanks for a valiant effort to make crazy the new black. I mean cool. Whatever.

    1. Thanks for the support. I should say that it does seem a little unwise to run red lights, particularly in view of the law. Also wearing a seatbelt is a good idea I think. Otherwise I support magic.

  10. 13:50 Interesting that you contemplate whether the sign may have read differently had you not read it on a prior occasion (especially given that the owner had to be reminded what it said). I know exactly what you mean. You may have created it through setting a precedent the first time you saw it. And your needs that day may have helped manifest that particular reality. I certainly agree that the sign is weird. Why wouldn’t he have simply put up a no trespassing sign?

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